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Military Maxims Napolean

Military Maxims Napolean



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Published by: oblivionboyj on Aug 02, 2009
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Written by:NapoleonBonaparteMilitaryMaxim #1
The frontiers ofnations areeither largerivers, or chainsof mountains, ordeserts. Of allthese obstaclesto the march ofan army,deserts are themost difficult tosurmount;mountains comenext; and largerivers hold onlythe third rank.
MilitaryMaxim #2
A plan ofcampaignshouldanticipateeverythingwhich theenemy can do,and containwithin itself themeans ofthwarting him.Plans ofcampaign maybe infinitelymodifiedaccording to thecircumstances,the genius ofthe commander,the quality of thetroopS and thetopography ofthe theater of
Page 1 of 67Military Maxims7/3/2005http://www.fortliberty.org/military-library/military-maxims-napoleon.shtml
MilitaryMaxim #3
An armyinvading acountry mayeither have itstwo wingsresting onneutralcountries or ongreat naturalobstacles, suchas rivers orchains ofmountains; or itmay have onlyone of its wingsthus supported;or both may bewithout support.In the first case,a general hasonly to see thathis line is notbroken in front.In the secondcase, he mustrest on the wingwhich issupported. Inthe third case,he must keephis differentcorps restingwell on hiscentre andnever allowthem toseparate from it;for if it is adisadvantage tohave two flanksin the air, theinconvenienceis doubled ifthere are four,tripled if thereare six; that is tosay, if an armyis divided intotwo or threedistinct corps.The line ofoperations inthe first case,
Page 2 of 67Military Maxims7/3/2005http://www.fortliberty.org/military-library/military-maxims-napoleon.shtml
may rest on theleft or the rightwing,indifferently. Inthe secondcase, it shouldrest on the wingwhich issupported. Inthe third case, itshould fallperpendicularlyon the middle ofthe line formedby the army inmarching. But inall the casesabovementioned, it isnecessary tohave at everyfive or six days'march, a fort orentrenchedposition, wheremagazines ofprovisions andmilitary storesmay beestablished andconvoysorganized; andwhich mayserve as acentre of motionand a point ofsupply, and thusshorten the lineof operations.
MilitaryMaxim #4
It may be laiddown as aprinciple that ininvading acountry with twoor three armies,each of whichhas its owndistinct line ofoperationsextendingtowards a fixedpoint at whichall are to unite,the union of thedifferent corpsshould never be
Page 3 of 67Military Maxims7/3/2005http://www.fortliberty.org/military-library/military-maxims-napoleon.shtml

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