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Java Programming

Java Programming



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Published by amaximenkov

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Published by: amaximenkov on Aug 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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D17249GC11Edition 1.1August 2004
: Java Programming
Guide -Volume 1
Copyright © 2004,Ora
This documentation conprovided under a licensisalsorotectedbco
Jeff GallusGlenn Stokol
If this documentation isDefense, then it is delivapplicable:
Restricted Rights Leg
Use, duplication or disclcommercial computer sunder Federal law, as sRights in Technical Dat
Technical Contributorsand Reviewers
Kenneth CooperPeter DriverChristian DugasCraig Hollister
This material or any porwithout the express priois a violation of copyrighIf this documentation isDepartment of Defense,FAR 52.227-14, Rights iThe information in this d
 Pete LaseauGlenn MaslenMonica MotleyGayathri Rajagopal
Poornima G
 Oracle Corporation, 500Oracle Corporation doeAll references to Oracleof Oracle Corporation.All other products or comay be trademarks of th
le. All rights reserved.
tains proprietary information of Oracle Corporation. It isagreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure andrihtlaw.Reverseenineerinofthesoftwareisrohibited..
.elivered to a U.S. Government Agency of the Department ofred with Restricted Rights and the following legend is
osure by the Government is subject to restrictions forftware and shall be deemed to be Restricted Rights softwaret forth in subparagraph (c)(1)(ii) of DFARS 252.227-7013,and Computer Software (October 1988).ion of it may not be copied in any form or by any meansr written permission of Oracle Corporation. Any other copyingt law and may result in civil and/or criminal penalties.elivered to a U.S. Government Agency not within thethen it is delivered with “Restricted Rights,” as defined inn Data-General, including Alternate III (June 1987).ocument is subject to change without notice. If you find any, ,Oracle Parkway, Box SB-6, Redwood Shores, CA 94065.not warrant that this document is error-free.and Oracle products are trademarks or registered trademarkspany names are used for identification purposes only, andeir respective owners.
Objectives I-2Course Overview I-3
1Introducin the Java and Oracle Platforms
Objectives 1-2What Is Java? 1-3Key Benefits of Java 1-4An Object-Oriented Approach 1-6Platform Independence 1-7Using Java with Enterprise Internet Computing 1-8- How Does JVM Work? 1-12Benefits of Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilers 1-14Implementing Security in the Java Environment 1-16Deployment of Java Applications 1-18Using Java with Oracle 10
1-19Java Software Development Kit 1-20sng e pproprae eveopmen -Integrated Development Environment 1-22Exploring the JDeveloper Environment 1-23Oracle10
Products 1-24Summary 1-25
2Defining Object-Oriented Principles
- What Is Modeling? 2-4What Are Classes and Objects? 2-5An Object’s Attributes Maintain Its State 2-6Objects Have Behavior 2-8Objects Are Modeled as Abstractions 2-9Defining Object Composition 2-11-Guided Practice: Spot the Operations and Attributes 2-14Collaborating Objects 2-15Objects Interact Through Messages 2-16What Is a Class? 2-17How Do You Identify a Class? 2-18Comparing Classes and Objects 2-19at s ncapsuaton -What Is Inheritance? 2-22

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