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#karenhudes Karen Hudes Jesuit Vatican Gold #chemTrails #geoEngineering.pdf

#karenhudes Karen Hudes Jesuit Vatican Gold #chemTrails #geoEngineering.pdf

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Published by sisterrosetta
#karenhudes Karen Hudes Jesuit Vatican Gold #chemTrails #geoEngineering
#karenhudes Karen Hudes Jesuit Vatican Gold #chemTrails #geoEngineering

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Published by: sisterrosetta on Oct 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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#karenhudes Karen Hudes Jesuit Vatican Gold #chemTrails #geoEngineering[Would the following have anything to do with the stolen, looted, hoarded gold? Also, please see linksat end of this post. My main concern is how black ops are funded, especially chemTrails(geoEngineering).]+++Many Whistle Blowers And Investigators Have Found Searching For Truth About ‘October Surprise’And Illuminati ‘Global Slush Fund’ Leads To Early GraveAttorney Paul Wilcher, Investigator Danny Casolaro and Judge Mahoney of Minnesota are threeexamples of people who got too close to the truth about Illuminati scams concerning Federal Reserve,illegal banking and October Surprise.25 Mar 2006By Greg Szymanskihttp://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/25-Mar-2006.htmlThe one key thread running through all the stories about anyone searching for the truth behind the“October Surprise” or the illegal Illuminati $65 trillion dollar “Global Security Slush Fund” is that thenosy investigators or whistle blowers either end up dead or behind bars for a long, long time.By no means is the following strange list of deaths complete, conclusive or thoroughly investigated, butthe bloodshed spilled definitely has left huge blood stains on the Oval Office rugs of President GeorgeH. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush.Without discussing the celebrated cases like President Kennedy, his brother and John Lennon, the trailof death surrounding the “October Surprise” or the Federal Reserve can be traced backed to 1969 whena circuit court judge in Minnesota was found poisoned in his home six months after allowing a juryverdict to stand, ruling the Federal Reserve and the U.S. national banking system unconstitutional.Courageously Judge Terrence V. Mahoney called the Federal Reserve “a fraud” based on the testimonyof a bank officer who exposed exactly how standard banking practice in the U.S. and the civilizedwestern world was to simply create money “out of thin air.”Although the judge died under suspicious circumstances, the case was never appealed as the powersthat be felt it better to let “sleeping dogs sleep,” leaving the case to die along with the judge under theMinnesota snow even though it remains as good law today, albeit with minimum legal precedent due toits origin in a lowly state circuit court.But the powers that be know a case like First National Bank of Minnesota v. Jerome Daly couldblossom into a huge oak tree if given water so they figure its better to remain under the legal radarscreen then to make a big issue out of what is nothing more than an embarrassment and a no winsituation for the banksters and the diabolical Illuminati legal minds.
Another case to be looked at closely is the strange June 23, 1993, death of wealthy Chicago attorney,Paul Wilcher, who tried to buck the system big time regarding the October Surprise and otherembarrassing scandals during the Bush I and Clinton administrations.Wilcher’s mutilated body was discovered slouched over the toilet in the bathroom of his WashingtonD.C. apartment not long after he presented then Attorney General Janet Reno with a detailed memo of government corruption, a memo that associates close to Wilcher said led to his untimely death.And investigators point out Wilcher’s body was unidentifiable with no fingerprints or dental x-raysever provided, matching the remains to Wilcher, before being cremated shortly after his death andshortly after autopsy reports found “no natural cause of death” and not other cause explaining how hewas killed.On July 14, 1993, a close friend of Wilcher, Garby Leon, a Harvard University PhD, send a letter toReno asking for a complete investigation of Wilcher and journalist-investitgator, Danny Casolaro, alsofound dead under suspicious circumstances for investigating the same affairs as Wilcher“Mme. Attorney General, I feel the death of Paul Wilcher offers too many questions and inconsistenciesto be ignored,” wrote Leon. “I am writing because I feel this matter deserves your most seriousattention,and hope this letter will bring some action on your part to answer some of the many, verytroubling questions raised by Paul Wilcher’s death.”Leon continued in a letter which Reno never followed-up on:“If individual investigation and criticism of government activities is chilled or intimidated into silence,then democracy loses its most important protection.“To put it another way, if Danny Casolaro’s death was a message of some kind, then Wilcher’s death isan even grimmer message–it suggests that Casolaro’s death was not a fluke. Anyone inspired to followCasolaro or Wilcher’s path now has a strong added reason to fear doing so.“And a real investigation into Wilcher’s death might not be an academic exercise. One person who isextremely close to and knowledgeable about the Casolaro case has said in private that the mystery of Casolaro’s death could be resolved by a Grand Jury investigation, with sworn testimony, subpoenapower, etc. This suggests Paul Wilcher’s death may not have to remain a mystery either.“Paul Wilcher was an acquaintance of mine. He was not a perfect person; he made mistakes likeanyone else but he was also, at times, a man of unusual energy and altruism. A seminary student whoconsidered becoming a priest, he later became an attorney is his efforts to accomplish some good in thisworld.”Although nothing has been done to get at the truth behind the strange death or disappearance of Wilcher, the following are the important segments of the detailed memo sent to Reno which may havebeen the “straw that finally broke Wilcher’s back”: click here for pertinent parts of Wilcher memo toReno.Besides the more high profile cases like Vince Foster, Rixon Stewart researched and wrote an articleentitled “Bloody Bill Clinton”, lisitng a partial list of people who have been connected in some waywith Bill Clinton and who have died in rather suspicious circumstances. Here are some of the names
from the Stewart article, including Casolaro and Wilcher mentioned above:1) Susan Coleman: said to have had an affair with Clinton before he became President. Told friends shewas expecting his child and was 7 months pregnant when she found dead with a gunshot wound to thehead. Verdict, suicide.2)Larry Guerrin: killed while investigating the INSLAW case. In brief this involved the US JusticeDepartment using stolen software, modifying it for intelligence purposes and then selling it to foriegngovernments and making millions in the process.3)Kevin Ives and Don Henry: two 16 year old boys who may have stumbled accross drug runningoperations involving Clinton at Mena airfeild in Arkansas in 1987.Initial reports, by State MedicalExaminer Fahmy Malak, suggested that the boys had fallen asleep on the railway line and beencrushed. However when the parents kicked up a fuss another forensic report showed Kevin”s skull hadbeen crushed prior to being placed on the track whilst Don had been stabbed in the back.4)Keith Coney, said he had information on Ives and Henry deaths. Died in a high speed motorcyclecrash in 1989,said to have involved a car chase.5)Keith McKaskle, said to have information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Stabbed to death inNovember 1988.6)Gregory Collins, once again said to have information on the Ives and Henry deaths and once againkilled, this time by a gunshot wound to the face.8)Jeff Rhodes was also said to have information on the deaths of Ives and Henry. He was found on awaste heap in April 1989 with a gunshot wound to the head.9)James Milam also had information on the Ives and Henry deaths but before he could talk too widelyhe was found decapitated. Once again the State Medical Examiner, Fahmy Malak, ruled the death dueto natural causes.10)Richard Winters, a suspect in the Ives and Henry case had offered to cooperate and give evidence.However he died in a ”robbery” which was subsequently proved to have been a set-up.11)Jordan Kettleson was also said to have information on the Ives and Henry deaths. He was foundshot dead in his pick-up in June 1990.12)Danny Casalaro, a journalist investigating Mena airstrip, the Arkansas coke trade and INSLAW.Had warned his family that he had learnt too much and not to believe it was suicide if he turned updead. Shortly thereafter he was found in a bathtub in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia.Both his wrists had been slashed, one ten times, all his research material was missing and has neverbeen recovered13)Victor Raiser, the National Co-Chair for the “Clinton for President” campaign, died in an airplanecrash in July, 1992.14)R Montgomery Raiser, also worked on the Clinton campaign and died in the same crash.

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