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· Brain Scans of Traders Show Link Between Lust For

· Brain Scans of Traders Show Link Between Lust For



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Published by maanasag

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Published by: maanasag on Aug 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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· Brain Scans of Traders Show Link Between Lust for Sex andMoneyo http://www.michaelcovel.com/archives/000683.html· Defining Risk by Glyn Holtono http://www.riskexpertise.com/papers/risk.pdf · Aristotle on Investment Decision Making by Abby JosephCohen· Dividends and the Frozen Orange Juice Syndrome by PeterL. Bernstein· Warren Buffet on Risk (bottom of page 6 through top of page 12 from Berkshire Hathaway’s 2001 Annual Report)o http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/2001ar/impnote01.html· The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis: Market Efficiency from anEvolutionary Perspective by Andrew W. Lo (this is really areadable articles and an extremely good one)ohttp://web.mit.edu/alo/www/Papers/JPM2004.pdf#search='the%20adaptive%20markets%20hypothesis'· The Early History of Portfolio Theory: 1600-1960 by HarryMarkowitzo Slide version of his paper§http://www.business.uts.edu.au/qfrc/conferences/ppfim/downloads/harrymarkowitz_slides.pdf#search='the%20early%20history%20of%20Portfolio%20Theory'· Normal Investors, Then and Now by Meir Statmano
http://lsb.scu.edu/finance/faculty/statman/articles/normal%20investors%20090704.pdf#search='the%20early%20history%20of%20Portfolio%20Theory'· Faces of Change: “These 30 People, through their ideas andresearch, made huge contributions to the way money managers,institutional investors and pension funds do business” fromPensions and Investments October 27, 2003· Seeking Return in a Low Return Environment by RichardMeagher· Estimating the Stock/Bond Risk Premium by Lacy Hunt· The Economics of Short-Term Performance Obsession byAlfred Rappaportohttp://www.expectationsinvesting.com/TCO/EconomicsofShortTerm.pdf#search='The%20Economics%20of%20ShortTerm%20Performance%20Obsession'· Determinants of Portfolio Performance-20 Years Later by L.Randolph Hood· Alpha Hunters and Beta Grazers by Martin Leibowitz· Field of Investment Dreams (author uses baseball asexample of difficulty in using statistics to uncover talent) by FRPResearch· Timeless Wisdom by John Bogle (the founder of Vanguardand a major advocate for index mutual funds)· Cut Your Gains by Warren Buffetohttp://money.cnn.com/2006/03/05/news/newsmakers/buffett_fortune/· “The Arithmetic of Active Management” and “The Parable of the Money Managers” by William F. Sharpe
o http://www.stanford.edu/~wfsharpe/art/active/active.htmo http://www.stanford.edu/~wfsharpe/art/parable/parable.htm· Invest in Businesses, Not Stocks by H. Bradlee Perry· What’s Up with the Stock Market? By Jeremy Grantham fromthe Greenwich Roundtable Quarterly (Vol. 2, #1, 2005)· Global Macro Strategies by Dan Tapiero from the GreenwichRoundtable Quarterly (Vol. 2, #1, 2005)· Global Macro Strategies by Ray Dalio from the GreenwichRoundtable Quarterly (Vol. 2, #1, 2005)· What’s Wrong with Investment Performance by DavidBabson· Blinded by Theory? By Robert Arnottohttp://www.rug.nl/economie/faculteit/medewerkers/SalomonsR/Arnott2004.pdf?as=pdf o A slide version of hits paper:§http://www.cqa.org/uploads/papers/182170405141582057aae75.ppt· Demographics and Capital Market Returns by Rob Arnottand Anne Casscellsohttp://www.researchaffiliates.com/pubs/pdf/demographics1095916261.pdf#search='demographics%20and%20capital%20market%20returns'· Out of Step Out of Money by H. Bradlee Perry· Determining the Equity Risk Premium by Peter Bernstein

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