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The Senior Times, September 2013

The Senior Times, September 2013

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Published by theseniortimes
For more from The Senior Times of Montreal, visit theseniortimes.com.
For more from The Senior Times of Montreal, visit theseniortimes.com.

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Published by: theseniortimes on Oct 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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pb 2013 www.thesenrtmes.cm Vol. XXVii N
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The Senior TimeS
Stmb 2013 .thstms.m
.thstms.m Stmb 2013
The Senior TimeS
Irwin Block I o see a tall, crl-haired manon a Bixi bike in the west end, itma well be Rssell Copeman, theormer Liberal member o the Na-tional Assembl or N.D.G.
He has a dierent route these daysand won’t be heading downtown tohis oce at Concordia University where or the past ve years he wasa senior administrator—at least untilthe November 3 civic election.Copeman, 53, has taken a leave o absence rom Concordia to run orborough mayor in CôtedesNeiges—NotreDamedeGrâce, underthe banner o mayoral hopeul Marcel Côté and Coalition Montréal.He hopes to take over the reins o the city’s largest borough, which has165,000 residents.He is the bestknown candidateamong those who have entered therace. His main opponents: KevinCopps, brother o ormer ederalLiberal cabinet minister SheilaCopps and successul operator o aim Hortons outlet in Verdun, has joined the Denis Coderre team; andMichael Simkin o Projet Montréal,a lawyer and consultant to notorprot community organizations.Why is Copeman returning to thepolitical world he le in 2008, leavingaside a job he says was a “ascinatingexperience and very satisying”?As associate vicepresident o external relations, he’s been dealing withall three levels o government to ad vance Concordias interests and “really learned a lot about how the city operates.” He also taught a course inQuebec public administration.“Biking and driving around N.D.G.and seeing the state o our inrastructure, I became increasingly interestedin the state o our city and borough.And we saw what was happeningwith the leadership o the city.When approached by the Côtéteam, he says he “elt a sense o responsibility” and condence in thegroup that seeks to run the city.“I elt that they were people withsome experience and some desireto see positive change, and i peoplewith integrity don’t come orward,the situation will never improve.”Public service, he says, is his only goal, and i elected he’s ready or thelatenight meetings, sudden crises andthe cutandthrust o political lie.“It’s a big change, but my wie(writer Bev Akerman) and amily (Alex, 27, Romney, 24, Emma, 18)were all very supportive.”When the testimony began rollingout at the Charbonneau Commissioninto corruption in Montreal, Copeman said he was “surprised by thedepth o the problem, very distressed.”“One had heard rumours and speculation or a number o years, butthe testimony seems to indicate thatthere was a airly wellorganized system o inated costs, and potentially derauding taxpayers to a degree thatI really had not imagined.“We have to hope that the Charbonneau Commission will makesome very concrete recommendations on how to ght what appearsto be systemic raud.“We need people o integrity in politics, but also a systemic response,” he said, and the Quebecgovernment has started.Te rot is alleged to have includedthe borough he wants to run. Teprevious borough mayor, MichaelApplebaum, who went on to replaceGérald remblay as mayor o Montreal, has been indicted on 14 countso raud, conspiracy, breach o trustand corruption. Saulie Zajdel, a ormer borough councilor, has beenindicted on ve counts o raud, corruption, breach o trust and paymento secret commissions related to construction permits issued in 200611.“We have to let the courts do theirwork,” is all he would say about theseallegations.Copeman was equally discreetwhen asked about ormer ederalLiberal MP Denis Coderre and hisgroup, and that o Richard Bergeronand Projet Montréal.But he says he knows and likesCôté, whose rm SECOR producedan economic impact study or Concordia, and a similar one or McGill.
Russll Copan ains lra in rac or borou ayor 
Continued on page 4Avid cyclist Russell Copeman wants tofx crumbling urban inrastructure.
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