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10-31-13 Edition
10-31-13 Edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Oct 31, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Oct.31, 2013
Vol XII,Edition 64
Astate administrative law judgeWednesday proposed a $6.75 mil-lion fine against PG&E for delay-ing and mischaracterizing the cor-rection of a significant error in itspipeline record-keeping. The error concerned Line 147, a3.8-mile pipeline that runsbeneath Brittan Avenue in SanCarlos.California Public UtilitiesCommission Administrative LawJudge Maribeth Bushey said in theproposed decision that PG&E dis-covered in October 2012 that thepipeline contained arc weldsinstead of being seamless, but didnot publicly file a correction withthe commission until July.PG&E completed an internalinvestigation in March. When theutility finally did submit the Julyfiling, it called the error “errata,” aword usually used for minor mis-takes.Bushey wrote, “The errors dis-covered included pipeline incor-rectly recorded as seamless, a factpattern distressingly similar toSan Bruno.
Ruling suggests San Carlospipe records ‘not credible’
By Michelle Durand
Kwame Harris’defense attorneytold jurors yesterday the formerSan Francisco 49er offensive tack-le did in fact injure his ex-boyfriend and break bones duringan argument at a Menlo Parkrestaurant but that it was in self-defense after the alleged victimthrew the first punch.Harris, 31,slapped DimitriGeier once as a“natural reac-tion” to a“forcible punchto his chest”and later swungtwice, attorneyAlin Cintean
Ex-49er claims self-defensein assault on ex-boyfriend
 Judge urges$6.75M fineagainst PG&E
By Angela Swartz
San Mateo police, with coopera-tion from the San Mateo-FosterCity Elementary School District,arrested an after school child-careaide Friday, Oct. 25 on suspicionof committing lewd acts on a childunder 14 and child annoyance,according to a joint press releaseby the police and district. The aide, Eric Michael Renz, a20-year-old Millbrae resident, wasbooked into San Mateo CountyJail, but released on $100,000bail, said District Attorney SteveWagstaffe. The victim in the case is a girl inHorrall Elementary School’sChildren’s Annex program,according to district officials. Police received a referral on Oct.21 about the alleged incident,which occurred on the late after-noon of Oct. 18. Adistrictemployee allegedly witnessed andreported the incident, said MollyBarton, the district’s assistantsuperintendent for student servic-es. The district, upon learning of the incident, immediatelyremoved Renz from any contactwith children and provided infor-mation to police to assist with theinvestigation, according to therelease. The investigation revealed that,while sitting with the victim,Renz allegedly kissed the girl andtouched her inappropriately,according to police.Interviews were conducted withthe victim and detectives estab-lished probable cause for an arrest,according to the release. There areno suspicions of other incidentsinvolving the suspect at this time,
Police arrest after school child-care aide for lewd acts
Eric Michael Renz worked at Horrall Elementary in the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District
 Therapist Warren Dale started Tuesday’s meeting with the victims of the Oct.17 Redwood City apartment firebefore they were told they would never be able to enter their units.
By Samantha Weigel
Victims of the TerraceApartments fire were devastated tohear they would never be allowedback into their apartments thisweek after waiting 11 days to findout the status of their apartmentand belongings. Former residents packed a meet-ing at the Red Morton CommunityCenter Tuesday with American RedCross volunteers and Jeff Badstubner of the property man-agement company Sequoia RealtyServices. Frustration at the longdays and nights they’d spent wait-ing to hear an update boiled overwhile Warren Dale, a licensed ther-apist with expertise in traumarecovery, began talking about theemotions some of the victims mayhave been feeling. It was hard toknow the extent of their grief asmany did not yet know the degreeof their losses after being rushedout of their homes during the fire,Dale said. But while some appreciated thesentiment, others simply wantedto know about the personal itemsthey were forced to leave behindduring the six-alarm fire Oct. 17.Badstubner said the building wasuninhabitable and they would notbe able to enter their apartmentand personally gather theirbelongings. “To not be allowed back in isdevastating to me, said residentLisa Porter, “because I want to beable to assess what actually hap-pened.” Porter, 47, had lived on thefourth floor close to where the firestarted and was lucky to haveescaped. She is hearing impairedand sleeps with a sleep apnea
Harsh reality for fire victims
 Terrace Apartments residents told they won’t be allowed back in
Kwame Harris
Man charged with stealing gold crowns from corpses
LANCASTER Aformer funeralhome apprentice has been chargedwith stealing gold crowns from theteeth of corpses in the AntelopeValley.Authorities say 39-year-old PeteLara was charged Wednesday withmore than two dozen felony counts,mostly burglary but also grand theftand possession of methampheta-mine.He was arrested Monday andremains jailed.Authorities say Lara was an appren-tice embalmer at Halley-Olsen-Murphy Funeral Home in Lancasterwhen he began taking the dentalcrowns and other items last year.Prosecutors contend that he disposedof the gold at pawn shops and jewel-ry exchanges.He faces up to 19 years in prison if convicted.
Baby born on Orange County freeway
SANTAANA— It was a rush deliv-ery on an Orange County freewayWednesday morning as a pregnantwoman gave birth in a car.Authorities say the woman’s hus-band was taking her to the hospitalbut the baby wouldn’t wait. He pulledonto the shoulder of State Route 22in Santa Ana.She delivered the child at around12:30 a.m. The Orange CountyRegister says it’s the woman’s fourthchild and she was a day overdue. Arriving paramedics cut the child’sumbilical cord and took mother andchild to the hospital, where they’resaid to be doing fine.There’s no word on whether it’s agirl or a boy.
High school bans body-shaking twerking
ALISO VIEJO — One SouthernCalifornia high school has addedtwerking to its list of dances that arebanned for students.The Orange County Registerreports Tuesday that administratorsat Aliso Niguel High School decidedthe rump-busting dance is sexuallysuggestive and should no longer beallowed on campus or at dances. Twerking now joins “freaking” and“grinding” as prohibited dances atthe Orange County school. Thosewho break the rules could be ineligi-ble for future dances for the remainderof the school year. Parents also willbe notified.No other high schools in theCapistrano Unified School Districtsay they have banned twerking. Twerking has gained recent popu-larity among teens thanks to popstar Miley Cyrus, but the dance hasbeen around for a while.
Woman gets jail time for framing volunteer
SANTAANA— ACalifornia womanwho planted drugs in the car of an ele-mentary school volunteer has beenordered to serve almost four monthsin jail.City News Service says Jill Eastergot a year’s sentence Wednesday afterpleading guilty to false imprison-ment, but a judge stayed most of theterm and she’ll only serve 120 days.She also must perform 100 hours of community service.Easter’s husband, Kent Easter, isexpected to face trial next week.Prosecutors say the Irvine coupleplanted prescription painkillers,marijuana and a marijuana pipe in thecar of a parent volunteer at theirson’s school in 2011, then calledpolice. Authorities say the Easters dislikedthe volunteer because they felt thewoman hadn’t properly supervisedtheir son.
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Rap performerVanilla Ice is 45.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Martin Luther posted his 95 Theseson the door of the Wittenberg Palacechurch, marking the start of theProtestant Reformation in Germany.
“I would venture to guess that Anon,who wrote so many poemswithout signing them,was often a woman.” 
— Virginia Woolf,English author and critic (1882-1941)
Film director PeterJackson is 52.Actress-singer Willow Smith is 13.
Project manager Yvonne Nagel and fellow actors perform at Movie Park Germany in Bottrop.
: Sunny. Highs in the lower60s. Northeast winds around 5mph...Becoming north in the afternoon.
Thursday night:
Clear. Lows in theupper 40s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.
:Sunny. Highs in the 60s. Eastwinds around 5 mph in themorning...Becoming light.
Friday night
: Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 40s.Northwest winds around 5 mph in the evening...Becominglight.
: Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s.
Saturday night:
Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s.
: Mostly cloudy. Highs in the upper 50s.
Sunday night through Wednesday:
Partly cloudy. Lowsin the upper 40s. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1795, 
English poet John Keats was born in London.
In 1864
, Nevada became the 36th state.
In 1887, 
Nationalist Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek wasborn in Zhejiang Province.
In 1926
, magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit of gan-grene and peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix.
In 1938, 
the day after his “War of the Worlds” broadcasthad panicked radio listeners, Orson Welles expressed “deepregret” but also bewilderment that anyone had thought thesimulated Martian invasion was real.
In 1941
, the Navy destroyer USS Reuben James was torpe-doed by a German U-boat off Iceland with the loss of some100 lives, even though the United States had not yet enteredWorld War II. Work was completed on the Mount RushmoreNational Memorial in South Dakota, begun in 1927.
In 1959, 
a former U.S. Marine showed up at the U.S.Embassy in Moscow to declare he was renouncing hisAmerican citizenship so he could live in the Soviet Union.His name: Lee Harvey Oswald.
In 1961, 
the body of Josef Stalin was removed fromLenin’s Tomb as part of the Soviet Union’s “de-Stalinization” drive.
In 1968, 
President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered a halt to allU.S. bombing of North Vietnam, saying he hoped for fruit-ful peace negotiations.
In 1984
, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassi-nated by two Sikh security guards.
In 1992
, Pope John Paul II formally proclaimed that theRoman Catholic Church had erred in condemning theastronomer Galileo for holding that the Earth was not thecenter of the universe.
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)CARGO DOUGH SORROW TURKEYYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The veterinarian with laryngitis was a —“HOARSE” DOCTORNow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   J  u  m   b   l  e  p  u  z  z   l  e  m  a  g  a  z   i  n  e  s  a  v  a   i   l  a   b   l  e  a   t  p  e  n  n  y   d  e   l   l  p  u  z  z   l  e  s .  c  o  m   /   j  u  m   b   l  e  m  a  g  s
Actress Lee Grant is 88. Former astronaut Michael Collinsis 83. Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather is 82. Folk singerTom Paxton is 76. Actor Ron Rifkin is 75. Actress SallyKirkland is 72. Actor David Ogden Stiers is 71. Actor BrianDoyle-Murray is 68. Actor Stephen Rea is 67. Olympic goldmedal long-distance runner Frank Shorter is 66. Actress DeidreHall is 65. Talk show host Jane Pauley is 63. Actor BrianStokes Mitchell is 56. Rock musician Larry Mullen is 52.Actor Dermot Mulroney is 50. Rock musician Mikkey Dee(Motorhead) is 50. Rock singer-musician Johnny Marr is 50.Actor Rob Schneider is 49.
 The Daily Derby race winners are GorgeousGeorge,No.8,in first place;Money Bags,No.11,in second place;and Gold Rush,No.1,in thirdplace.The race time was clocked at 1:41.03.
5 2 320 33 50 53 54 7
t.29 Me
ga Mill
2 36 40 49 54 10
ct.30 Powe
6 11 16 21 33
ntasy F
ily th
ee midday
00 9 0
ily F
6 5 2
ily th
ee ev
3 12 33 44 47 22
t.30 Su
r Lot
to Plu
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       
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. Aperson reached into a woman’spurse and took her wallet on El Camino Realbefore 11:32 a.m. Monday, Oct. 28.
. Amailbox was damaged onCoronet Boulevard before 11:29 a.m.Monday, Oct. 28.
. Avehicle hit a bicyclist andthere were minor injuries at the intersectionof Masonic Way and Old County Road before9:21 a.m. Monday, Oct. 28.
. Aresidence was reported brokeninto on El Camino Real before 8:24 p.m.Sunday, Oct. 27.
Suspicious circumstance.
Awomanreported her shih tzu was taken from her yardon Coronet Boulevard before 8:54 a.m. onFriday, Oct. 25.
Grand theft.
Grand theft was reported onthe 1500 block of Hull Drive before 9:41a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29.
Petty theft
. Petty theft was reported on the2100 block of Eaton Avenue before 9:36a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29.
. Aburglary was reported on thefirst block of Madrona Street before 11:36a.m. Saturday, Oct. 26.
Recovered vehicle
. Astolen vehicle waslocated on the 1900 block of CarmelitaDrive before 10:03 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 18
Police reports
High,can you help me?
Aman reported that he was not feelingwell after smoking marijuana on FStreet in Belmont before 9:20 a.m. onFriday, Oct. 25.
By Michelle Durand
The former Daly City man accused of helping a childhood friend kill a highschool acquaintance a dozen years ago andleave the boy’s body in an apartment stor-age unit used as a hangout took to thestand yesterday to personally tell jurors heonly helped hide the bloody evidence. Reynaldo Maldonado, now a 34-year-oldadult in a button-down shirt and close-cropped haircut, testified Erick RomeoMorales actually killed Quetzlcoatl Alba,15, on May 21, 2001, at WestlakeApartments before calling him to thescene. Maldonado said the two werefriends and then lovers back in Guatemalabefore each moving to the Bay Area andthat lingering affection propelled him tocover up rather than reveal the truth topolice.Eight days after the murder, Maldonadocalled 911 because he “wanted to tell thetruth” but changed his mind once officersresponded to his pay phone call. “Because I loved Erick very much and Icouldn’t do that,” Maldonado testifiedthrough a Spanish-speaking interpreter.Prosecutors contend Maldonado heldAlba down while Morales stabbed himrepeatedly in the neck, arms and torso.Both men were eyed as suspects but eachleft Daly City shortly after the murder.Maldonado went first to New York and thenFlorida. Daly City police foundMaldonado in Miami ona tip from his friend,Mario Cajina, who testi-fied the defendant con-fessed the killing andshowed him a key pieceof evidence in the trial— a photo taken of Morales standing overAlba’s body.On the stand yester-day, Maldonado said he did tell Cajinaabout Alba’s murder but never admittedparticipating.“I did tell him but not the way he said it,”Maldonado said.The defense argued in opening state-ments that Cajina has a financial motiva-tion and Maldonado testified that, whilehe shared the story sometime after his2001 arrival in Miami, his 2007 arrestcame two weeks after the man was kickedout of their shared housing.According to Maldonado, he was makingcoffee at home alone on Miriam Streetwhere he lived with Morales’family andothers when Morales called him on hisown cellphone. Morales allegedly askedMaldonado to take a cab to the apartmentstorage unit where Westmoor High Schoolstudents hung out and bring him a newsweater. Once there, Maldonado saidMorales gave him a bloody sweatshirt,cellphone and what would turn out to be aknife bundled up. Maldonado told jurors hetook the items home to hide at Morales’order and used a glove toopen the bloody pack-age before burying all of it in a can in the back-yard at night. An excavation of theyard based on Cajina’stip would turn up theitems in 2007 whenDaly City policereopened the case.After Alba’s murder, Maldonado saidMorales left Daly City two to three dayslater and he left three days after beinginterviewed by detectives. He did not seeMorales again and told jurors, while hewas “a little” afraid of him, he was moreafraid of Moralesfather with whom hestill lived.“He said to me I don’t know what youknow or what you saw but if anything hap-pens to my son you’re going to pay forit,” Maldonado said.In 2009, two years after Maldonado’sarrest, Morales was apprehended after anEast Coast traffic stop revealed his identi-ty. He and Maldonado are being tried sepa-rately and both face life in prison withoutthe possibility of parole if convicted. Both Maldonado and Morales remain incustody without bail.
michelle@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 102
Murder defendant takes stand
Reynaldo MaldonadoErick Morales

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