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Ethical National-Socialism

Ethical National-Socialism



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Published by raffy13
The Ethical, non-racist, National-Socialism of Reichsfolk
The Ethical, non-racist, National-Socialism of Reichsfolk

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Published by: raffy13 on Aug 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyleft Reichsfolk 2009 CE
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What Is Ethical National-Socialism?
 Ethical National-Socialism is an explication, and evolution, of the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler.The National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler was evident in the idealism of the Third Reich, and manifestin such organizations as The Hitler Youth and the Waffen-SS. As Myatt wrote in a Reichsfolk essay:” The society which was created after the NSDAP achieved power was in many ways acompromise. Hitler himself admitted (to Leon Degrelle among others) that it would bethe next generation - the Hitler Youth generation - which would create a genuineNational-Socialist society. Organizations such as the SS and the Hitler Youth weresteps toward the creation of such a National-Socialist society, and it was theseorganizations which implemented the ideal of personal honour, and respect for others,of whatever race and culture. As Hitler and his true followers, such as Rudolf Hess,matured in understanding, so too did National-Socialism. National-Socialism was notborn, fully-developed and fully-understood, in the early years of the NSDAP - itdeveloped slowly, over several decades. Thus, as Hitler admitted, Mein Kampf wasnever intended to be some kind of bible of National-Socialism: it was the product of itstime and while most of the underlying principles of National-Socialism were laid downin that book, some principles were not. What was written was subject to change, torevision, as National-Socialism itself developed.What must be understood is that many people in Germany at that time did notunderstand National-Socialism; and it could be said that many of the people who votedfor or supported Hitler were not genuine National-Socialists: they voted for orsupported him for personal reasons unconnected with the idealism of honour, duty andloyalty.With the defeat of Germany and its allies in the First Zionist War, National-Socialismwas purified, emerging as a complete way of life, centred around honour, loyalty andduty. The political compromises needed to achieve power were gone, as were thesupporters who did not understand or live up to the ideals of National-Socialism. Theessence emerged as the shell covering the essence was destroyed in the crucible of thatwar. People who have described this essence include Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, andLeon Degrelle.Since we now consciously understand this essence, it is possible to create - and onlynow possible to create - a genuine National-Socialist society. This would be an entirelynew type of society and while the inspiration would be National-Socialist Germany, itwould in many ways be very different, although it would manifest the same ethos, thesame ideals. “

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