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Gakuen Alice Fanfiction--I Just Want You to Know

Gakuen Alice Fanfiction--I Just Want You to Know



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Published by fitha_blink
It's a Gakuen Alice fanfiction. T-rated. Summary: He knew she would say yes--and it wasn't for him. Everything was just damn too late, but Imai would do anything to change that, because she was the death of them--Imai and Hyuuga.
It's a Gakuen Alice fanfiction. T-rated. Summary: He knew she would say yes--and it wasn't for him. Everything was just damn too late, but Imai would do anything to change that, because she was the death of them--Imai and Hyuuga.

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Published by: fitha_blink on Aug 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW—REVISEDStandard disclaimer applied. I told you, I never own Gakuen Alice.Long explanation of the revision ahead, beware, fella. Hope you enjoy this :)-
He sighed heavily seeing her, every feature of her, her curvy body, her cute face, her innocent eyes, her oh-so-kissable lips from different angles. He wouldn't get bored of this,for sure.He stared at five small monitors after him, admiring her in small forms on the frames,something he had been doing since ages ago. He wasn't a sick psycho, he wasn't a stalker either, he only wanted to know how she had been doing. He would make sure Personadidn't break his promise--as long as his precious Black Cat did his deed, his friends would besafe, especially the little kitty who hovered around him all the time.Therefore, he bought all these spyware things from Imai. Note to self: Do not ever buyanything from her again except on a very, very strict situation.Everyone knew Imai planted hidden cameras on every corner of the academy, and he wouldmake use of that for observing Mikan. Imai raised her eyebrows high hearing this;
'You'reon the same class as her,' 
she stated questioningly,
'you can take a look at her closer thanmy cameras can do.’ 
He didn't reply. It was a rhetorical question, Imai herself was aware of the answer, and sheasked that just for seeing what kind of mask he wore when he heard the words. She wascurious at his feeling after his 'break-up' with her best friend.True, he had let go of Mikan Sakura.It was for the best, he thought selfishly. He distanced himself from every single people (for his mission was now in another new kind of level), sat in the dark, creepy part of the room,and eyed every suspicious movement like a hawk focusing on his prey.And Mikan Sakura had let go of him, too.Because he had given up, she gave up, too.He couldn't take the risk of her catching him gazed at her hungrily like that. He didn't want tolose his cool persona and smile when she tilted her head to her side, a silent note of 
'what'swrong? Mission again?’ 
He didn't want to run across the room and hug her tightly, thenwhispered something forbidden like love.Come to think about it again, how long it had been like this? He mused, then realized thiscondition had worked for three torturous years. Their closest contact was their meeting on acertain Sakura Tree every full moon, and on that occasion, both of them said nothing. It waslike an unspoken appointment: every full moon, when the moon held high on the black sky,they would rendezvous on the tree. He would wait, and she would come.They would sit with so much space between them, or sometimes he sat on the branch andshe on the ground under him. They would look into each other eyes as long as they could,never mind the cold breeze playing with their hair or the falling petals of the cherry blossom.The most important thing was the person in front of them. He would show hard eyes, shewould prepare her crestfallen eyes. She would always tremble and he would always lit asmall fire to dance around her for keeping her warm.The longest talk they ever had was her murmuring softly: "How's it going, Natsume-kun?"And he would close his eyes, savoring the echo of his name on her lips, absorbed it, thenreplied with a harsh: "It's fine."Then they fell silent again.He hated when the cloud covered the moon because it meant they couldn’t meet. Heloather how those dramas created couple under full (or fool, he thought in misery) moonappeared to be so romantic when the truth it was so painful."Imai to Hyuuga," a monotonous, wary voice came out, buzzed from a walkie-talkie on hishand."Hn," he hummed. Maybe Imai was the closest person to him right now--in appearance.Besides Persona, she was the only person he talked to in more than two or three words.Well, they held the same interest, after all."She would say yes," the inventor said after a while. He nodded, knowing Imai was alsozooming at him somewhere. "That Kyou boy had been in love with her since three years
ago. Maybe more..." she trailed on, but he did not pay attention to the rest of the sentence.He had been in love with her since forever, so she could say yes to him, too..."You will be the death of her, you know," Imai spoke."Huh?" he replied rather dumbly, wrinklinghis forehead. Imai heaved a sigh, and he couldhear it clearly from the speaker."If you keep acting like this to us, to her," she gave a mountain of pressure on the last word,and maybe she would happily spell the name to him if he pretendednot to understand, "youreally will be the death of her. Mikan is the death of me, so I will die too. And you will diebecause you can't take it anymore."The gadget-freak got a point."You will regret this-""It's too late, Imai, damn, fuck off!" he cut emotionally."It's not, idiot," she retorted back quickly. "Run there. You are the black cat. Say I love you;be mine, sorry, everything.""I've got no time, no matter how fast I am," he said despondently."This walkie-talkie," she snapped impatiently, "... ah, just press the red button on the back,left corner. Then talk. Just talk. Mikan will hear you."He was so desperate, so suffering. He could feel his eyes stung, he couldn't think. Mikan,his Mikan... They were eighteen right now. He had buried her so-called-love deep for eightstraight years, and he was about to explode. Moreover, the situation never helped."Mikan," he breathed. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you," he said, first with a firmvoice, then became slower and weaker from one confession to another. He leaned down;placing his head between his knees, shut his eyes after seeing his hands shook when hegrabbed the walkie-talkie."IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou..." he came with faster speaking, hoping it would bemeaningless. Just like when you said
I'm scared 
all over again, the word scared itself wouldlose its meaning and we wouldn't sense the fear afterwards because
was nownothing. However, when he said love, the feeling only got worse. He had failed miserably tostop loving her.He threw the invention then, and he was surprised Imai's voice was still as clear as daylightbecause he tossed it hard."She knows it's you," Imai reported, since he didn't dare to look at the monitors. "She turnedKyou down."He couldn't decide between feeling happy or sad. He simply didn't know what he felt.Chaos, the only word which could describe it."I'll show you some interesting clips,"He still didn't look up. He could only hear.Students cheered, especially girls. He comprehended that his little monologue was heard allover the academy. Two options: a. thank Imai, and kill her b. kill Imai. He could only hopePersona didn’t know it was him. But that masochist would know sooner or later—and he hadto be ready, for Mikan.A hormonal female pupil screamed to (apparently) her boyfriend, "Do something as sweet asthat to me, Hun,""Is it that Mikan--Mikan as in Hyuuga's partner?""Whoa--some balls he gets there, asking Hyuuga's girl--""Does that mean Mikan-chan actually 'free' from the start?"Those assholes never knew the truth. Everything still looked like normal days to outsiders--wherever Natsume stood, there Mikan was--but Class B knew better that the infamous'couple' actually never talked. No communications. Zero, nada.He glanced up finally and saw Narumi held a tangerine doll with a sad smile on his face, andhe was sure he mouthed something like happily ever after.The last clip was a close-up of Mikan, her lips formed 'Natsume-kun', a tear was ready onthe corner of her big eyes, then moved to the scene when she turned the poor Kyou down.--

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