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List of Clearances Required for Power Plant

List of Clearances Required for Power Plant



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Published by anu141

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Published by: anu141 on Aug 03, 2009
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List of clearances required for Power Plant
1)Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum acknowledgement given by Ministryof Commerce and Industry.2)Memorandum of understanding to be signed with State Govt.3)Land Acquisition for Power Plant, Ash Dyke, Dam site, colony, Coalhandling, cross country pipeline, coal conveyor etc. which comprises of following type of landsi.Govt landii.Private landiii.Forest land
Procedure for Land Acquisitioni)Government land
a.Identify the land coming under project siteb.Meet the patwari of that particular village on which particularland is coming and then prepare Khasra Map indicating variouslocation of the landc.List the name of owners coming under that particular area basedon Khasra Mappingd.After preparation of list of land owners a No Objection Certificateis to be obtained from Local Gram Panchayat.e.With all the above-mentioned information i.e. Khasra Map, Listof land Owners, NOC from Gram Panchayat, Land Diversionapplication if forest or agricultural land is coming underconstruction.f.With all the information sited above:- Local Government issueSection-4 Notification stating that so and so govt land is to beacquired by the Project Owner and if any one of the land ownerhaving any sort of objection can write to them with in 30 days of date of issue of Notification. If any objection is received with thetime frame specified by the govt. than the issue shall bediscussed and resolved through public hearing.g.Based on the evaluation cost of land required by the Owner (Nonforest and non Agricultural) and application fee for diversion of forest or agricultural land, Govt decides the total amount to bepaid by the land user and request to deposit the actual cost tothe govt.h.Once the applicable fees is paid, govt issues Section 6 stating thegiven land is acquired by the ultimate user and issues paymentcheques to various land owners who had sell their land.i.Once section 6 is issued, the land is presumed to be undercustody of the Owner.
ii)Private Land
a)Acquisition of private land is similar to acquisition of Govt landand procedure indicated in sl no. a,b & c for acquisition of govtland is same.b)Further, after preparation of list of land owners, direct dealing with the land owner with negotiations can be performed topurchase the land.
c)Once the desired land is purchased, than the same shall becommunicated to the local government for their information andrecords.
iii)Forest land
a)Diversion of forest is required and permission from regionalMoEF is required if the land is < 5 Ha and if the land is morethan 5 Ha then clearance from central MoEF is required. Fordetails please refer Annexure-A4)Environmental Clearance for Power Plant, Dam, Coal Mines and otherrequirement etc.a.State Pollution Conservation board (SCPB). If the investment involvedin the Green field project is less than Rs.100.00 Crore or project cost of expansion of existing plant is less than 50 crore than in that case onlyState Pollution Conservation Board Clearance is sufficient and we neednot to go to MoEF for environmental clearance, however, if the projectcost is more than 100 Crore or cost of expansion of existing plant ismore than 50 Crore or the location of plant involves two or more statesor forest land is coming under the circumference of 25 kms from theproject site then in that case MoEF clearance is required.b.Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF). For MOEF clearancefollowing procedures has to be donei.Phase-I Screening : Submit the application for Site clearance toMoEF. If the site clearance is not granted than search for alternativesite and again submit the application for site clearance.ii.The site clearance provided by MoEF have certain conditions, if thesite selected meet all the conditions than proceed for EnvironmentalClearance Phase-II (Siting, EIA report Preparation, public hearing etc)iii.Phase-II:-1.Step-1 Base line data collection2.Step-2 EIA report preparation and other approvals includingCentral Regulation Zone (CRZ) for coastal area.a.If Diversion of Forest < 5 Ha is involved than apply forregional MoEF however , for forest area > 5 Ha apply toCentral MoEF clearance.b.If use of ground water is involved than a hydrological reportis to be submitted along with EC applicatio.c.Obtain Approvals for Electricity, Water Supply (Ground WaterBoard or irrigation Department or Municipal Corporationetc.) and Explosives Storage/Hazardous substances (iapplicable)d.Finalize Application and Environmental AppraisalQuestionnaire3.Step 3a.Public Hearing requiredb.Submit requisite number of copies of executive summary.
Submit one copy of EIA, air and water consent applicationForm-1 and Form-13d.Advertise and conduct public hearing by SPCB.e.Obtain details of public hearing.f.Obtain NOC from SPCBg.The above-mentioned Step 3 involves approx 60 days.iv.Phase-III
a.Submission of Documents (EIA20 copies, EMP, NOC, PublicHearing details, DPR) to MoEF
2.Step 2
a.Review by IAAb.If IAA feels that the data provided in sufficient than, the expertcommittee will submit their assessment over the report andapplication.
3.Step- 3
a.Expert committee will submit their recommendation to IAA.
4.Step- 4
a.If the project is accepted than MoEF clearance is granted for 5 years, however, if the case is rejected than case is closed.Reconsideration may be considered in some cases.5.Step 1 to 3 requires approx 90 days and step 4 requires approx 30days.3.Water Drawl Permission.a.Drawl from Perennial River:- Approval from State Govt in which river is falling. Data such as Water feasibility Report,Guage Discharge and Index MAP indicating the location of Power Plant, River pump house etc. to be submitted toPrincipal Secretary, Water Resource Department for stateclearance.b.If, more than one state is involved in drawl of water from theriver then in such case permission from Central WaterCommission (CWC) is required.c.If construction of Dam is required, Construction of DamPermission, Water Drawl Permission, Royalties to be paid etc.4.Fuel Linkage Clearancea.If coal is to brought from outside agency i.e. no captive coalmine is allocated than permission for coal linkage is required, which involves following proceduresi.Permission for railway sidings in case rail transportation isrequired from the nearest railway line.ii.Way of right for railway sidingsiii.Three Party agreement etc.b.Allotment of coal blocks as per the requirement from CoalMinistry, Govt of India.c.Coal Mining Plan is to be prepared and approved from StateGovt.

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