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Cabinet Brief - October 31, 2013

Cabinet Brief - October 31, 2013

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Published by State House Kenya
Cabinet Brief - October 31, 2013
Cabinet Brief - October 31, 2013

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Published by: State House Kenya on Oct 31, 2013
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Cabinet today met at State House Nairobi under President Uhuru Kenyatta, discussed and approved:1. Policy for the !pansion of University ducation and the ta"in# over of  $eacher $rainin# Colle#es by universities. Cabinet approved a policy re%uirin# the &inistry of ducation to ensure that 'here e!istin# colle#es and other institutions of learnin# are up#raded into universities they retain their ori#inal courses, pro#rammes and mandate.(. Cabinet today approved the settin# up of a Cabinet Committee under the Chairmanship of His !cellency the President to develop measures that 'ill ensure Kenya becomes a competitive destination for investments and tourism. )n the interim, the Cabinet Secretary for the National $reasury and the *ttorney +eneral 'ere directed to ensure immediate steps are ta"en to remove hurdles on business re#istration, licensin# that hinder business commencement, and settin# up of ne' businesses should ta"e the shortest time possible includin# those in the Ps. -. Cabinet also discussed and approved:i Public Private Partnership /PPP Pro#ramme  $he passa#e of the Public Private Partnership *ct, (01- paved the 'ay for participation of the Private Sector in infrastructure development. Conse%uently, the Cabinet approved a total of 2 pro3ects for development under the PPP pro#ramme. !amples include: 1. 4apset pro#ramme(. 5evelopment of the second Nyali brid#e -. 5ualin# Nairobi 6 &ombasa and Nairobi 6 Na"uru Hi#h'ays. . 5evelopment of housin# units: 77,000 prison8police housin# and 70,000 lo' cost housin# for 'ananchi9. &oderniation of hospitals 7. &oderniation of ;K)* 6 (nd $erminal and $ransit Hotel 2. !pansion of university hostels8accommodation <. Nairobi bul" 'ater supply =. &ultipurpose dams in $ana 5elta, Kib'ei, $ur"'el +or#e

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