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Published by PresseBox
ADVANTECH Press Release AIMB-274
ADVANTECH Press Release AIMB-274

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Published by: PresseBox on Oct 31, 2013
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Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release
For Immediate Release
The Intelligent AIMB-274 Mini-ITX with 4th Generation Intel® Core i Processors Powered by iManager 2! and "#"IAccess
Oct. 31, 2013, Munich -  
 Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider introduces  AIMB-274, a new industrial-grade Mini-IT motherboard based on the Intel! "#7 chipset and the latest 4th generation Intel! $ore% I processor, with the remote management power of &'&IAccess and iManager 2() intelligent s*stem management tool( AIMB-274 is an ideal platform for a multitude of applications such as medical e+uipment, automation, gaming machines, ATMios.s and much more( The blend of Advantech hardware and value added smart software now brings the benefits of cloud computing within reach of man* embedded applications(
Ma$i%&% 'i "(eed I)* Connecti+ity ,or Mini%&% eso&rces
 AIMB-274 comes with high connectivit* and multiple high speed I/ including0 4 1 '&B (), 3 1 '&B 2(), 4 1 &ATAIII  5 1 e&ATA connector, 2 1 $/M, 6$Ie 153, 2 1 Mini6$Ie 8& 1 5, 9& 1 5: e1pansion soc.ets accompanied with one &IM card holder for eas* wifi; module installation( It supports #-bit digital programmable I/ along with three BT t*pe Audio <ac.s(  AIMB-274 also comes with dual 6$I =1press based ;igabit =thernet ports Intel I257>M ? I255AT: delivering up to 5))) Mbps of bandwidth for networ.-intensive applications( All this high speed connectivit* is pac.ed into a space-saving and cost-effective Mini-IT form factor which ma.es AIMB-274 a first-rate fit for high-end applications(
Tri(le .is(lay and /$cellent Gra(hics Per,or%ance
@ith mar.et demands going more towards motherboards e+uipped with advanced 9 graphics performance and support for multiple displa*s, AIMB-274 mini-IT motherboard integrates Intel 9 ;raphics with 55(5, /pen$>5(2 and /pen;>4() support to deliver enhanced graphics performance and improved  video performance( AIMB-274 supports high resolution 42 for 9MI, ispla*port5(2, and e6 ports( AIMB-274s 9MI port is shared with ispla*port5(2 and will be auto-detected b* BI/&(
Pri%ary Media Contact0
 Advantech =urope B(C( Dicole @ille Tel0 ?4E #E 52 FEE-) , =1t( 5)25 nicole(willeGadvantech(de
Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release
For Immediate Release
Three independent displa*s, either in clone mode or e1tended mode using C;A, 9MI ispla*6ort5(2:, >C& e6: and ispla*6ort5(2, deliver stunning graphics and imaging, ma.ing them ideal for gaming and medical applications(
ein,orced with Ad+antech iManager 2! and "#"IAccess
 Advantech iManager is built into AIMB-274( iManager provides a set of standardiHed A6Is for hardware monitoring, smart fan, multi-level watchdog, brightness control and more( iManager  A6I with user-friendl* interfaces enhance reliabilit*, lighten development effort and speed up time-to-mar.et for s*stem integrators( AIMB-274 also bundles with  Advantech &'&IAccess  which provides remote device management and s*stem recover* powered b* Acronis, and s*stem protection powered b* McAfee allowing users to easil* monitor, configure, control, and even recover multiple s*stems through a single console from a remote site(
 AIMB-274 1eat&res
 &upports the latest 4
 generation Intel
 $ore% i processors
 &upports dual channel JJ>-53)) 5(FC: 2)4-pin &/IMM soc.ets up to 53 ;B
 ;f1 support 55(5, /pen$> 5(2, /pen;> 4()
 &upports triple displa*s0 C;A, >C& e6:, 9MI ispla*port5(2:, ispla*6ort5(2
 Jich I/  e1pansion options0 4 1 '&B (), 3 1 '&B 2(), 4 1 &ATAIII and 5 1 e&ATA, 2 1 $/M ports and #-bit ;6I/, 5 6$Ie 153, 2 Mini 6$Ie soc.ets 8& 1 5, 9& 1 5 with &IM card holder:
 &upports Advantech iManager 2() and software A6Is  AIMB-274 is available now, for more information, please contact an Advantech local sales office(
Abo&t /%bedded Core "er+ice
 Advantech =mbedded $ore &ervices offers design-in oriented services( These streamlined solutions broadl* integrate embedded boards, peripheral modules and software( This dedicated focus on =mbedded esign-in services fulfills electronic engineering demands at their design-in phase, and brings benefits that shorten the design and integration c*cles, minimiHing uncertaint* and ris.( www(advantech(eu=mb$ore 
Abo&t Ad+antech
8ounded in 5E#, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions( Advantech offers comprehensive s*stem integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded s*stems, automation products, and global logistics support( @e cooperate closel* with our partners to help provide complete solutions

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