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Vatican Commission Denounces Tamil Genocide

Vatican Commission Denounces Tamil Genocide

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Oct 31, 2013
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30 October 2013
The Vatican’s ‘Justitia-et-Pax’ (Justice and Peace) commission in the Jaffna diocese has denounced the genocide against the Tamil people and called on The Holy See to exert political pressure on the goernment of Sri !an"a#$% genocide of the Tamil people is in progress in Sri !an"a$ said a complaint &y the commission’s president 'ather angalaraah to the %postolic *unciature+ the Vatican’s em&assy+ in Sri !an"a#The Vatican’s ne,s agency+ %genia 'ides+ reported that it had receied a letter from the 'ather+ noting some .&asic+ unresoled issues/ for Tamils#The letter highlighted the lac" of transparency and accounta&ility for human rights iolations+ calling for ustice $for the "illing of thousands of innocent ciilians$+ and demanded an international inestigation into missing people and the use of cluster &om&s and chemical ,eapons#0t also criticised the confiscation of Tamil lands+ saying that 123 of the occupied territories during the ,ar hae not yet &een returned to its rightful o,ners+ including the 4atholic 4hurch+ ,hich lost three parishes ,ith churches+ chapels and schools#The letter denounced the goernment sponsored $ethnic+ cultural and religious colonisation$ &y Singhalese settlers and detailed .coercie population control/ in the Tamil population# The plight of thousands of Tamil political detainees+ languishing in state prisons+ ,as also highlighted#The ulnera&ility of Tamil ,omen and girls ,as also highlighted+ saying that families ,ith girls lied in constant fear and that there are many cases of sexual a&use &y the military# 0n areas acated &y the army+ human remains and graes are found+ ,hich could &e people that ,ere disappeared#
Jaffna (Agenzia Fides) - "A genocide of the Tamil people is in progress in Sri Lanka": this is a strong and circumstantial complaint sent ! the ommission "Justice and #eace" of the diocese of Jaffna in the north of Sri Lanka$ to the Apostolic %unciature and all the &ishops of the countr!' n a long and detailed letter$ sent to Fides Agenc!$ the #resident of the ommission$ Fr' S''&' *angalara+ah$ launches the alarm and calls the atican to e,ert political pressure on the goernment of Sri Lanka in order to propose an "e.uitale political solution" regarding the national structure$ in the post-ciil /ar'The letter notes some "asic unresoled issues" for the Tamil people$ ethnic minorities liing in the north and east of the island'The first of the issues cited is to ensure transparenc! and accountailit! for human rights iolations$ particularl! during the final stages of the /ar in 0112' The te,t calls for +ustice "for the killing of thousands of innocent ciilians"$ and to start an international inestigation /ith regards to the missing people$ for the use of cluster oms and also for the use or chemical /eapons'The second point is the confiscation of the lands of Tamil ciilians: 213 of the occupied territories during the /ar hae not !et een returned to its rightful o/ners' 4en the atholic hurch has lost$ in the land confiscated$ three parishes /ith numerous churches$ chapels and schools' oastal land /as confiscated$ in a completel! aritrar! /a!$ and gien to militar! or ciil serants$ to uild lu,ur! resorts or residents$ to the detriment of local fishermen' Another complaint$ the third point$ is the "coercie population control" of the Tamil population$ man! elonging to the atholic faith' The /omen in the 5ilinochchi district are rought to hospital and forced$ /ith manipulated medical information$ to take progesterone (/ith sucutaneous implants) for irth control'The situation - fourth point - of thousands of Tamil "political prisoners" languishing in state prisons$ some for oer 67 !ears remains difficult' 8e are talking aout ciilians$ /omen$ the elderl!$ the sick$ often accused of haing onl! gien food to the guerrillas' The &ishop of *annar$ 9a!appu Joseph$ /as denied permission to isit them'Fifth point$ ecause of the militar! presence$ especiall! in the anni region$ Tamil families /ith !oung girls lie in constant fear: there are man! cases of se,ual ause carried out ! the militar!$ all go unpunished' n the areas left ! the arm!$ as occurred

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