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The Fargo Beat 10-31-13

The Fargo Beat 10-31-13

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Published by The Fargo Beat
Fargo-Moorhead Social & Word of Mouth Network
Fargo-Moorhead Social & Word of Mouth Network

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Published by: The Fargo Beat on Oct 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fargo Beat
Fargo-Moorhead Social & Word of Mouth Network
October 31, 213
Eat some candy, get a little spooked, and for the love of all things Halloween, don’t let the virgin light the candle.
T!"#$ %truk' O! T!()T"N*
Trick or Treatig at Scheel+ 
4 pm, Stop by for candy, free ferris wheel rides & free kid’s tattoos
Truk or Treat 
5  ! pm, "aith #nited $ethodist %hrch
Truk or Treat 
5'() pm, %alvary %hrch at *illage +reen
Truk or Treat 
 pm, $essiah Evangelical -theran %hrch
Truk or Treat 
4'() pm, +lobe #niversity -ooks like yo cold stagger yor times, hit p all of these and still make it to yor neighbors hoses before bedtime
.)/NT(0 .O/S(SF)!MS
Nightare o (l Street
  4/0 Elm Street, 1indred. 20)32).
.auted Far
  0/4! 0()
 ve S, $oorhead. 20532).
.auted #or Mae 
 0!4! (
 St S, $oorhead. 20)3205.
(4tree Screa 
 056 6)
 St S, +lyndon. 203206.
MS/M+ 6laetariu
 is really bringing it with their great programming. %heck ot their pcoming activities 2.5)325 admission. www.mnstate.ed7planetarim. 89ridges Hall :0!, 00th Street and !th vene Soth, $oorhead.;
.itorical ad #ultural Societ7 of #la7 #out7
Fro Shee8 to Shawl
, an installation of fiber pieces illstrating the arc of fiber arts from fnctional to fine art, at the H=emkomst %enter, >ovember 0  ?ecember (0 with general admission. <he opening reception will be <e 0075 from 536pm. 1aren akre and Sharon $ar@ardt will be demonstrating working with fiber. <he evening reception will be free and open to the pblic.
Fargo !ecord Fair
3 Sat 007, 0)am3 5 pm, Howard Aohnson. dmission is 2. %heck ot the largest and longest rnning vinyl record fair in "argo. Some of the biggest msic collectors in the Bed Biver *alley will be selling a plethora of msic related items.
Screeig 6art7 of 9io 9erita
  Sat 007, ! pm. %elebrate Halloween weekend by screening the newly finished screen version of *ino *eritas with screenwriter, ?avid $ac+regor Cncldes wine tasting, hors de oevres and costme contest.
The Feti:e Flea
  Sat 007 & Sn 007(, 0) am, Hartl g 9ilding at the Bed Biver *alley "airgrond.  handmade holiday & vintage market with a miD of new, old, pcycled & reprposed.
Fall #raft 9edor Show & Bake Sale
  Sat 007, / am  ( pm, merican -egion $oorhead. Homemade baked goods, one of a kind crafts, and poplar vendors. -nch is served and there are door pries every hor.
)!TS & (NT(!T)"NM(NT
  -ook to <he rts Fartnership’s B<Splse for daily info for what is going on and interesting in local arts & cltre. %heck this link to sign p for their email, "acebook, <witter, <mblr, Finterest, and +oogleG. http'77theartspartnership.net7artsplse7
Throughout the Weeked
#ourte7+ #oed7 #lub
  0)7(0, 0070 & 007 with 9bba 9radley & %hris $addock. www.cortneyscomedyclb.com
Muic Theatre Fargo Moorhead 8reet; <oug Fraketei
  0)7(03007(, <he Stage t Csland Fark. www.msictheatrefm.com
0ie7 5i:e=
Three #laic Fair7 Tale 
Sn 007(, 0'() pm & 4'() pm, "argodome.
Thurda7 October 31
0 Mill & the Thrill 
6 pm, Ho?o -onge
Tri8wire 
 /'() pm, 9ig ?’s
*low i the 0ark .allowee Blacklight Bah 
 <he Hb
The >oh7 .ol Bad 
 / pm, <he indbreak
Frida7 No:eber 1
(d .uttli 
! pm, 9asie’s
)ultiate O7-
 / pm, <he +arage 9ar
Tri8wire 
 /'() pm, 9ig ?’s
Sell Out Stereo 
 / pm, <he indbreak
Saturda7 No:eber 2
Wookie Woka Wee with Wookiefoot 
6 pm, <he *ene
5ot .ighwa7 
 / pm, <he indbreak
Tueda7 No:eber ?
(ddie S8aghetti
3 / pm, <he @arim
 Wededa7 No:eber @
5iebeder Feti:al %thru 11A'-
Stdio 
? Shade of Me
  6 pm, <he *ene
*rie:e with Sweatho8 /io & More 
/ pm, <he @arim
 F)!*O T.()T!(
 www.fargotheatre.org for show times
(ough Said %6*-13'
 3 Enogh Said is a sharp, insightfl comedy that hmorosly eDplores the mess that often comes with getting involved again. Eva 8Alia -ois ?reyfs;, a divorced and single parent, spends her days en=oying work as a massese bt dreading her daghter’s impending departre for college. She meets lbert 8Aames +andolfini;Ia sweet, fnny and like3minded man also facing an empty nest. http'77yot.be7nEEAaC="J-o
5ee 0aiel+ The Butler %6*-13'
3 "orest hitaker & Kprah infrey star in the eDtraordinary tre story of %ecil +aines, a hite Hose btler who served eight presidents dring his remarkable career.
Weter Fil Serie
Mc#abe & Mr Miller %1AC1' 
<es 0075, ! pm
)rt Fil Serie; Sickert : Sarget %2C'-
 $on 0074, ! pm
Food for #hage 
Sn, 007(,  pm. <his featre length docmentary film is abot the history of the co3op movement and food co3ops today. <he movie will be followed by a panel discssion abot what a food so3op will mean for or commnity. 9roght to yo by the Frairie Boots "ood %o3op.
65)"NS )!T M/S(/M
thor talk, book signing and reception for my <hielen, athor of 
 The New Midwestern Table
  <h 007!, 5'()3!pm, %afL $se at Flains rt $sem. "ree and open to the pblic. my is the host of the MHeartland <ableN series that debted on "ood >etwork this fall. Her show is based on the newly released cookbook,
The New Midwestern Table: 200 Heartland Recipes
, which offers a fresh take on $idwestern dishes <hielen grew p with, as well as local gems from across the region. rtist mber "letschock illstrated the cookbook and will also appear at the reception.
 <O/N* 6!OF(SS"ON)5S N(TWO!$
 www.fmwfchamber.com7ypn www.ndyp.net
<6N; Where 0o We *row Fro .ereD
 3 <h 007!, 00'()am30pm, %ortyard by $arriott and $oorhead rea %onvention %enter. Kr region has garnered many accolades in recent years becase of or economic growth. Cn fact, the "argo $oorhead $etro was ranked nmber two overall among mid3sied cities for economic sccess based on 0 economic indicators. 9t where do we grow neDtO nd how are or cities attracting and retaining yong professionalsO Hear from a panel of economic development leaders in or commnity abot what they are doing to ensre or region remains at the top of the list. 2) PF> membersQ 2() general admission

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