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Bellas Story Update4

Bellas Story Update4



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Published by Jenny
hehe bella meets tanya and you get an exclusive look inside edwards head about the situation
hehe bella meets tanya and you get an exclusive look inside edwards head about the situation

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Published by: Jenny on Aug 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EPOVEverything was silent for a while. I just couldn’t wrap myhead around it. Bella cant be a vampire. I left to preventthat. Now I have to marry Tanya. Why? Oh yeah because Inever listen to anything. Here she is going on one day aboutmarriage and of course im not in the conversation but theyask me a question. So being the retard that I am I say yes.Then shes all really wears the ring? That’s when I finallystarted listening I understood from her thoughts whats shewas talking about. All I could think was oh shit what justhappened. So I buy her a ring from the mall. Don’t even getme started on how many times she tries to have sex withme. I just cant see myself doing that with Tanya. I can onlywith Bella. Now Bella is going to be at my weddingthinking I don’t love her. My life is just peachy. Aro clearedhis throat, “Bella’s pissed which means so is Alicia andJared. That’s not a good thing.”“Why not?” Emmett asked“They could kill you in 5 seconds.“What are their powers?” asked Carlisle.“Ah Carlisle always the curious one. But its not my place totell, she would be furious if I release anythingconfidential.”“You are afraid of her?” Rosalie scoffed. Aro just smiled.“Everyone should be.” Everyone thought about that for awhile.“Oh yea where is Rosalie and Edwards room?” Jane saidwith a smug smile.“Why.” Rosalie seethed“Well its obvious they’re gonna need some clothes. Dunmb blonde.
Rosalie growled “Shes not using my clothes or her littlefriend.”“Yeah uh huh I’ll find it myself and if you think abouttouching me think twice.” Jane said climbing the stairs.“Ugh!” Rosalie screamed hitting the coffee table andsplitting it in two.“Aro it is a pleasure but are you all staying here for thewedding.?”“Nah we don’t do things like this but bella and her sidekicks might. She may seem angry with you guys butshe still loves you.” Stated marcus. Well if she still lovesme then I just need her to forgive me. I can have her back. Ican-“Oh eddikins. Where are you?” Tanya said coming downthe stairs in a short white dress. Oh yea I forgot aboutTanya.“We have guests.” I said without emotion.“Ok.”then she came and sat on my lap. Disgusting. Herecomes Jane.“If Bella was to see your closet she would laugh. Its sosmall.” Rosalie’s closet small? I think its huge. She set theclothes outside.10 minutes of awkward silence later BPOVBella,
Jeez the nerve of that girl. I think that totally deserved aslap.
WE are your best friends. WE 
WOULD NEVER LEAVEYOU.Guys,Guys don’t worry. You’ll always be my best friend.Don’t worry. Now lets give them a show.

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