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Transcript of Senator Simitian from July 6.doc

Transcript of Senator Simitian from July 6.doc

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Published by joejoe48
California High Speed Rail.

Transcript of State Senator Joe Simitian on the High Speed Rail project, ending with

"wrong plan, in the wrong place, at the wrong time"
California High Speed Rail.

Transcript of State Senator Joe Simitian on the High Speed Rail project, ending with

"wrong plan, in the wrong place, at the wrong time"

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Published by: joejoe48 on Nov 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Transcript of Senator Simitian from July 6, 2012 State Senate vote.Senator Joe Simitian: Thank you Madam resident, mem!ers. ", too, #as struck !y the $uestion from the resident pro tem #ho asked ho# many times do #e %et to cast a vote like this one. &nd in my case, !y virtue of term limits, the ans#er is ' $uite fre$uently, actually. "(m lookiin% !ack at my o#n votin% record. "n 2002 " #as not only an aye vote !ut a co)author on then State Senator *o+(s measure to place the hi%h)speed rail !ond on the !allot. &n aye vote, and a co)author si%nature. "n 200 #hen then &ssem!ly mem!er -o%ue said no, #e ou%ht to hold this off until 2010, " #as one of a handful of assem!ly mem!ers #ho said, /o, " feel the sense of ur%ency, #e have to move for#ard #ith this visionary notion. &nd " voted a%ainst that delay. in 200, #hen &ssem!ly mem!er al%iani put the hi%h)speed rail !ond up !efore us, " #as not only an aye vote, " #as once a%ain a co)author. Then of course #e had a chance to vote on rop 1& on the !allot. " #ent into the pollin% place, voted aye, and supported the measure pu!licly. ver the past  years, as the chair of the senate !ud%et su!committee #ith the responsi!ility for transportation fundin%, " had the opportunity to vote repeatedly on the re$uest for fundin% for the 3i%h Speed 4ail &uthority, and voted for every dollar they re$uested, !ecause " #anted them to !e successful. n the le%islative front, "(ve consistently re!uffed le%islative efforts to shut the &uthority do#n. "ncludin%, as my collea%ue Senator -aMalfa kno#s, t#o attempts on his part in 2011 and 2012 to !rin% the pro5ect to a halt. &nd at home, over these last  years since the !ond measure has passed, " have
consistently told my constituents that " am a supporter of hi%h)speed rail done ri%ht in spite of the plummetin% support for hi%h)speed rail in my district. /o#, there are a lot of %ood reasons to !e for hi%h)speed rail. -et(s start #ith the vision ' a vision " happen to share.. " think hi%h)speed rail makes sense for *alifornia. " think our %eo%raphy, our economy, our population centers all lend themselves to hi%h)speed rail. ut #e(re not !ein% asked to vote on a vision today. 7e(re !ein% asked to vote on a particular plan. So the $uestion #e have to ask ourselves today is, even if you support the vision, is this the plan that is #orthy of our support.  There are other %ood reasons to vote for hi%h)speed rail. *ertainly the 5o!s that have !een identified. &ny one of us #ho %oes !ack home and talks to our constituents durin% side#alk office hours or in to#n halls as " kno# #e all do, kno#s too many people are out of a 5o!8 too many people are #orryin% a!out #hether or not they(ll !e a!le to make the rent or the mort%a%e. ut this isn(t a 5o!s vs. a no 5o!s de!ate. This is a $uestion a!out #hether or not #e %enerate %ood 5o!s #ith the ri%ht plan or the #ron% plan. So let(s not say this is a choice of  5o!s or no 5o!s #hen it(s really a!out #hether or not #e(re %oin% to use the
 plan and make the
 kind of investments to reali9e the vision in order to produce those  5o!s. /o#, there(s another %ood reason ' and this one doesn(t %et mentioned much ';< to vote for hi%h)speed rail. The voters #ent to the polls and approved it, Madam resident. &nd for%ive me if " sound a little old)fashioned, !ut elections have conse$uences. 7hen the pu!lic tells us this is our #ill, #e have an o!li%ation to listen.
ut=voter sentiment has unddenia!ly chan%ed in the intervenin% years. &nd, even if the voter sentiment hadn(t chan%ed, there(s no ar%uin% that this is a very different plan !efore us today !oth in scope and content and price. &nd finally, #e(ve heard reference to this already and #e(ll hear reference "(m sure for the rest of the day today, there(s that >?.? in federal fundin%. @nder our current circumstances, #ho #ouldn(t !e lured !y the opportunity to access >?.? of federal fundin%A ut let(s understand at #hat cost those funds mi%ht come to *alifornia. 7e(re talkin% a!out a >6.B pro5ect. The >?.? #e(re talkin% a!out represents a!out BC of the money involved '<
 the pro5ect stays on !ud%et. 7e(re e+pected to put up 20 times that amount over the course of #ho kno#s ho# many years. So let(s keep the dollar amounts in perspective. Dven at our level, >?.? is no small num!er. ut it pales in comparison to the 60)plus !illion the state of *alifornia is then o!li%ed to find in order to access those dollars. &nd, even more disconcertin% to me, as #e cast an an+ious eye on the >?.?, is the result of the pollin% #e sa# 5ust this #eek ' !ut you didn(t haave to read the results of the pollin%. &ny of us #ho talk to our folks kno# that they(re askin% the same $uestions. They(re sayin%, 4eallyA Eou made these cuts, #e(re threatened #ith more, and you #ant to !uild a hi%h)speed rail track. &nd " think you can make a very %ood ar%ument that in tou%h times you for%e ahead #ith !i% and !old pro5ects. ut " kno# #hat the impact #ill !e if the revenue measure fails on /ovem!er(s Dlection Fay. 7e all do. " think "(m #ithin the rules here, Madam resident ' " think therre are more folks #ho support the %overnor(s revenue measure on this side of the room than there are on that side of the room. ut, it(s a >0 revenue risk if #e lose the overnor(s ta+ measure on Dlection Fay in /ovem!er. So in order to access that >?.? ' our o#n lon% kno#lled%e of elected officials, the

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