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"Lazarns is dead, and I am glad." — John xi. 14, 15.

"Lazarns is dead, and I am glad." — John xi. 14, 15.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Nov 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LAZARUS IS DEAD.BY REV. WILLIAM ARNOT"Lazarns is dead, and I am glad." — John xi. 14, 15.JESUS said, " Lazarus is dead, and I am glad."What strange paradox have we here ! Whatchange has come over this divinely tenderhuman heart ? Does our fellow-sufferer no longer retaina fellow-feeling with our pain ? Does any pang rend abrother's heart in which the Man of Sorrows takes nopart ? " His is love beyond a brother's ; oh, how heloves ! " Yet it is he who utters these words, " Lazarusis dead, and I am glad."Let us turn aside to see this great sight. If we rightlysearch, we shall discover that this, like all other scrip-tures, testifies of Christ, and testifies specifically that in allhis words and ways he is love. He came not to condemnthe world, but to save : now, as well as at other times, heis about the Father's business. " Behind a frowning pro-vidence he hides a smiling face." Trust him even beforeyou comprehend his dealings, and you will soon be ableto comprehend the dealings of him whom you trust.S6 LAZARUS IS DEAD.Bethany lay on the slope of Olivet, near Jerusalem,but out of sight. It was the home of Lazarus and hissisters. In their house the Lord and his disciples fre-quently sought retirement from the bustle of the neigh-bouring city. He was always welcome there; and thither,therefore, he often went. He is the same in character
and tendency yesterday, to-day, and for ever : he hauntsthe house or the heart where a welcome always waitshim. His word of promise still is, " If any man open, Iwill come in."The Lord, having retired before a furious persecution,was tarrying, till the storm should blow out, in a secretplace beyond Jordan. While he was absent, Lazarusfell sick and died. There was grief in the bereavedfamily, and grief throughout the circle of sympathizingneighbours, and grief among the disciples of the Lord asthey were hiding with their Master beyond Jordan ; forto that desert place the sad intelligence soon penetrated.All grieved for the death of Lazarus except the deadman's truest, deepest friend : " Lazarus is dead, and Iam glad," said the man Christ Jesus.Yet he, too, grieved over the solemn event : witnesshis tears when he reached the grave. But his grief wasmingled with gladness : in his heart there was room forboth emotions. The grief belonged to the Brother bornfor our adversity : the gladness, to the omniscient God,who sees the end from the beginning, and overrules allevents for the promotion of his kingdom. \\\ the tearsby the grave at Bethany behold the Man ; in the glad-LAZARUS IS DEAD. 97ness beyond Jordan behold the Ruler in providence, Godover all.Some principles of tender interest and beneficentoperation lie slumbering in this text. Let us draw nearand gently awaken them, that we may mark their beautyas they rise, and apply them for profit to our own ex-perience.As a preacher, Paul announced his determination to
know nothing among his audience but Jesus Christ, andhim crucified. In his oflficial capacity he recognizedonly two themes, and all his preaching consisted of abalanced alternation between them. Nor were Paul'sdiscourses wearisome for lack of variety. If a teacher of natural science were to announce that he intended tolimit himself in his prelections to the heavens and theearth, you would be under no apprehension that hismaterial would run short before the session should close.Thus Chrisl's glorious person and Christ's atoning deathtogether afford ample field for all the energies of thegreatest ministry ever given to the Church. Who theRedeemer is, and what he has done for men, occupiedPaul from the day of his conversion to the day of hisdeparting. It is our part humbly to follow the greatapostle's steps.Learners may find suitable patterns in the Scripturesas well as teachers. " Sir, we would see Jesus," said somedevout Greeks, who had come to Jerusalem to worship atthe feast. Those beautiful, but dark and cold globes,were drawn from their distant orbits by an impalpable but(512) 798 LAZARUS IS DEAD.irresistible influence toward the Light of the world. Sir,we would fain see Jesus, is the true though inarticulatedesire of the little ones — the poor in spirit still — whenthey meet with any one who has skill to expound thegospel. Follow those Greek strangers as they press inpast apostles and evangelists, and creep near to Christhimself Or, if the example seem to suit you better, goto the spot where yonder bent and wan-faced womanpresses through the crowd of Christ's fair-weather ad-mirers, and presses in to Christ himself, that she maytouch the hem of his garment ; go in her wake, through

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