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Dawn of a New Age in Lankan Tamil Politics

Dawn of a New Age in Lankan Tamil Politics

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Nov 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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( November 1, 2013, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The election reult in the Northern !rovince rede"ine relation between #a""na and $olombo% &ndia hould ue it a an o''ortunit to trenthen tie between $olombo and New DelhiTamil in Sri Lanka* Northern !rovince have truled "or over "ive decade to ecure raroot devolution o" 'ower% Sri Lankan Tamil leader S#+ $helavanaakam wa able to neotiate areement with !rime initer S -andaranaike and DS Senanaake in 1./ and 1./% &n the 1./ reement, Sri Lankan Tamil areed to the devolution o" limited 'ower to Ditrict $ouncil, with ue o" Tamil 'ermitted in Ditrict $ourt% -ut, even thee e'ectation were not "ul"illed% &t wa onl a"ter direct &ndian involvement and "acilitation that meanin"ul  'ower were devolved to !rovincial $ouncil in Sri Lanka under the 13th mendment o" it $ontitution%  'eritent &ndian di'lomatic e""ort and rowin trut and con"idence between  New Delhi and $olombo, eventuall led to !rovincial election bein held in Northern !rovince lat month%The otenibl e'aratit Tamil National lliance wa we't to 'ower% Therea"ter, on 4ctober , the hihl re'ected Tamil 5urit and "ormer Su'reme $ourt #ude, #utice $+ 6inewaran, wa worn in a the $hie" initer o" Northern !rovince, in the 'reence o" !reident ahinda 7a5a'aka% &t i, however, till im'erative to re'lace mani"etation o" Sinhala trium'halim in
the ethnic con"lict, b tatemanhi' and reconciliation% The election in Se'tember wa conidered internationall a "ree and "air, de'ite e""ort b the Sri Lankan rm to intimidate voter and candidate% oreover, the TN ha hown tatemanhi' in the a"termath o" the election% TN 'okeman  Sumanthiran re5ected e'aratim and rea""irmed commitment to a united Sri Lanka, where Tamil can live in "reedom and dinit% #utice 6inewaran made it clear that he did not hare ob5ection o" other about !rime initer anmohan Sinh attendin the $ommonwealth Summit%&nteretinl, there are di""erence now between view in #a""na and in Tamil Nadu not onl reardin 'artici'ation in the $ommonwealth Summit, but alo on the iue o" "ihermen "rom Tamil Nadu% There are till 'rotet about the action taken b the Sri Lankan Nav aaint Tamil Nadu "ihermen, intrudin into Sri Lankan territorial water, ad5acent to Tamil8dominated Northern !rovince% -ut, $hie" initer 6inewaran blame Tamil Nadu "ihermen "or in"lictin mier on Sri Lankan Tamil "ihermen% 9e bluntl aerted that "ihermen "rom Tamil Nadu, uin bi trawler :came earl into Sri Lankan water, cauht all the "ih and le"t the (Sri Lankan Tamil) 'eo'le hih and dr%; 9e added that the Tamil Nadu $hie" initer :ha a crucial role in addrein the iue o" &ndian "ihermen 'oachin in Sri Lankan water;% There now a''ear to be ood 'ro'ect "or dialoue between "ihermen in Tamil Nadu and #a""na to addre mutual concern% The #a""na Tamil and the Sri Lankan Government are makin common caue to deal with what the believe are illeal intruion b "ihermen "rom Tamil  Nadu%<ternal ""air initer Salman =hurhid 'aid a brie" viit to #a""na recentl a"ter talk in $olombo% 9e echaned view with $hie" initer 6inewaran on the ubtantial &ndian aitance bein channelled to Northern !rovince, 'rimaril "or relie", rehabilitation and in"ratructure% &ndia ha etended credit totallin >.0 million "or u'radin rail communication and renovatin and etendin rail ervice "rom $olombo and acro Northern !rovince%  'art o" the rehabilitation e""ort in the war8torn !rovince, &ndia i renovatin the !alal ir'ort and the =ankeanthurai harbour% &t i alo "inancin contruction o" /0,000 houe and ha 'rovided medical aitance, one million roo"in heet and aricultural im'lement, "or di'laced Tamil% 6hile in $olombo, r =hurhid "inalied detail "or contruction o" a coal8"ired 'ower 'lant in Sam'ur, throuh a 5oint venture between &ndia* National Thermal !ower $or'oration and the $elon <lectricit -oard% The 'rimar interet o" the reional leaderhi' in #a""na i to ecure e""ective and enhanced &ndian aitance and  're'are "or hard barainin "or 'romied devolution o" 'ower%&ndia* 'rimar commitment to Sri Lankan Tamil i the im'lementation o" the 1.? 7a5iv Gandhi8#aawardene ccord, under which !rovincial $ouncil were etablihed and em'owered under the 13th mendment o" the Sri Lanka $ontitution% Sri Lanka ha not "ul"illed it commitment to &ndia, a it ha not em'owered the !rovincial Government to adminiter ke area like law and order and land% oreover, the maive 'reence o" the Sri Lankan rm and it 'ro'enit to intimidate the 'o'ulation, a it did durin the 'rovincial election, i a matter o" eriou concern% @uite obvioul, thee are iue that can be addreed onl i" &ndia mie no o''ortunit to et Sri Lanka* 'artner countrie and more im'ortantl, it* neihbour, on occaion like the $ommonwealth Summit on November 1/81, to 'eruade $olombo to move in the riht direction%The /38member $ommonwealth o" Nation i committed to dicuin iue includin :democrac, human riht, ood overnance, and the rule o" law, individual libert,

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