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Health Care System Based on Semantic Web and XML Technologies.pdf

Health Care System Based on Semantic Web and XML Technologies.pdf

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Published by Alexander Decker
International peer-reviewed academic journals call for papers, http://www.iiste.org
International peer-reviewed academic journals call for papers, http://www.iiste.org

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Published by: Alexander Decker on Nov 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems www.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2!" (#nline) $ol.%& No.1'& 2'1"
Health Care System Based on Semantic Web and XML Technologies
agdy S*ay+ou+ ,li Computer Siene ept.& omputers and in/ormatis& Ismaillia& Sue0 Canal niersity and ,pplied edial Sienes College #/ 3ai/ niersity& 4ingdom o/ Saudi ,ra+ia (4S,) magdy'1s*5ya*oo.om 4*aled . 6ouad Computer Siene ept. - Community College - 3ai/ niersity& 4ingdom o/ Saudi ,ra+ia (4S,) m/i25ya*oo.om 8asser Nada Computer Siene ept.& omputers and in/ormation systems& 3ai/ niersity 4ingdom o/ Saudi ,ra+ia (4S,) ynada5ya*oo.om
3*e purpose and t*e goal o/ t*e paper is using a semanti we+ and :; (t*e E<tensi+le arup ;anguage) te*nologies /or managing medial in/ormation during a diagnosti proess is studied. 6ollowing a steady international moe towards optimi0ation o/ *ealt* are deliery& t*e latest deelopment in in/ormation te*nology *as drawn t*e *ealt* are industry deision maers= attention. 3*e introdution o/ proper in/ormation te*nology innoations wit*in t*e *ealt* are proesses s*ould proide t*e neessary optimi0ation. In t*is manner an +e proposed an approa* to manage medial data during t*e w*ole diagnosti proess using t*e semanti >e+ and :; te*nologies. 3*e purpose o/ t*e Semanti >e+ is to +ring struture to t*e ontent o/ >e+ pages allowing so/tware agents to arry out intelligent tass /or t*e user. 3*is opens a new set o/ opportunities t*at an +e utili0ed to improe *ealt* are management on a personal and *ealt* are proider leel. 3*e aim o/ t*is paper in progress is to identi/y t*e needs and mat* t*em to t*e series possi+le wit* t*e Semanti >e+. In t*is paper& presented an ontology-+ased /ramewor t*at suess/ully om+ines +ot* Semanti >e+ and :; te*nologies to ena+le t*e integrated aess to +iologial data soures. 3*e main goal is t*e seamless integration and appliation o/ t*ese te*nologies in su* a way t*at t*eir de/iienies are oer ome and t*eir utility ma<imi0ed.
? @ealt* Care& Semanti >e+& #ntology& :;
3*e aim o/ t*e Semanti >e+ is to mae t*e >e+ as intelligent as possi+leA1B. y desri+ing relations*ips  +etween o+Dets and properties o/ o+Dets t*e >e+ is no longer seen as lins +etween we+ pages& +ut as one large data+ase wit* in/ormation. 3oget*er wit* irtual ommunities a patient an in /uture +e proided wit* an indiiduali0ed& easy to use& enompassing *ealt* are management program t*at adds alue to *is*er li/e. ,doption o/ :; and related Semanti >e+ te*nologies are a must /or intelligent agent system +eause o/ t*e /ollowing reasons A2B? F Standardi0ation o/ our system F >idespread e<*ange o/ data among di//erent systems F aing t*e system semanti to +ot* man and ma*ine F eelopment o/ true plat/orm independene 3oday& :; is inading t*e world o/ omputers and oupying most o/ its /ields. It is widely spreading oer t*e internet& networs& in/ormation systems& so/tware and operating systems& S& sear* tools& we+ deelopment and series& ommuniation protools and ot*er /ields. ,s a result& :; data are /loating wit*in and +etween di//erent appliations and systems all oer t*e internet and intranets. ue to t*e *uge amount o/ :; strutured data +eing irulated& ontrolling :; data +eomes imperatie /or arious purposes and aims A"B. 3*e system must +e semanti +y t*e usage o/ :; +ased inde<ing and :Guery +ased sear*ing A%B. So t*at it +eome soia+le to *uman and ma*ine. ,ll t*ese *arateristis will mae t*e system under intelligent ategory A2B. In almost all *uman atiities AB we an disern t*ree stages? o+seration& reasoning& and ation. 3*ese stages in *uman atiity play a role not only in daily li/e& +ut also in patient are& management& and resear*. ,lso in *ealt* are t*e same t*ree stages an +e seen in t*e so-alled diagnosti-t*erapeuti yle? 1) o+seration& 2) diagnosis& and ") t*erapy. 3*e semanti we+ turned out to +e ery appropriate /or t*e integration o/ in/ormation resoures +y semanti annotation o/ data. 6urt*ermore& t*e idea o/ semanti we+ allows automati& intelligent in/erring on nowledge& retrieed /rom t*ese in/ormation resoures. 3*e HSemanti >e+H an +e t*oug*t o/ an
Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems www.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2!" (#nline) $ol.%& No.1'& 2'1"
e<tension o/ t*e present we+& as an additional ma*ine-proessa+le layer o/ data +eneat* t*e isi+le layer o/ *uman-reada+le in/ormation. In t*e resear* will +e proided some e<amples and reiew t*e prospets o/ t*e Semanti >e+ /or t*e /ield o/ nowledge management and nowledge translation in onsumer *ealt* in/ormatis /or improing aess to in/ormation& and /or addressing uestions around t*e uality o/ *ealt* in/ormation on t*e we+. #ne o/ t*e maDor o+stales /or integration e//orts in +ioin/ormatis is t*at releant in/ormation is widely distri+uted& +ot* aross t*e internet and wit*in indiidual organi0ations. esides& it an +e /ound in a ariety o/ storage /ormats& inluding strutured and semi-strutured ones. iologial data /ormats ary ranging /rom /lat /iles to sop*istiated relational data+ases. eause o/ growt* o/ applia+ility and in/ormation inter*ange among t*e appliation ranges& :; standard *as +een *osen +y many appliations& /or its /le<i+ility and +eing industry standard. 3*e Semanti >e+ proides a ommon /ramewor t*at ena+les /or data integration& s*aring and reuse /rom multiple soures. Partiularly& t*e use o/ ontologies /or domain nowledge representation an *elp +ioin/ormatis in soling t*e *eterogeneity pro+lem. In semanti we+& nowledge is represented as grap*s& written down in :;-+ased language alled J6 (Jesoure esription 6ramewor). J6 is dealing wit* JIs (anot*er >"C standard /or naming resoures glo+ally uniue). ,daned use o/ semantially annotated data an only +e aomplis*ed +y using ontologies represented as J6S or #>; douments. J6 (Jesoure esription 6ramewor) and t*e >e+ #ntology ;anguage (#>;) are used to e<pliitly represent t*e meanings o/ t*e resoures desri+ed on t*e >e+ and *ow t*ey are related. 3*ese spei/iations& alled ontologies& desri+e t*e semantis o/ lasses and properties used in >e+ douments. :; Guery ;anguage or :Guery de/initions is nearing ompletion as t*e ne<t generation /untional language /or uerying :; douments +y t*e sinere standardi0ation +ody& :Guery >oring Kroup& w*i* is /ormed +y t*e industry leaders and resear*ers all oer t*e world. Integration o/ :Guery on :; douments results in  power/ul uery implementation w*i* is /ast and e//iient. oreoer& sine more and more wrapping series A!B are oming up wit* :; +ased iews on underlying diersi/ied soures wit* di//erent /ile /ormats& using :Guery on t*ose system /or sear*ing :; nodes will +e o/ great e//iieny. In t*is paper& we present an ontology-+ased /ramewor t*at suess/ully om+ines +ot* ,gent and Semanti >e+ Series te*nologies to ena+le t*e integrated aess to +iologial data souresA7B. 3*e main goal is t*e seamless integration and appliation o/ t*ese te*nologies in su* a way t*at t*eir de/iienies are oer ome and t*eir utility ma<imi0ed.
!elated wor"s
3ran and >ataru AB *ae e<trated *ealt* are in/ormation /rom we+ pages wit* spei/i soures dediated /or only *ealt*are in/ormation. 3*e /ollowing in/ormation w*i* is onsidered as semanti elements in we+ pages is e<trated using proposed Hsemanti elements e<trating algorit*mH?
Conepts? Named entities a+out eery parts o/ *uman +ody&
 Names o/ iseases? words or p*rase o/ disease names&
esriptions? any ind o/ words or p*rases t*at desri+e entities a+oe. 3*e word HdesriptionH now re/ers to any words t*at semantially relate to entities.
Pairs o/ Conept and esription? any om+ination o/ pair Conept and esription. 3*is is t*e trut*  +eause some onepts always go wit* only some desription. ,nd t*is pair maes a /ull meaning. 3*ey proposed HNew semanti elements learning algorit*mH t*at tries to /ind out new semanti elements /rom we+ pages and render a suggestion list w*i* is t*en used as a supported materials /or domain users to upgrade ontology. It was proposed AB an approa* to integrate :; soures and *andle ueries in t*e integrated system +y using a  +idiretional uery translation algorit*m. >e *oose to use t*e glo+al-as-iew (Ka$) approa* /or t*e integration o/ :; soures. 6or t*e sae o/ simpliity& used J6S to model t*e ontologies (instead o/ ,;L#I; or #>;). 3*is *oie limits t*e e<pressieness o/ t*e model& so t*at some a<ioms (e.g.& disDuntion o/ two onepts) annot +e used. 3*ey trans/orm t*e *eterogeneous :; soures into loal J6- +ased ontologies (de/ined using t*e J6S spae)& w*i* are t*en merged into t*e J6 glo+al ontology. 3*is trans/ormation proess enodes t*e mapping in/ormation +etween ea* onept in t*e loal J6 ontology and t*e pat* to t*e orresponding element in t*e :; soure. In A2B& an agent +ased intelligent seuene sear* engine is proposed& w*i* implemented :;& :S; M :Guery to /ailitate easy in/ormation e<*ange and seuene management A9B. Stardardised design met*odology suita+le /or intelligent agent systems was used /or designing t*e proposed system A1'B. Intelligent monitoring o/ t*e  +iologial data soures was implemented guarantying retrieal o/ seuene /rom t*e /astest data soure. 3o deal wit* minimal storage and /aster e<*ange o/ *uge seuene in/ormation a seuene ompression te*nology was used. @ong Su Ele and ot*ers A11B /ous on SG# spei/i to :; stream proessing. 3*e distinguis*ing
Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems www.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2!" (#nline) $ol.%& No.1'& 2'1"
/eature o/ pattern retrieal on :; streams is t*at it solely relies on t*e toen-+y-toen seuential traersal. 3*ere is no way to Dump to a ertain portion o/ t*e stream. @oweer an used s*ema onstraints to e<pedite su* traersal +y sipping omputations t*at do not ontri+ute to t*e /inal result. #ntology as a data model *as +een widely used in many /ields in omputer sienes. In in/ormation e<tration /ield ontology-+ased IE met*od is onsidered as an adaned te*niue ompared to traditional ones due to t*e *ig* a*ieement results. 3aing some e<isting IE system into onsiderations mu* /ous on two main /ators? semanti elements e<tration and ontology en*anement per/ormane. ,+out semanti e<tration& . ,+ulais* at el A12B introdued a met*od to e<trat relation +etween entities in  +iologial te<ts. 3*e doument is applied wit* part o/ spee* tagger to assign parts o/ spee* to di//erent wors and t*en to +e onerted to  +inary struture taing all words t*at is tagged er+s as a ey node. 3*e system an e<trat entities and relation  +etween t*em (El $ E2) +y reording all ourrenes o/ om+ination and mae a /u00y +iologial relations. 3*en e<trated relations are to +e used to en*ane t*e ontology. En*aned ontology inreases t*e e//etieness o/ in/ormation e<tration proess and also guides t*e user to pose ueries in a more /oused way. 3*e same met*od is introdued in A1"B +y ;.ey et al. t*ey propose a system t*at an e<trat impreise desriptions in wine domain. >ine *as olor& taste& /laor properties +ut sometime t*ere are some desriptie words along wit* properties to desri+e more a+out attri+utes su* as leel o/ taste& /laor. In order to e<trat impreise in/ormation& t*e system n tries to Series ,aila+le on 3*ree Current @ealt* Care >e+ Sites , s*ort oeriew /ollows o/ t*e series urrently aaila+le on t*ree *ealt* are sites wit* diergent ontent. www.@ealt*2%.om (Oune 2'') 3*e aim o/ t*e @ealt*2%.om site is to in/orm and eduate isitors on *ealt* related matters and *elp t*em to /ind *ealt* are serie proiders. It is a Sout* ,/rian site wit* a maDority stae *eld +y edia2% (a Naspers Kroup pu+lis*ing ompany). 6unding is mainly t*roug* online adertising +y medial serie and produt proiders& +ans& and retail maga0ines. 3*ey go to great lengt*s to ensure isitors t*at t*eir ontent is not determined +y ommerial interests. 3*e ontent o/ t*e site is ontinually updated +y a team o/ medial speialists and Dournalists. It oers a wide range o/ topis& namely& ommon medial onditions& diet& /itness& pregnany& parenting& se<& oral *ealt*& mind *ealt*& and /amily *ealt* /or men& woman& *ildren& teens& and pets. 3*e site o//ers narraties o/ personal e<perienes& resear* artiles& grap*is and ideos& /orums& as an e<pert (wit* oer %' e<perts)& ui00es& interatie *ealt* tools& ompetitions& and sureys. sers an su+sri+e to daily tips and a newsletter. 3*ere are also lins to medial aid s*emes& gyms& and ot*er medial series. 3*ey ollet in/ormation a+out a isitor to ena+le t*em to proide in/ormation regarding a produt& serie& or eent. 3*ey also allow t*e syndiation o/ ontent +y ot*er ompanies on t*eir own we+sites& newsletters and intranets. @ealt*2%.om laim to *ae oer *al/ a million isitors o/ w*i* nearly 7 are in t*e age group 2 to %9 and 7' are woman. Oust oer *al/ are parents. , user surey onduted in 2''! indiated t*at 77 o/ t*e @ealt*2%.om readers onsult t*e Internet +e/ore isiting a *ealt* pro/essional. www.C#OO#wors*ops.o.0a (Oune 2'') C#OO#wors*ops is a Sout* ,/rian site wit* a su+setion t*at targets spei/i *ealt* pro+lems. It o//ers in/ormation& eduation& and support in t*e /orm o/ online and mo+ile wors*ops. 3*e online series are integrated wit* ot*er related series& espeially /rom C#OO#*ealt*.o.0a and C#OO#aware.o.0a. In t*e wors*ops t*e uniueness o/ ea* partiipant is reogni0ed in terms o/ personality& ulture& and irumstanes in li/e and& t*ere/ore& t*e pro+lems t*at t*ey *ae. 3*e alue /or partiipants lies in aurate and timely in/ormation s*aring& teamwor& /ailitation& and oa*ing in groups t*at inludes t*e patient& /amilyaregiers& pro/essional *ealt* are proiders& *ealt* serie proiders& medial s*emes& manu/aturers& and employers. #rganisations&  p*armaies& linis& *ospitals& or medial praties an reuest t*e deelopment o/ new wors*ops wit* /oused ontent /or a serie& setting or loal ommunity. 3ypial wors*ops are Q;iing wit* *roni @ealt* Pro+lemsR& Quilding your @ealt* Care 3eamR& and Qanaging @ealt* Care CostsR. 3*e related site C#OO#*ealt* *as a oa*ing serie t*at allows t*e user to as& ia e-mail& telep*one or ot*er means& medially related uestions t*at are +ased on t*e in/ormation proided. 6ull su+sri+ers *ae aess to a seure patient and *ealt*are team portal. 3*e ontent is aggregated /rom arious soures and inludes a daily news serie. In dept* in/ormation /ouses on dia+etes& weig*t management& diet& e<erise& mediation& smoing essation& and ompliations. 3*eir target audiene is re/errals /rom *ealt* are pratitioners& serie proiders& employers& strategi partners*ips& loal assoiations& adertising& and *ealt* are ampaigns. ,dertising is ustomised ontent related. islosure o/ in/ormation is only to su+sidiaries and assoiated ompanies& or to entities& to improe t*e serie. ,ggregated in/ormation an +e made aaila+le. www.google.om*ealt* (Oune 2'') Koogle*ealt* is a reent site t*at adds anot*er dimension to personal *ealt* are. ,/ter signing up /or /ree& it

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