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Vampire Heart

Vampire Heart



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Published by teamjacobe
I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad
I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad

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Published by: teamjacobe on Aug 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vampire Heart.
DC: I don't own itSummary: AU. The vampires have taken over and the humans are their slaves. After the murder of their fatherand the rape of their mother, Bella and Alice are taken to the Center where they are to be sold to the highestbidder. On a lazy afternoon Edward comes in with Jasper and Emmett to get his first human. He is intriguedby the mental silence and rebellious attitude of Bella and decides to take her home so that he can figure herout, not fully understand what that will lead to, as he begins to slowly fall more and more in love with the girlwho has sworn to hate him and his kind forever. ExB JxAFor those who read Collide, the rules about the vampires are the same. They are born, not made and from theage of infancy to about twenty they sleep but it decreases as the years go by from constantly as an infant toabout an hour or two every couple of weeks. Same for very old vampires only in reverse order. The more avampire sleeps as an adult, the closer they are to finally dying.WARNINGS: STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT INCLUDING RAPE VIOLENCE ANDLANGUAGEChapter 1,Bella knew that she was lucky. To have two parents who loved her was more than anyone like her could ask for and yet she knew she was doubly blessed to still have her freedom. She looked up at the ceiling and knewthat even though she couldn't see the stars, she was truly blessed. Her best friend and sister laid next to her.Alice wasn't always her sister, but when they found her with no memory of who she was or where she camefrom, her soft hearted parents took her with them. Every night the two girls would go to sleep in the samesmall bed with their hands clasped tight. In the bed just a few feet away, her parents slept. Renee laid in herhusband's protective arms and each night they thanked whatever god was watching over them, that they hadeach other.Bella was human. That was how she couldn't hate the lumpy pile of straw that was hardly a bed, or the thinsoups and stale bread she ate when she could. When her parents wished for a better life for her and Alice andapologized for failing, Bella reminded them that they had their freedom. They weren't property of thebloodsuckers. On the cold nights of winter, when their underground home was cooler, they would huddletogether, a small family but a happy one.Nobody appreciated the freedom they had more than Renee and Charlie. When Alice and Bella had beenyounger their parents showed them their marks. Burns in their skin showing their status as a piece of property.When she was thirteen, Renee had been selected by an elderly vampire and taken to live as a pet. The oldwoman who bought her wasn't the terrible one. It was her son. A vile and disgusting vampire who would rapeand beat her on a daily basis. She had scars on her body from where he dug his nails into her skin and brokenbones that hadn't healed properly, giving her arms some lumps. But the worst of the physical damage was inher eyes. At one time Renee had the same dark eyes her daughter had, deep and full of curiosity and hope.Now they were dead and held more pain that Bella could even imagine.Her father wasn't much better. Blind in his right eye from a vampire's rage and scared from tortures. His eyeheld the same sadness and pain. There was no other one. A long red scar covered his left eye and it had beensewn shut when his vampire owner had grown tired of seeing the empty socket. They had been lucky toescape. Renee was smart and quick and stole away into the night when her owner was sleeping and hertormentor was out with his friends. Charlie escaped during a brawl between his owner and a friend. When hemet Renee she took his breath away with her beauty. She looked upon him and he felt ashamed of hisdisfigured face. She loved him from the moment she saw him. Bella would notice to this day that when shelooked at him, his heart would flutter and his breath would catch. He was the most handsome man in the world
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Vampire Heart.
in her eyes.---They came without warning. Bella opened her eyes and was looking into hungry red ones. "Hello little girl,"the vampire purred, stroking her cheek.Bella screamed and realized that he wasn't the only one. She and Alice were pulled to their feet and throwninto a pair of icy stone arms."MOM! DAD!" Alice screamed. The vampires had already descended upon their parents."Looks like some fugitives," one, a blonde vampire with black eyes said to his friends. "Look, someone got hiseye."Charlie kicked the vampire and in his surprise he dropped him. The kick was useless. The vampire recoveredinstantly and grabbed him. Bella and Alice looked in horror as their father tried to get to them but was stoppedwhen the blond vampire sank his teeth into his neck."I needed a good snack," he growled, throwing Charlie aside as if he was nothing. There wasn't a drop of blood left in him. Scarlet was already beginning to fill the vampire's eyes."Look at this one," his friend, a man with rust colored hair said with quite a bit of humor in his voice."NO! LEAVE US ALONE!" Renee screamed.Bella winced as she heard the sound of ripping fabric. "Which one will it be mother dear?" the red head asked."You or one of your lovely succulent daughters?""PLEASE NO! LEAVE MY GIRLS!""As you wish," the vampire purred. Alice turned her head away and tried not to cry. The vampire holding hergrabbed her head and forced her to watch."Don't worry pixie," the third vampire purred, "he'll give you your turn next."Bella watched as the fourth vampire held her head. Renee wouldn't look towards them. They watched as thevampire roughly had his way, clawing her naked breasts and biting her, tasting her blood. "Your are almost asdelicious as you feel," he growled in a husky voice that sent shivers down Bella's spine."This one smells the sweetest," the fourth vampire said, Bella felt the tip of his cold nose on her neck as heinhaled her scent. "Never been used," he purred, "her blood is perfectly clean.""Virgins huh?" the vampire holding Alice laughed. He tossed some of his sandy hair from his eyes. "Guesswe'll just have to leave them. They'll pay a high price for untouched girls, especially ones that smell thisdelicious."Bella snapped. She snapped her head back into the vampire's neck and kicked back into his groin."LET HER GO!" She screamed at the red head. She threw herself onto his back and tugged on him. It didabsolutely no good and he didn't even break his violent thrusts to throw Bella to his blonde friend.
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Vampire Heart.
"You're a little pistol aren't you?" the blonde teased. He licked her neck. "Even her skin has a good flavor."She swung around and the vampire caught her hand. He smelled her wrist and licked her skin. "A pretty thinglike you will fetch a high price. Shame, we'll just have to share your mother. We can't give up the money youtwo virgins will bring.""YOU WONT' GET ANYTHING!" Bella screamed, "WE'RE NOT YOUR PROPERTY!""Damn she's feisty," the vampire that had been holding her before said. Bella looked at him with fierce eyes.He smirked and ran a hand through his pitch black hair. "I'll bet you've never been touched by anyone.""Don't damage her," the blonde warned, "you'll ruin her value.""I won't damage her," the dark haired one purred. He touched Bella's throat and she jerked away from his icytouch. "I just want to see."Bella jerked again as his cold tongue ran along the vein in her neck. He grabbed the front of her tattered shirtand ripped it a little. Bella squirmed as his icy hand touched her breast. She felt the sick disgusted feelingsrush through her body. "Soft, and supple. How such a lovely creature can come from two ugly bloodbags isbeyond me.""Let me have my turn."Bella didn't know who said the words but she assumed it was the vampire holding Alice. There was a brief struggle and a slap and Alice fell back with blood on her lips. Bella looked over, horrified, as the red headleaned down and licked the blood from her lips. "She isn't theirs, her blood doesn't taste the same. Adoptedprobably.""Whatever works," the blonde said, not caring either way. Bella saw that the red head wasn't satisfied with histurn with her mother. He grabbed Alice by the hair."Now be a good girl and open wide.""DONT'!" Bella yelled."Can one of you please shut that stupid bitch up? She's getting on my nerves, and you down there, get to it. If I'm not satisfied and pleasured than my sense of mercy tends to slip."Alice looked away and bit her lip. What choice did she have? He made up her mind by thrusting hard into hermouth anyway. Bella heard her sister gag and choke and the vampire laughed. "I guess you're too big for her,eh?""I guess so. I fit just fine in her mother, loose slut."Bella made to fight again but the dark haired vampire held her jaw tight. "Now listen to me and listen well," hemurmured, "if you want your mother to live you will behave yourself like a good little pet, and if you don'tquiet down, well, we can always find something to occupy that little mouth of yours.""You disgusting pig," Bella spat. The vampire laughed and dragged Bella to his friend and Renee.
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