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Discover How Your Body Can Heal Itself!

Discover How Your Body Can Heal Itself!



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Published by Bill Young
Discover the truth about your body's incredible ability to heal itself of all diseases, naturally!
Discover the truth about your body's incredible ability to heal itself of all diseases, naturally!

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Published by: Bill Young on Aug 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discover How Your Body Can Heal Itself!
 A Special Report 
 By Bill Young, Natural Therapy CoachCopyright Bill Young 2009 All rights reserved
Are you suffering from health problems? A chronic disease; diabetes,heart trouble, irritable bowl syndrome, asthma, cancer, arthritis orperhaps a nervous disorder?Science now recognizes that these and most other diseases of thebody are caused either by too much acid in your blood or by notenough anti oxidants in your body.
 Your Blood’s Ph is a critical measurement
When you are born, your blood’s Ph was set at the perfect 7.365setting. Your Ph number is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your blood iswith lower numbers indicating acidity and higher numbers indicatingalkalinity.Like your body temperature, the Ph range is critical for life to continue.If your Ph is allowed to stray as little as a couple of points either way,you will die!As your Ph veers from the neutral value of 7.365 toward death, diseasemicrobes multiply, adding more acidity to your bloodstream andcausing various illnesses. Your cardiovascular and nervous systems malfunction, giving rise toheart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Your immune system weakens oreven malfunctions, making you an easy prey for more disease.If the acidity is not reversed, you will die from one or more of thesediseases.
Anti Oxidants
Anti oxidants are chemicals that offer crucial protection from so calledfree radicals. Free radicals are dangerous atoms. They are what killsyou when you are exposed to high doses of atomic radiation!However, absent exposure to atomic radiation; the free radicals mostof us are exposed to take a lot longer to destroy us, but that is what anover abundance of these dangerous atoms will do; kill you, if theyexceed the body’s natural capacity to neutralize them.
Free radicals are the natural product of energy production in your bodyand are produced whenever you breathe or convert sugar to energy inyour body’s cells.
 Your Body is Naturally Disease Free!
As mentioned, you begin life with a perfect Ph and the ability to createand store anti oxidants, enough to neutralize the expected normalproduction of free radicals by a healthy body. There is no disease or malfunctioning of systems in your body at thistime, except if you have some type of congenital problem.Disease producing microbes, parasites, viruses etc. cannot live in abody with a perfect Ph, just as mosquitoes cannot live in clean water.In fact, in 1933, Dr Otto Warburg was given the Nobel Prize fordiscovering that cancer cells could not live in an alkaline environment,only in an acidic one.
The Standard American Diet (SAD)
Living in the modern world, eating the Standard American Diet,breathing polluted air, stressed out by emotional and physical stress,our Ph becomes more acid and our anti oxidants become depleted. The Standard American Diet consists mainly of acid producing foods,such as meats, fats, sugars, fried or processed foods.Most of us eat way more of these foods than we should, contributing toan unhealthy weight gain which is in itself a precursor of manydiseases, especially diabetes which has reached epidemic proportions. The air we breath is full of various acid producing pollutants includingfree radicals. Your body is naturally equipped to fight both of these unhealthy,disease producing factors.Excess acidity is excreted through the lungs in the air we exhale, thekidneys by passing urine, and by the skin by sweating.
The Body Will Stop At Nothing to Get Rid of Acid!

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