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New York LNG Comments

New York LNG Comments

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Comments made to the New York DEC regarding their proposed LNG regulations
Comments made to the New York DEC regarding their proposed LNG regulations

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: James "Chip" Northrup on Nov 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 30, 2013Mr. Russ Brauksieck  New York State Department of n!ironmenta" #onser!ationDi!ision of n!ironmenta" Reme$iation%2& Broa$wa'("ban', New York, 12233R) #omments on *ropose$ Re+u"ations for N- aci"ities, NY#RR *art &/0Dear Mr. Brauksieck)Otse+o 2000, nc. is a pri!ate, nonprofit or+aniation "ocate$ in #ooperstown, New York. e were foun$e$ 32 'ears a+o to protect an$ preser!e t4e si+nificant 4istoric an$ en!ironmenta" resources of t4e re+ion an$ t4e Otse+o ake waters4e$, t4e 4ea$waters of t4e Sus5ue4anna Ri!er. nsufficient"' re+u"ate$ in$ustria"iation t4reatens our "oca" econom', w4ic4 is base$ on a+ricu"ture, 4istoric tourism an$ recreationa" "an$ uses. t a"so t4reatens t4e source of $rinkin+ water to 4un$re$s of t4ousan$s of "oca" resi$ents an$ !isitors, as we"" as mi""ions of peop"e w4o re"' on t4e Sus5ue4anna Ri!er for $rinkin+ water. 6o protect t4ese irrep"aceab"e resources, we are "ea$ers of a "ar+e an$ +rowin+ coa"ition to resist t4e $e!astatin+ impacts of 4'$rau"ic fracturin+ an$ its associate$ infrastructure. e are, t4erefore, concerne$ about t4e scope an$ content of t4e propose$ Re+u"ations for i5uefie$ Natura" -as 78N-89 aci"ities, NY#RR *art &/0 74ereinafter t4e 8Re+u"ations89. (s 'ou know, fo""owin+ a $e!astatin+ e:p"osion at a t4en 8stateoft4eart8 N- faci"it' on Staten s"an$ in 1;/3 t4at ki""e$ <0 peop"e, t4e New York State "e+is"ature impose$ a moratorium on new N- faci"ities in New York State unti" compre4ensi!e re+u"ations pro!i$in+ for pub"ic safet' cou"$ be imp"emente$. 7n!ironmenta" #onser!ation aw =8#8> (rtic"e 23, 6it"e 1/ =t4e ?N- Statute8>.9 t 4as taken t4e D# near"' <0 'ears to take up t4is c4a""en+e. e are frank"' surprise$ b' t4e incomp"ete an$ superficia" nature of t4e propose$ Re+u"ations in "i+4t of t4e tra+ic 4istor' of N- in New York State an$ t4e e:press fin$in+s of t4e "e+is"ature concernin+ t4e $an+ers an$ nee$ for re+u"ation of N- faci"ities.64e $raft Re+u"ations are interna""' inconsistent, facia""' incomp"ete an$ $o not contain sufficient re+u"ator' action so as to meet t4e "e+is"ature@s $irecti!es t4at N- 8faci"ities not be site$ in resi$entia" areas or in $an+erous pro:imit' to conti+uous popu"ations.8 7N- Statute, # 23 1/03.9 Rat4er t4an presentin+ a robust set of ru"es specifica""' a$$ressin+ protection of  New York citiens as re5uire$ b' # 6it"e 1/, t4e propose$ Re+u"ations mere"' a$opt b' reference t4e 2013 $ition of t4e Nationa" ire *rotection (ssociation #o$e &;( 7t4e 8N*( co$e8.9 64e N*( co$e is not e!en set fort4 in t4e Re+u"ations an$ is not, t4erefore, rea$i"' accessib"e to t4e pub"ic, makin+ it $ifficu"t for t4e pub"ic an$ "oca" +o!ernments to un$erstan$ t4e pro!isions of t4e Re+u"ations. urt4er, N*( #o$e &;( itse"f refers to 'et ot4er stan$ar$s an$ co$es t4at are a"so not set fort4 an$ are a"so not rea$i"' accessib"e to t4e pub"ic. 64us t4e
Re+u"ations fai" to pro!i$e an' a$$e$ !a"ue, an$ are in $irect conf"ict wit4 t4e e:press "e+is"ati!e $irecti!es of t4e N- Statute, as $iscusse$ more fu""' be"ow. e a"so note wit4 concern t4at t4e 2011 i5uefie$ Natura" -as *romu"+ation Support Stu$' 74ereinafter t4e ?A Stu$'9, incorporate$ b' reference in t4e Re+u"ator' mpact Statement,  p.1&, prepare$ for NYSRD( an$ reference$ b' D# as a 8NYSRD( report,8 was actua""' written b' :pansion ner+' #, a pri!ate corporation wit4 a !este$ interest in t4e wi$esprea$ e:pansion of N-. 7nterestin+"', t4e preamb"e to t4is $ocument w4ic4 D# now attributes to  NYSRD( actua""' e:press"' states t4at it $oes 8not ref"ect8 t4e opinions of NYSRD(.9 n an' e!ent, it 4as now become apparent t4at A, in preparin+ t4e stu$' re"ie$ upon b' D#, 4a$ a c"ear conf"ict of interest. ( No!ember 2%, 2012 8nsi$e ner+'8 marketin+ report foun$ at www.p"atts.com $etai"s t4at A is in t4e business of "icensin+ e5uipment for profit re"ate$ to t4e e:pansion of frackin+ an$ re"ate$ infrastructure inc"u$in+ specifica""' e:pansion of N- faci"ities. A@s business $irect"' concerns profitin+ from increase$ re"iance on N- faci"ities t4at are t4e !er' subCect of t4e Re+u"ations. 64us, D#@s re"iance on A to prepare t4e supportin+  promu"+ation stu$' is c"ear"' improper.owe!er, e!en t4e tainte$ A stu$', w4ic4 c"ear"' "acks impartia"it', acknow"e$+es t4at t4e  purpose of t4e Re+u"ations must be to ?protect t4e pub"ic 4ea"t4, safet' an$ we"fare, t4e "an$s, waters, air an$ en!ironment of New York State. 7A Stu$', p. 1.9 64e Department@s mere citation of an e:istin+ fire co$e cannot possib"' substitute for effecti!e, enforceab"e re+u"ations, necessar' to fu"fi"" D#@s statutor' ob"i+ation of protectin+ t4e en!ironment an$ peop"e of New York. e submit t4e fo""owin+ comments for 'our consi$eration, prepare$ wit4 t4e assistance of our coa"ition members.
64e Re+u"ations are mis"ea$in+ as to t4eir inten$e$ scope. n !arious communications, t4e D# states t4at t4e 8primar'8 t'pe of faci"it' t4e D# e:pects wi"" be permitte$ un$er t4e Re+u"ations are N- refue"in+ stations for trucks an$ ot4er !e4ic"es con!erte$ to natura" +as. 7See e.+. September 2%, 2013 *ress Re"ease referrin+ to truck refue"in+ stationsE Re+u"ator' mpact Statement, p./.9 owe!er, t4e Re+u"ations re!ea" a !er' $ifferent intent. 64e Re+u"ations in fact app"' to construction of a"" t'pes of N- faci"ities, inc"u$in+ contro!ersia" N- importFe:port termina"s "ar+e"' re+u"ate$ b' t4e R#, tanks for t4e stora+e of N- pro$uce$ at natura" +as we""s an$ on +as fie"$s, stora+e p"ants inten$e$ to supp"ement e"ectrica" power +eneration $urin+ peak "oa$s known as 8peaks4a!in+8 faci"ities, an$ 8on pipe"ine8 N- faci"ities $rawin+ natura" +as $irect"' from +as pipe"ines. 7Re+u"ator' mpact Statement, pp.1213E see a"so t4e A Stu$', cite$ abo!e, at pp. << an$ </.9 64e Re+u"ations a"so contemp"ate bot4 "i5uefaction of natura" +as as part of t4e stora+e of N- an$ con!ersion of N- back into +as. 7See e.+. Re+u"ations, Sec. &/0.1.9 64e D# estimates, apparent"' base$ on t4e A Stu$', t4at between 10 an$ 2& N- faci"ities of !arious purposes an$ sies wi"" be  permitte$ in New York State o!er t4e ne:t & 'ears a"one 7Re+u"ator' mpact Statement, pp. 12
13E A Stu$', pp. <&<%.9 64e Re+u"ations, 4owe!er, are entire"' insufficient to support a pro+ram of t4is sca"e. ac4  propose$ t'pe of N- faci"it' s4ou"$ be separate"' re+u"ate$ an$ its safet' risks separate"' re+u"ate$. t is not appropriate to propose Re+u"ations concernin+ sma"" N- refue"in+ stations an$ $eem t4em a$e5uate for entire"' $ifferent faci"ities suc4 as peak s4a!in+ p"ants or "ar+e importFe:port termina"s. it4er t4e scope of t4e re+u"ate$ faci"ities must be si+nificant"' curtai"e$ or new, compre4ensi!e re+u"ations $ea"in+ wit4 eac4 of t4e propose$ t'pes of N- faci"ities contemp"ate$ must be $e!e"ope$. t is not rationa" to assume t4at eac4 of t4ese comp"e: faci"ities can be re+u"ate$ pursuant to one, incomp"ete set of Re+u"ations.
t is not $ispute$ t4at N- is a $an+erous materia", capab"e of pro$ucin+ "ar+e f"ammab"e !apor c"ou$s an$ e:p"osions. 64e "e+is"ature 4as a"rea$' so foun$. 7N- Statute, # 23, 6it"e 1/.9 n a$optin+ t4e N- Statute, t4e "e+is"ature repeate$"' $irecte$ ?stora+e, transportation an$ con!ersion =of N-> to be carrie$ out ot4er t4an in resi$entia" areas or in $an+erous pro:imit' to conti+uous popu"ations. 7# 231/03.9 64e N- Statute a"so pro!i$e$ t4at ?t is t4e purpose of t4e "e+is"ature, subCect to t4e pro!isions of t4is act, t4at "i5uefie$ natura" or petro"eum +as faci"ities not be site$ in resi$entia" areas or in $an+erous pro:imit' to conti+uous popu"ations. 7$.9 urt4er t4at ?64e Department s4a""
deny a pe!"#
 if resi$entia" areas an$ conti+uous  popu"ations wi"" be en$an+ere$. 7# 231/11739E emp4asis a$$e$.9 64e D# acknow"e$+es t4at an important purpose of t4e Re+u"ations is to estab"is4 criteria for t4e sitin+ of N- faci"ities an$ specifica""' to protect t4e pub"ic from serious potentia" 4aar$s inc"u$in+ t4e risk to pub"ic safet' from its stora+e, transportation, an$ con!ersion as re5uire$ b' t4e N- Statute. 7Re+u"ator' mpact Statement, pp.<%.9 owe!er, t4e propose$ Re+u"ations "ack sitin+ criteria as re5uire$ b' t4e N- Statute. nstea$ of $e!e"opin+ suc4 criteria, t4e D# mere"' references t4e 2013 N*( co$e t4at su++ests options for N- faci"it' sitin+ base$ on app"icant assessments of t4e e:p"osi!e an$ contamination risks. See e.+. N*( #o$e &;(, #4apter 1&, w4ic4 pro!i$es t4at t4e app"icants must prepare) 8( spectrum of N- an$ ot4er 4aar$ous materia" re"ease scenarios from transfer pipin+, stora+e tank7s9, !aporier7s9 an$ ot4er !u"nerab"e e5uipment in t4e p"ant s4a"" be $e!e"ope$ t4rou+4 t4e use of process 4aar$ ana"'ses.... =c>re$ib"e "ar+ere"ease scenarios t4at ma' pose risks outsi$e t4e propert' "ine s4a"" a"so be inc"u$e$ a"on+ wit4 t4eir occurrence probabi"ities.8 7&;( N*( #o$e, 2013 $., #4apter 1&.&.1.9 Si+nificant"', t4e N*( co$e reference$ b' D# $oes not specifica""' pro4ibit t4e sitin+ of N- faci"ities in resi$entia" areas as (rtic"e 23, 6it"e 1/ re5uires. urt4er, neit4er t4e Re+u"ations nor N*( &;( $efine ?resi$entia" area, ?$an+erous pro:imit' or ?conti+uous  popu"ation. n$ee$, Section 1&.2.1 of N*( &;( a""ows sitin+ of N- faci"ities so "on+ as t4e' ?$o not pose
 risks to t4e surroun$in+ popu"ations, insta""ations, or propert' an$ Section 1&.2.2 of t4e co$e pro!i$es ?64e re5uirements of t4is c4apter s4a"" be use$ to assess t4e "e!e" of risks to surroun$in+ popu"ation to ensure t4at t4e in$i!i$ua" risk an$ t4e societa" risk $o not e:cee$
 "e!e"s in accor$ance wit4 Section 1&.;. 7mp4asis a$$e$.9

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