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Published by Dr. Heath Motley

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Published by: Dr. Heath Motley on Nov 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Introduction to the Contradictions Beteen Medica! Science and I""uni#ation Po!ic$
A!an Phi!!i%s& Director Citi#ens 'or Hea!thcare (reedo"Last )e*ision: Ma$ +,,-
INT)OD.CTION/hen "$ son as set to 0e1in his routine *accination series at a1e + "onths& I didn2t 3no there ere an$ ris3s associated ith i""uni#ations4 But the c!inic5s '!$er contained a contradiction: "$ chi!d2s chances o' a serious ad*erse reaction to the DPT *accine ere one in -67,& hi!e his chances o' d$in1 'ro" %ertussis ere one in se*era! "i!!ion4 /hen I %ointed this out to the %h$sician& he an1ri!$ disa1reed& and stor"ed out o' the roo" "u"0!in1& 8I 1uess I shou!d read that 9'!$erso"eti"e444; Soon therea'ter I !earned o' a chi!d ho had 0een  %er"anent!$ disa0!ed 0$ a *accine& so I decided to in*esti1ate 'or "$se!'4 M$ 'indin1s ha*e so a!ar"ed "e that I 'ee! co"%e!!ed to share the"< hence& this re%ort4Hea!th authorities credit *accines 'or disease dec!ines& and assure us o' their sa'et$ and e''ecti*eness4 Yet these assu"%tions are direct!$ contradicted 0$ 1o*ern"ent statistics& %u0!ished "edica! studies& (ood and Dru1 Ad"inistration =(DA> and Centers 'or Disease Contro! =CDC> re%orts& and the o%inions o' credi0!e research scientists 'ro" around the or!d4 In 'act& in'ectious diseases dec!ined steadi!$ 'or decades %rior to "ass i""uni#ations& doctors in the .4S4 re%ort thousands o' serious *accine reactions each $ear inc!udin1 hundreds o' deaths and %er"anent disa0i!ities& 'u!!$ *accinated %o%u!ations ha*e e?%erienced e%ide"ics& and researchers attri0ute do#ens o' chronic i""uno!o1ica! and neuro!o1ica! diseases that ha*e risen dra"atica!!$ in recent decades to "ass i""uni#ation ca"%ai1ns4Decades o' studies %u0!ished in the or!d2s !eadin1 "edica! @ourna!s ha*e docu"ented *accine 'ai!ure and serious ad*erse *accine e*ents& inc!udin1 death4 Do#ens o' 0oo3s ritten 0$ doctors& researchers& and inde%endent in*esti1ators re*ea! serious '!as in i""uni#ation theor$ and %ractice4 Yet& incredi0!$& "ost %ediatricians and  %arents are unaare o' these 'indin1s4 This has 0e1un to chan1e in recent $ears& hoe*er& as a 1roin1 nu"0er o'  %arents and hea!thcare %ro*iders around the or!d are 0eco"in1 aare o' the  %ro0!e"s and uestionin1 "ass "andator$ i""uni#ation4
There is a  growing international movement away  from mass mandatory immunization.
This re%ort introduces so"e o' the in'or"ation that %ro*ides the 0asis 'or the "o*e"ent4M$ %oint is not to te!! an$one hether or not to *accinate& 0ut rather& ith the ut"ost ur1enc$& to %oint out so"e *er$ 1ood reasons h$ e*er$one shou!d e?a"ine the 'acts 0e'ore decidin1 hether or not to su0"it to the  %rocedure4 As a ne %arent& I as shoc3ed to disco*er the a0sence o' a
!e1a! "andate or %ro'essiona! ethic reuirin1 %ediatricians to 0e 'u!!$ in'or"ed o' the ris3s o' *accination& !et a!one to in'or" %arents that their chi!dren ris3 death or %er"anent disa0i!it$ u%on 0ein1 *accinated4 I as eua!!$ dis"a$ed to see 'irsthand the  %re*a!ence o' %h$sicians ho are& i' ith the 0est o' intentions& a%%!$in1 %ractices  0ased on inco"%!eteand in so"e cases& outri1ht "isin'or"ation4This re%ort is on!$ a 0rie' introduction< $our on 'urther in*esti1ation is arranted and stron1!$ reco""ended4 You "a$ disco*er that this is the on!$ a$ to 1et an o0@ecti*e *ie& as the contro*ers$ is a hi1h!$ e"otiona! one4 A ord o' caution: Man$ ha*e 'ound %ediatricians uni!!in1 or una0!e to discuss this su0@ect ca!"!$ ith an o%en "ind4 Perha%s this is 0ecause the$ ha*e sta3ed their %ersona! identities and  %ro'essiona! re%utations on the %resu"ed sa'et$ and e''ecti*eness o' *accines& and  0ecause the$ are reuired 0$ their  %ro'ession to %ro"ote *accination4 But in an$ e*ent& anecdota! re%orts su11est that "ost doctors ha*e 1reat di''icu!t$ ac3no!ed1in1 e*idence o' %ro0!e"s ith *accines4 The 'irst %ediatrician I atte"%ted to share "$ 'indin1s ith $e!!ed an1ri!$ at "e hen I ca!"!$  0rou1ht u% the su0@ect4 The "isconce%tions ha*e *er$ dee% roots4VACCINATION MYTH -:8Vaccines are sa'e444;444or are the$The (edera! 1o*ern"ent VAE)S =Vaccine Ad*erse E*ents )e%ortin1 S$ste"> as esta0!ished 0$ Con1ress under the Nationa! Chi!dhood Vaccine In@ur$ Co"%ensation Act o' -F4 It recei*es a0out --&,,, re%orts o' serious ad*erse reactions to *accinations annua!!$& hich inc!ude as "an$ as one to to hundred deaths& and se*era! ti"es that nu"0er o' %er"anent disa0i!ities4
VAE)S o''icia!s re%ort that -7o' ad*erse e*ents are 8serious; =e"er1enc$ roo" tri%& hos%ita!i#ation& !i'ethreatenin1 e%isode& %er"anent disa0i!it$& death>4 Inde%endent ana!$sis o' VAE)S re%orts has re*ea!ed that u% to 7, o' re%orted ad*erse e*ents 'or the He%atitis B *accine are 8serious4;
 /hi!e these 'i1ures are a!ar"in1& the$ are on!$ the ti% o' the ice0er14 The (DA esti"ates that as 'e as - o' serious ad*erse reactions to *accines are re%orted&
 and the CDC ad"its that on!$ a0out -,o' such e*ents are re%orted4
 In 'act& Con1ress has heard testi"on$ that "edica! students are to!d not to re%ort sus%ected ad*erse e*ents4
 The Nationa! Vaccine In'or"ation Center =NVIC& a 1rassroots or1ani#ation 'ounded 0$ %arents o' *accinein@ured and 3i!!ed chi!dren> has conducted its on in*esti1ations4
 It re%orted: 8In Ne Yor3& on!$ one out o' K, doctor5s o''ices con'ir"ed that the$ re%ort a death or in@ur$ 'o!!oin1 *accination4; In other ords& F647 o' *accine re!ated deaths and disa0i!ities 1o unre%orted there4 I"%!ications a0out "edica! ethics aside ='edera! !a directs doctors to re%ort serious ad*erse e*ents
>& these 'indin1s su11est that *accine deaths and serious in@uries actua!!$ occurrin1 "a$ 0e 'ro" -, to -,, ti"es 1reater than the nu"0er re%orted4+
/ith %ertussis =o'ten re'erred to as 8hoo%in1 cou1h;>& the nu"0er o' *accinere!ated deaths dar's the nu"0er o' disease deaths& hich ha*e  0een a0out -, annua!!$ 'or "an$ $ears accordin1 to the CDC& and on!$  in -FFJ& one o' the !ast %ea3incidence $ears =%ertussis runs in JK $ear c$c!es< no none 3nos h$& 0ut *accination rates ha*e no such c$c!es>4 /hen $ou 'actor in underre%ortin1& the *accine "a$ 0e -,, ti"es "ore dead!$ than the disease4 So"e ar1ue that this is a necessar$ cost to %re*ent the return o' a disease that ou!d 0e "ore dead!$ than the *accine4 But hen $ou consider the 'act that the *ast "a@orit$ o' disease dec!ine this centur$ %receded the ides%read use o' *accinations =%ertussis "orta!it$ dec!ined 6F %rior to *accines>& and the 'act that rates o' disease dec!ines re"ained *irtua!!$ unchan1ed 'o!!oin1 the introduction o' "ass i""uni#ation& %resent da$ *accine casua!ties cannot reasona0!$ 0e e?%!ained aa$ as a necessar$ sacri'ice 'or the 0ene'it o' a disease'ree societ$4.n'ortunate!$& the *accinere!ateddeaths stor$ doesn2t end here4 Studies internationa!!$ ha*e shon *accination to 0e a cause o' SIDS
=SIDS& Sudden In'ant Death S$ndro"e& is a 8catcha!!; dia1nosis 1i*en hen the s%eci'ic cause o' death is un3non< esti"ates ran1e 'ro" 7&,,, to -,&,,, cases each $ear in the .S>4 One stud$ 'ound the %ea3 incidence o' SIDS occurred at the a1es o' + and K "onths in the .4S4& %recise!$ hen the 'irst to routine i""uni#ations are 1i*en&
 hi!e another 'ound a c!ear %attern o' corre!ation e?tendin1 three ee3s a'ter i""uni#ation4 Another stud$ 'ound that J&,,, chi!dren die ithin K da$s o' *accination each $ear in the .4S4 =a"a#in1!$& the authors re%orted no SIDS*accine re!ationshi%>& hi!e $et another researcher2s studies !ed to the conc!usion that at !east ha!' o' SIDS cases are caused 0$ *accines4
Initia! studies su11estin1 a causa! re!ationshi% 0eteen SIDS and *accines ere uic3!$ 'o!!oed 0$ *accine"anu'acturers%onsored studies conc!udin1 that there is no re!ationshi%  0eteen SIDS and *accines< one such stud$ c!ai"ed that there as a s!i1ht!$ !oer incidence o' SIDS in *accinees4 Hoe*er& "an$ o' these studies ere ca!!ed into uestion 0$ $et another stud$ that 'ound 8con'oundin1; had erroneous!$ s3eed the resu!ts o' these studies in 'a*or o' the *accine4
 At 0est& there is con'!ictin1 e*idence4 But shou!dn5t e err on the side o' caution Shou!dn5t an$ credi0!e corre!ation  0eteen *accines and in'ant deaths 0e  @ust cause 'or "eticu!ous& ides%read "onitorin1 o' the *accination status o' a!! SIDS cases Hea!th authorities ha*e chosen to err on the side o' denia! rather than caution4In the "id -F6,5s a%an raised their *accination a1e 'ro" to "onths to to $ears< their incidence o' SIDS dro%%ed dra"atica!!$<
 the$ ent 'ro" an in'ant "orta!it$ ran3in1 o' -6 to 'irst in the or!d =i4e4& a%an had the !oest in'ant death rate hen in'ants ere not  0ein1 i""uni#ed>4 En1!and2s *accination rate te"%orari!$ dro%%ed to a0out J,at a0out the sa"e ti"e 'o!!oin1 "edia re%orts o' *accinere!ated 0rain da"a1e4 In'ant "orta!it$ dro%%ed su0stantia!!$ 'or a0out + $ears& then rose a1ain in c!ose corre!ation to risin1 i""uni#ation rates in the !ate -F6,2s4 Des%ite these e?%eriences& the J

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