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ECWANDC Minutes - October 5, 2013

ECWANDC Minutes - October 5, 2013

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Town Hall Meeting Minutes
Town Hall Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes
October ! "#$%
Crenshaw United Methodist * 3740 Don Felipe Drive * Los Angeles, CA 90008
David inston, Chair!endell Conn "Area #$!Denise %tansell, Co&Chair!Carl Morgan "Area #$! 'vonne (llett, )e %eretar+!Lar-allowa+&-illia. "Area 3$!Madeleine )enee&alters, /reasrer !1aie )+an "Area 3$!Danielle La2a+ette, Corresponding %eretar+!Mist+ ils "At Large$!iill "At Large$!Mar+ 1ones&Dars "Area 5$!1ason Lo.6ard "At Large$!ilson ashens+ "Area 5$!1ohnnie )aines "At Large$!
C&++ to Or)er , Ro++ C&++-
 /he .eeting was alled to order at 937 a. 6+ David inston, Chair A or. was present Denise read the rles o2 the .eeting (ver+one introded hi.sel2 or hersel2 (ver+one in attendane arrived 6+ 5030 a.
SLO Re.ort-
 o LA:D o22iers were in attendane
Ite'-PLUB Co''ittee * C&r+Discussion Hig/+ig/ts-
Carl presented a letter 2or the ;oard<s position against the Car ash at the orner o2 illrest Drive and Martin Lther =ing, 1r ;lvd
Action 0 1o++o2 u.-
 1aie .otioned 2or the ;oard to send the :LU; reo..endation to Conil :resident esson<s o22ieDisssionendell ased that there 6e opies o2 letters lie these in the 2tre and that the+ 6e e.ailed so all ;oard .e.6ers have the opportnit+ to review the. 6e2orehand>?/( 'A'% & 9 'A'% A'% @ 0 A;%/(/? @ # "Madeleine, i$ "# ;oard .e.6ers were .issing 2or the vote$
Ite'-1in&nce Co''ittee * 3o/nnieDiscussion Hig/+ig/ts-
A reest 2or 2nding 2ro. the LAFD %tation B94 arrived too late to Agenda 1ohnnie reested that the Fire2ighter 6e a6le to spea a6ot the 2nding reest dring :6li Co..ents
Ite'-Outre&c/ Co''ittee
(CADC Meeting Mintes  :age 5
Discussion Hig/+ig/ts-
o ?treah report
Ite'-S&4et5 Co''ittee * 3o/nnieDiscussion Hig/+ig/ts-
o %a2et+ report
Ite'-Re6ie2 , A..ro6&+ o4 MinutesAction 0 1o++o2 u.-
%epte.6er #3
 .intes were navaila6le 2or review and will 6e ta6led to the ?to6er #5 ;oard Meeting
Agst 3 and %epte.6er 5 .intes were approved, no orretions reired
Ite'-P*C&r) E(.en)itures * M&)e+eineDiscussion Hig/+ig/ts-
:&ard (Ependitres 2or %epte.6er :&ard eEpenses were e.ailed to the ;oard
 /he redit shown was 2or a opier that was retrned
Action 0 1o++o2 u.-
 1aie .otioned to aept the %epte.6er :&Card eEpenditres as read, totalling 39883 endell seonded>?/( 'A'% @ 7 'A'% A'% & 0 A;%/(/? @ 4 "i, Mist+, Danielle, 1ohnnie as ineligi6le$ "Lar was .issing 2or the vote$
Ite'-Neig/bor/oo) Counci+ B+it7Discussion Hig/+ig/ts-
?nl+ 8 ite.s o22 o2 the ;rea o2 %treet %ervies will 6e repaired
Danielle will 6e the point person at dlewis0983G+ahooo.
;%% will review the ;oard<s reo..endations prior to repair to .ae sre eah o.plaint identi2ies
 1aie estioned i2 there were restritions prior to the letter 2ro. ;%%
endell 2elt the wa+ ;%% handled this proedre /he ;oard needs to send a letter o2 o.plaint that the+ didn<t do this orretl+
Mist+ estioned i2 this was H8< 2orever o, there will 6e two go Hronds
David agreed with endell that Ma+or -aretti .ade it sond lie ;%% was reall+ going to lean p the streets
Carl spei2ied that ;%% was reesting the .ost egregios ite.s
Madeliene also agreed the ;oard shold sa+ so.ething and invite the :6li ors representative
 1aie agreed with endell ;ease at 2irst there were Hno restritions< and now there are onl+ eight ite.s the+ will repair t is n2air to the o..nit+
 'vonne thoght the wa+ ;%% rolled it ot poorl+ %he sronged the internet looing 2or the proess prior to the letter 2ro. ;%% e need .ore than 3&I papers in hand to .ae a strong o.plaint
Carl re.inded the ;oard that 2or.er Co..issioner >alerie %haw told the ;oard it needs a %trategi :lan 2or Cit+ %ervies that inldes soltions, and not Jst o.plaints
 1aie s6.itted these repairs are the Cit+<s responsi6ilit+ Cars are 6eing da.aged, and are wa+ 6e+ond a %trategi :lan /hese servies were de the taE pa+ers when the+ pa+ed their taEes
Lar advised the %httle /as Fore gave esson<s o22ie a priorit+ list o2 the trees and sidewal repairs the %iene Center didn<t tae are o2
 'vonne and Lar said we need to se the tools we have 'vonne spei2ied sing /witter as (CADC Meeting Mintes  :age #
a .ethod o2 reahing ot to ;%% 2or La ;rea Avene 6etween 1i. -illia. and the reentl+ repaved Colise.Lar said we need to se the Conil ?22ies 2or the eEtra i.portane or isses deserve
A staeholder de.anded the Cit+ tae are o2 the sidewals as well 2or itiKen sa2et+
Action 0 1o++o2*u.-
endell .otioned that the ;oard write a letter o2 o.plaint regarding the .ethod the Cit+ sed to roll ot the eigh6orhood Conil ;litK progra.>?/( 'A'% @ 55 A;%/(/?% @ 5 "Lar$
Pub+ic Co''ents-
Fire2ighter )ssell %heilds 6egan a ttoring progra. ot o2 LAFD %tation 94 e was a teaher prior to 6eo.ing a Fire2ighter hile involved with the Cadet :rogra., he 2ond that not one o2 his Cadets had passed the Cali2ornia igh %hool (Eit (Ea.iniation "CA%(($ test, a gradation reire.ent one o2 the ids new their 2nda.entals ow he ttors &#0 ids, 2or ti.es a .onth /he+ are 2ro. Dorse+, loal Charter shools, ;aldwin ills (le.entar+ and Ado6on Middle %hool e will .eet with the Finane Co..ittee prior to the neEt ;oard Meeting e an 6e reahed at 3#3&4#8&57# or rss#0#Ghot.ailo.
 'vonne .ade several annone.ents& (CA reeived an award 2ro. (.powerLA at the Congress o2 eigh6orhoods in assoiation with three other eigh6orhood Conils 2or their wor on the %pae %httle (ndeavor Ad o o..ittees "(.power.ent Congress Central, :ar Mesa eights, and (.power.ent Congress orth$ %he presented the ;oard with a r+stal plae, a written deree, and loisonn pins 2or eah o2 the ;oard Me.6ers& %he annoned the Crenshaw Far.ers Maret<s 'oga da+ and the ave wold 6e 6roadasting on site& /he last CiLAvia 2or #053 wold 6e on %nda+ ?to6er * Carl annoned the %oth A2rian Festival taing plae in Downtown Los Angeles all weeend
David appladed the Ad o Co..ittee 2or their hard wor on the %pae %httle Agree.ent& A staeholder estioned the %holarships attahed to the Agree.ent /here weren<t an+ .onetar+ sholarships awarded the+ were 2or the %iene Center %pae Ca.p /he ;oard will need to do a 6etter  Jo6 o2 getting the sholarships ot 2or neEt %..er* 1ohnnie spoe a6ot the gided tor he too ortes+ o2 Metro t was a gided tor on the -old Line to Mariahi :laKa, whih is si.ilar to Lei.ert :ar :laKa e stressed how i.portant it is 2or or 6siness owners and o..nit+ leaders to do these t+pes o2 tors M/A is reeptive to having 5I people tae eah tor, with 2ree /A: ards and disssions* Lar annoned that )on LorenKen o2 %treet /rees o2 Los Angeles wold 6e on hand 2or the ove.6er  /own all Meeting to spea a6ot Cit+ tree isses with the staeholders %he also annoned that 1aie Dpont aler is now on the M/A ;oard as a representative 2or %oth LA* 1aK %aw+er o2 the ar.on+ :roJet o22ered his ids to o.e a pla+ 2or a ;oard Meeting /he grop wold 6e pla+ing at %tate %enator oll+ Mithell<s ?to6er 5I event e an 6e reahed at 1aKGar.on+&:roJetorg* Mist+ pointed ot the trashans were re.oved 2or (ndeavor still haven<t 6een replaed 1ohnnie ased 2or the addresses Carl said the o.pan+ that was taing are o2 the trash ans .a+ have hanged Mar+ re.inded the ;oard it sed to adopt the ontainers* Mist+ annoned the Los Angeles /hird Chrh in Lei.ert :ar<s NCo..nit+ (EpoO on %atrda+ ?to6er 5# t will 6e >eteran&2riendl+, with give&awa+ paages and Jo6 plae.ent assistaneDavid thoght is wold 6e a great ?treah opportnit+ 2or (CA an o22ered 2or ases o2 water 2or the se o2 a ta6le at the event /he ;oard agreed Loation the paring lot 6ehind the hrh at 4343 Lei.ert ;olevard
Ite'-Present&tion- T/e A44or)&b+e C&re Act 8 Son5& V&s9ue7! Co''unit5 He&+t/ Counci+sDiscussion Ite'-
 /he A22orda6le Care At is the law o2 the land Most people alread+ .eet its reire.ents Mediare, MediCal, and health insrane throgh e.plo+.ent are alread+ overed Low ino.e and non&taE&pa+ers, as well as ertain religions, are eEe.pt
Until ACA is in 1anar+ 5, #054, there is an LA Cont+ progra. na.ed ealth+ a+ LA that is pre&MediCal t is the plae to 6egin prior to transitioning to the ACA
:re.i.s are onl+ 6ased on age ;everl+ ills and %oth LA are in the sa.e region and will pa+ the sa.e 2ees /here is pre.i. or taE&redit assistane availa6le
?pen enroll.ent is ?to6er 5I thr Dee.6er 7, whih is the sa.e as Mediare /here is an eEtension ntil Marh 35, #054 (nroll.ent .st 6e o.pleted 6+ Dee.6er 5I and the (CADC Meeting Mintes  :age 3

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