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The nearer the Pope familiarity breeds cons trope

The nearer the Pope familiarity breeds cons trope

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Higher and higher the nearer to hemp … to hell with hope … get the rope
Higher and higher the nearer to hemp … to hell with hope … get the rope

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The nearer the Pope familiarity breeds cons tropeHigher and higher the nearer to hemp … to hell with hope … get the ropehttp://www.scribd.com/doc/18003!8/"talian#politicians#agree#to#aid#against#last#$at%#Pope&i'ine inter'ention of the acid reign child(s play)et it rain … )et it $ain … )et it rain&on(t do as " do … do as " say … sh*t *p m*mmy dearest … brain long ago eaten away"n the name of +od of, for with the People -T
If they are not head!n!n" th!# they are $% & $o#t %'a#perat!n"
 P$"AB mi "C"C
Political $eligio*s "nsidio*s Aharlatan Bleptocratic media inciting icDle "nherent Cias "gnorant Cliss
EThere were no dates in this history, b*t scrawled this way and that across e'ery page were the words Cene'olence $ighteo*sness and @orality … finally " began to maDe o*t what was written between the lines. The whole 'ol*me was b*t a single phrase,at PeopleF
GThy Dingdom comeG@c Pig@*sical Ahairs P*ppets in glomming P*ppets in +o'ernance @edia l*si'es
P"+ @
The re2*est for +ods Dingdom to come is *s*ally interpreted as a reference to the belief, common at the time, that a @essiah fig*re wo*ld bring abo*t a Bingdom of +od.
Traditionally the coming of +ods Bingdom is seen as a di'ine gift to be prayed for,
not a human ach!evement
This idea is fre2*ently challenged by gro*ps who belie'e that the Bingdom will come by the hands of those faithf*l to worD for a  better world. "t is belie'ed by these indi'id*als that Ies*s commands to feed the h*ngry and clothe the needy are the Bingdom to which he was referring.
P"+ @J-
P*ppets in +o'ernance @edia l*si'es Jpposition -ebhttp://en.wiDipedia.org/wiDi/Bingdomof+odThe Aatechism of the Aatholic Ah*rch KAAAL teaches that the coming $eign of +od will be a Dingdom of lo'e,  peace, and *stice.M!3NI*stice is defined as a 'irt*e whereby one respects the rights of all persons, li'ing in harmony and e2*ity with all.M!9N The Bingdom of +od began with Ahrists death and $es*rrection and m*st be f*rther e;tended by Ahristians *ntil it has been bro*ght into perfection by Ahrist at the end of time.M!6N The Ahristian does this by li'ing the way Ahrist li'ed, by thinDing the way Ahrist tho*ght,M!3N and by  promoting peace and *stice.M!N This can be accomplished by discerning how the Holy Opirit K+odL is calling one to act in the concrete circ*mstances of ones life.M!N Ahristians m*st also pray, asDing +od for what is necessary to cooperate with the coming of +ods Bingdom.M!N Ies*s gathered disciples to be the seed and the beginning of +ods $eign on earth, and Ies*s sent the Holy Opirit to g*ide them.M!8N Ies*s contin*es to call all people to come together aro*nd himM!7N and to spread the Bingdom of +od across the entire world.M30N Howe'er, the *ltimate tri*mph of Ahrists Bingdom will not come abo*t *ntil Ahrists ret*rn to earth at the end of time.M31N &*ring Ahrists second coming, he will *dge the li'ing and the dead.Jnly those who are *dged to be righteo*s and *st will reign with Ahrist fore'er.M3!N Ahrists second coming will also marD the absol*te defeat of all e'il powers, incl*ding Oatan.M33N>ntil then, the coming of the Bingdom will contin*e to be attacDed by e'il powers as Ahristians wait with hope for the second coming of their Oa'ior.M39N This is why Ahristians pray to hasten Ahrists ret*rn by saying to him G@aranathaG which means GAome, )ord Ies*sG.M36N-hile some who belie'e in the literal interpretation of the Cible insist that the prediction of dates or times is f*tile, some other writers belie'e that Ies*s foretold of signs which wo*ld indicate that the Gend of daysG was near. Oome of these signs incl*de earth2*aDes, nat*ral disasters, ci'il problems, Gwars and r*mors of wars,G and other catastrophes. Jf the precise time, howe'er, it will come liDe a Gthief in the nightG K1 Thess. 6:!L.http://en.wiDipedia.org/wiDi/$es*rrectionQ;ternallinDsRombies became a pop*lar de'ice in modern horror fiction, largely beca*se of the s*ccess of  +eorge ?. $omeros 178 film  Sight of the )i'ing &ead M1N and they ha'e appeared as plot de'ices in 'ario*s booDs, films and in tele'ision shows. Rombie fiction is now a si%eable s*b#genre of horror, *s*ally describing a  breaDdown of ci'ili%ation occ*rring when most of the pop*lation become flesh#eating %ombies  a %ombie apocalypse. The monsters are *s*ally h*ngry for h*man flesh, often specifically brains. Oometimes they are 'ictims of a fictional  pandemic illness ca*sing the dead to reanimate or the li'ing to beha'e this way,  b*t often no ca*se is gi'en in the story.)ost Ai'ili%ations K@isnomerL o'er and o'er again!
They masticate e'erything as they cancer the en'ironment when the en'ironment ine'itably eats bacD @*mmy why so long to h*manity … shit *p %ombie dearest and eat yo*r brains … there is a scarcity and a mind sacrilege to waste-e all pay thePolitical $eligio*s "mplicit Aomplicit ;plicitP$"APolitical $eligio*s "nsidio*s Aapitalist mperors)iDe other financial empires in history, Omith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to de'elop and control wealth, as peripheral nations remain impo'erished pro'iders of cheap reso*rces for the imperial#centers#of#capital.M1NCelloc estimated that, d*ring the Critish nclos*res, Gperhaps half of the whole pop*lation was  proletarianG, while ro*ghly the other GhalfG owned and controlled the means of prod*ction. Sow, *nder modern Aapitalism, I.-. Omith claims fewer than 600 people possess more wealth than half of the earth(s pop*lation, as the wealth of 1/! of 1#percent of the >nited Otates pop*lation ro*ghly e2*al that of the lower 70#percent."n search of longe'ity soon to lea'e @#@other arth as they did @arswww.?men13.comhttp://www.yo*t*be.com/watch'b3C1AA3D7J@)ife on @oon and @ars
"t appears the s*r'i'ors on earth of the *ndergro*nd wo*ld e;ist there for a long time after -- """ if not for di'ine inter'ention
"n his essay
 K179L, Jrwell wrote abo*t the importance of honest and clear lang*age and said that
va"ue wr!t!n" can be u#ed a# a powerfu too of po!t!ca
 "n Sineteen ighty#o*r he described how the state controlled tho*ght by controlling lang*age, maDing certain ideas literally *nthinDable. The adecti'e
 refers to the frightening world of Sineteen ighty#o*r, in which the state controls tho*ght and misinformation is widespread. Oe'eral words and phrases from Sineteen ighty#o*r ha'e entered pop*lar lang*age.
 is a simplified and obf*scatory lang*age designed to maDe independent tho*ght impossible.
 means holding two contradictory beliefs sim*ltaneo*sly.
 are those who s*ppress all dissenting opinion.
 is homogenised, man*fact*red s*perficial literat*re, film and m*sic, *sed to control and indoctrinate the pop*lace thro*gh docility.
 is a s*preme dictator who watches e'eryone.$eality is the Tr*th imper'io*s to perception yet precisely d*e to perception
Tr*th that which wo*ld be obser'ed by +od whether or not He e;ists or whether or not one belie'es He e;ists

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