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Published by glennpease

" earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord." — Jer. xxii. 29.

" earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord." — Jer. xxii. 29.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GOD'S LOUD CALL TO A SLEEPING WORLD.BY REV. WILLIAM ARNOT" earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord." — Jer. xxii. 29.On our rugged and water-worn shores you may often seea black wall of stone, as regular as if it had been built byhuman hands, running across the tide-mark from the ter-restrial vegetation down to the lip of the water at itslowest. It is a trap dyke, forced up when its matterwas molten, through a fissure in the overlying strata, andappearing now a narrow band of rock, totally distinctboth in colour and in kind from the surrounding surface.Tliese protruding portions show that the material of which they consist lies in vast masses underneath, -'-^zSo the thin line of our text seems to protrude abovea broad field of mingled prophec}^ and fact. It is a nar-row band of unique material running athwart a surfaceof common, hard, ru2:o:ed Jewish life in the later and cor-rupter period of the commonwealth. But this outburstof divine compassion, making its way through the provo-cations of Israel, shows that divine compassion, in mea-sure infinite, is flowinjx underneath ; while the surface of the Scriptures is necessarily almost all occupied with his-tories and doctrines, prophecies and ordinances, these ten-der, eajjer, burninc: outbreaks traverse the whole field inevery direction. Whithersoever we turn, some well-de-fined example crosses our path and arrests our attention.GOD'S LOUD CALL TO A SLEEPING WORLD. 199They lie thickest and stand highest on the track of Jesus,while he exercised his ministry in the world. See, for in-stance, the mass of love, cooled and congealed now to last
all time, tlmt welled at first liquid and warm from itsfountain in Emmanuel's breast : " Jerusalem, Jerusa-lem, how often would I have gathered tliy children to-gether, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under herwdngs, and ye would not \" (Matt, xxiii. 87.) Who shallmeasure the compassion out of which that strong crywas projected ? These specimens are thrown up and leftoutstanding, evidence of infinite love beneath. The pagesof the Bible and the present experience of men consti-tute a superficial crust, conglomerate of various materials,but all lying over unfathomable depths of mercy. Whetherthou art reading the Bible or labouring for daily bread," the place where thou standest is holy ground." In himwe live, and move, and have our being ; and he is love.The manner of this cry conveys a reproof to men ; andIts matter displays the mercy of God.I. The man7ier of this cry. In form it is obviouslyand intensely peculiar. When the awakener uttei'S sucha piercing cry, you may conclude that the sleep of thesleeper is deep. You may measure the danger which amonitor apprehends by the sharpness of the alarm whichhe gives. This is such a call as the compassionate angelmay have addressed to Lot and his family, lingering amongtheir stuff*, when the day of Sodom's doom was alreadydawninor over the mountains of Moab. The two elements,multiplied into each other, which swell into a peal so loud,200 god's loud call to a sleeping world.are the mercy that glows in the warner's breast, and thedanger to which the sleeper lies exposed. In the mercyof God and the misery of men, both elements stand atthe highest point, and the result accordingly is theloudest, keenest call, that can be addressed to humanears : "0 earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the
Lord/'The earth itself, and aU the creatures on it under man,have a quick ear for their Maker's voice, and, never need-ing, never get a call so urgent. The alacrity of the crea-tures that lie either above or beneath him in the scaleof creation brinfrs out in hio-her relief the disobedienceof man.Physically, earth is wide awake and watchful. Itcourses through the heavens without halting for rest, andthreads its way among other stars without collision.With equal constancy it spins round upon itself, causingthe day to chase the night, and the night to chase theday across all time, as wave chases wave across the ocean.The tide keeps its time and place. The rivers roU to-ward the sea, and the clouds fly on wings like eagles,hastening to pour their burdens into the rivers' spring-heads, that though ever flowing they may be ever full. Theearth is a diligent worker ; it is not the sluggard who needsa three-fold call to awake and begin. Equally alert are thevarious orders of life that crowd the world's surface. Itis when in the ascending scale of creation you come toman that you first find a breach of order. " Hear, O hea-vens ; and give ear, earth : for the Lord hath spoken,I have nourished and brought up children, and they haveGOD'S LOUD CALL TO A SLEEPING WORLD. 201rebelled against me. The ox knoweth his owner, andthe ass his master's crib : but Israel doth not know, mypeople doth not consider'' (Isa. i. 2, S).Above our own place, too, angel spirits are like flamesof fire in the quickness, and like stormy winds in thepower, with which they serve their Maker. The cry of this text is meant for man ; he needs it, and he only.

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