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Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All

Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All

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Published by allfreebooks
Learn the true secrets of the manifestation process.
Learn the true secrets of the manifestation process.

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Published by: allfreebooks on Nov 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All.
 What You'll Discover Inside:
The Three Step Manifestation Formula Fully Dislosed
!ne "olden Method To Work !ut What  #ou're $urrently Attrating
The %uikest Way To Reei&ing More Stuff.
To (Seret) Methods !f Manifestation Finally Re&ealed*
Ho To +reakthrough The (It Doesn't  Work) +arrier !ne And For "ood*
 Why Asking... (Where's My Stuff,) Will Hold #ou Apart From Materiali-ation
The Three Step Manifestation Formula Fully Dislosed
There's three very important steps that you must first understand in you want to manifest a button or a million dollars. The process is exactly the same whether your name is Michael Jackson or Joe Bloggs.  Almost all people are creating by default. They haven't been taught the creation process and therefore aren't aware of why bad things keep happening to them.!ere's how it works...
Step / #ou AS0 
Think of yourself as a radio transmitter. "ou're continually sending out a signal to the universe... but what signal are you sending# "ou need to send the right signal out in order to get the right results that you desire.$etting good at asking isn't a hard thing. "ou're already doing it with or without your knowledge. "ou see% when you see that bill that is unwanted% you send the message & desire more money. &ts automatic and not something you can stop doing.nce you get good at deliberate creation% then you can be really specific with your asking. That's when it gets really fun( "ou can ask for anything you like% and by following the next ) steps% you'll undoubtedly receive it.
Step1 / The 2ni&erse A3SW4RS
nce you've asked% the universe will answer. This step isn't your work at all.The universe doesn't discriminate between good and bad. &f you ask for something% its going to respond by answering your re*uest and taking the steps to bring it into your life.  "ou ask... the universe answers. Beautiful isn't it#
Step5 / #ou Must R4$4I64
 "ou've asked. The universe answers your re*uest. +o where's your stuff# Although the universe has answered your re*uest% what it's done is very similar to what happens when  you go through a drive through. "ou've put in your order and now you must come and receive your food. "our food is being prepared in the back somewhere% and all that is left is for you to come and collect it(&t's the same with the universe. "ou've got to come and claim your food ,or money% house% relationship% etc.- To do this you need to get into alignment with what you've been  wanting.  "ou can't keep thinking
"I'm sick of bills" ... "I want more money" ... "I can't buy anything for myself!" ...
 And then receive more money. That is the opposite of alignment. &n order to receive what you've asked for% you must  become aligned with what you want. &f your desire is more money% then the following statements would be a sign of alignment/
"I'm excited by all of the things I can buy" "Money makes me happy" "I love feeling abundant!" 

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