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Electronics Past Board April 2005 With Answers

Electronics Past Board April 2005 With Answers



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Published by jun dee

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Published by: jun dee on Aug 05, 2009
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ECE Board Exam:April 2005:Electronics
1.The main purpose of an instrumentation amplifier is _____.a.To compare input signals. b.To amplify small signals that are riding on large common mode voltages.c.To reject unwanted signals.d.To trim small signals that are riding on large common mode voltages.2.In a series RLC circuit, what is the condition of the circuit if there is high impedance,low current, and low reactance voltages?a.Ideal circuit b.Percent circuitc.Resonantd.Non-resonant3.The most accurate type of test equipment used for measuring high power is the _____.a.Bolomete b.Wavemeter c.Calorimeted.Wattmete4.The effect on the human body of 21-20 mill-amperes, 60 Hz A.C. or 80-?? milli-amperes D.C is ______.a.Respiratory failure b.Mascular inhibitionc.Reflex actiond.Surprise5.A straight line plot of collector current Ic and Vce for a transistor circuit is called the _____.a.Threshold line b.DC loadlinec.Loading limitd.Linear level6.If a transformer has a turns ratio of 1:3, what is the current ratio?a.1:3 b.1:9c.3:1d.9:17.There is a _____ degrees of inversion between gate and drain voltages of an FET.a.Zero b.90c.180
d.2708.A differential circuit uses a _____.a.Capacitor in its feedback circuit b.RLC in its feedback circuitc.Inductor in its feedback circuitd.Resistor in its feedback circuit.9.Which of the following shells contain 2 electrons?a.L b.Nc.Md.10.What amplifier is used when power from a convertion servoamplifier is too small todrive large servomotors (either A.C or D.C.)?a.Differential amplifier  b.RD amplifiec.Audio amplifier d.Operational amplifier 11.An amplifier which is designed to be used with other circuit component to performeither computing functions or some type of transfer operation?a.Differential amplifie b.RD Amplifier c.Audio amplified.Operational amplifier 12.What type of LC oscillator is sometimes called a “tickler” oscillator in reference tothe transformer secondary or tickler coil that provides the feedback to keep theoscillator going?a.Colpitts b.Clappc.Armstrongd.Hartley13.The ratio of the DC collector current Ic to the emitter current Ie is called the DC ______.a.Delta b.Beta (Bdc)c.Echod.Alpha (Adc)14.The effect of 60 Hz A.C. over 100 mA or DC over 300 mA on the human body.a.Mascular inhibition b.Respiratory failure
c.Surprised.Usually fatal15.The bit storage capacity of a Read Only Memory(ROM) with a 512 x 8 organizationis _____ bits.a.1024 b.8192c.4096d.204816.The device used to produce a gradual chance of impedance at the end of a waveguideis called a _____.a.Funnel b.Loadc.Dummyd.Horn17.In a robots, he axis that allows rotation are often referred to as _____ jointsa.Revolving b.Revolutec.Resoluted.Rotary18.The most widely used combination bias system in basic transistor amplifier a.Limited type b.Current divider typec.Voltage-divider typed.Base current type19.The open-loop gain of an op-amp is given at 225,000. Find the gain in dB.a.1070 b.107c.214d.10.720.A _____ is a solid material formed by atoms bonding together in a fixed pattern.a.Bloc b.Crystalc.Latticed.Pyramid21.Elements with 5 or more valence electrons are called _____.a.Semi-conductors b.Conductorsc.Moleculed.Insulators

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