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$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company

$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company

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Published by Rebecca Armendariz
Published November 17, 2008
Published November 17, 2008

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Published by: Rebecca Armendariz on Nov 04, 2013
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$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company - Washington Bladefile:///C|/Users/rarmendariz/Desktop/$50,000%20Prop%208%20donor%20chairs%20large%20Md.%20company%20-%20Washington%20Blade.htm[10/17/2013 11:42:39 AM]
NOVEMBER 16,2009 
The Latest:$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company
Foulger-Pratt developing hotel for pro-gay KimptonBy REBECCA ARMENDARIZ, Washington BladeNov 17 2008, 3:32 PM | | | The chairman of a family-owned property development, management and construction companybased in Rockville, Md., donated $50,000 to support Proposition 8 days before it passed,according to public records.Sid Foulger, a Mormon, established Foulger-Pratt in 1963, according to the company's web site.His sons and son-in-law have since taken leadership positions in the business; they did not makeProp 8 contributions. The company is divided into four operating units: Foulger-Pratt Contracting,LLC, Foulger-Pratt Development, Inc., Foulger-Pratt Management, Inc. and Pioneer BuildingServices. Sid Foulger does not directly manage any of the branches, but acts as the chairman. His office didnot return calls seeking comment on the Prop 8 donation. Among Foulger-Pratt's completed projects is the Mormon temple in Kensington, Md. Thecontracting portion of the company is in charge of a large Silver Spring, Md., transit center, andthe development company has projects in the works at the University of Maryland and withKimpton Hotels.San Francisco-based Kimpton has earned a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign'sCorporate Equality Index and has a strong gay-friendly reputation. Foulger-Pratt has signed aletter of intent with the hotel chain to build a four-star hotel in Park Potomac, an "urban village"in Potomac, Md., for completion in 2011. Alan Baer, senior vice president of people and culture for the Kimpton Hotel Group, confirmedplans for the project but said it hasn't broken ground yet."From a business perspective, you don't sit around the board room table and discuss yourreligious or social preferences,” said Baer, who is gay. “If we go into a room where it's publiclyknown that the company's beliefs are [anti-LGBT], then we would certainly question whether wewant to do business with them." Baer emphasized that Sid Foulger's donation to support Proposition 8 was a personal contributionand not a corporate one."When we talk about diversity and inclusion, it's not just about ethnic or religious background orsexual orientation. It's more fundamentally about diversity of thought. The worst thing I couldthink of would be a board room full of people with my exact background and my exact beliefs," hesaid.Baer said he is not concerned that working with Foulger-Pratt would tarnish his company's pro-gay image."I don't know what part of the decision Sid Foulger had in hiring us,” he said. “Their organizationhired Kimpton to run and operate the hotel that they're developing. They hired us knowing whowe are and how we operate our hotels. People can support what they want, but we're not goingto operate our business any differently." Kimpton Hotels has a campaign in place to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research. The D.C.beneficiary of the company's Red Ribbon Campaign is the Whitman-Walker Clinic. Transgender activist Dana Beyer, who works for at-large Montgomery County Council memberDuchy Trachtenberg, said that focusing on Foulger's donation is counter-productive.
 ‘I thought D.C. was more open andthings like this wouldn’t happen’ 
D.C. Council committee votes 4-1 to killbroad religious exemption
Paterson to push marriage bill nextweek after false start
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$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company - Washington Bladefile:///C|/Users/rarmendariz/Desktop/$50,000%20Prop%208%20donor%20chairs%20large%20Md.%20company%20-%20Washington%20Blade.htm[10/17/2013 11:42:39 AM]
Phoenix, AzPlus, $50,000 is no chump change. At least not to me! How manydeceitful yes on 8 ads did that money buy?Posted 11/18/08 - 10:30 AM
Phoenix, AzIf you or your business is anti-equality and pro-discrimination,then you don't get my money. Simple as that. There is no shortageof other companies whose chairman and CEO did not contribute toProp. 8, yes or no. They chose to stay out of it entirely and justrun their business. Or better yet, those that contributed to NO on 8 andthey should be rewarded for their stand for equality. I.E. Levis, AT&T,PG&E, etc.Posted 11/18/08 - 10:28 AM
Washington, DCIf the worst thing that Alan Baer can imagine is sitting around atable at which everyone acknowledges the basic civil rights of gaysand lesbians, he needs to get out more.Posted 11/17/08 - 7:46 PM
Bowie, MdBoycott them. They want to be prejudiced against us? They needto discover our dollars can be prejudiced, too.Posted 11/17/08 - 4:57 PM"Sid Foulger isn't a player in the business anymore. The name is out there, but he himself made apersonal contribution. He's an 87-year-old guy," she said.But Dan Furmansky, executive director of Equality Maryland, said the donation raises some seriousquestions."Across the country, there are jurisdictions that have established laws to ensure that thecontractors a city or county does business with adhere to equality practices. Citizens of Montgomery County need to hold our elected officials accountable for doing business with acompany whose chairman and CEO has contributed to the devastation of thousands of families,"he said.The Mormon church aggressively supported Prop 8, which bans same-sex marriage in Californiaand puts about 18,000 such marriages already performed in legal limbo. Reaction to Prop 8’spassage has included protests at Mormon churches and boycott threats targeting companies thatdonated to the effort. Local activists have not yet called for a Foulger-Pratt boycott. Permalink COMMENTS
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