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Published by glennpease


PsAiiM cxix. 19.
"I am a stranger in the earth."


PsAiiM cxix. 19.
"I am a stranger in the earth."

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STRANGER IN THE EARTHBY DUNCAN MACGREGOR PsAiiM cxix. 19."I am a stranger in the earth.""I am soon to leave this beautifiil world, and I amanxious to carry as perfect a calotype of it as possiblealong with me : and, therefore, I gaze with unwearieddehght upon the trees and flowers, and the blue skyand the faces of men." — Eev. Db. John DtnsrcAN.I have seen Knox's monument in theNecropolis of Glasgow. The statue of the great reformer, looking down fromits high column, seems to speak wordsof warning to us still. About fifty yards to thewest of this monument, and down the slope of the hill, may be seen a slab in the face of therock with the two brief texts graven upon it,"Jesus wept;" "Behold the Lamb of God."9 (129)130 THE SHEPHERD OF ISEAEL.Beneath tins slab sleeps the dust of a brightlittle stranger, whose visit to this pilgrim landwas very short, and who, as soon as he hadlearned to Hsp the names of father and mother,and the sweet name of Jesus, was taken home tosing the new song. He had learned to join insinging the psalm at our family worship, andeach night ere he closed his eyes he had learned
to pray :"In tlie kingdom of thy graceGrant a little child a place."He had been once in church, and on themorning of his last Sabbath on earth, the 20thof March, 1859, when a snow-storm kept him athome, he said, as we were leaving for the sanc-tuary, " Johnnie will pray to God to help papato preach." The two texts graven on the slabwere the two last texts he repeated. His Httlespeeches had such a fascinating interest toour ears that we felt his presence as a blessedsunbeam in the house. And it was hard, afterhis stay of only two years and four months,suddenly to part with him, and to see his finemanly face and silken hair laid in darknessTHE STEANGEK IN THE EAKTH. 131amicl tlie clods of tlie churcliyarcl. It made theearth loneHer to us. But it made the gravelightsomer.He being dead yet speaketh. The partingwith so bright a visitant helped to hum into thewriter's spirit the words, " I am a stranger in theearth." It has led to the writing of this chapter.Your home has been visited by death. Someof your dearest treasures have been taken fromyou. We shaU not speak of death now. Weshall rather speak of present duties and futurehopes. A glimpse of the Deathless Land takesthe sting of death away. A believing view of the happy meetings on the resurrection morningheals our sorrow for the bitter partings of Earth !
The lesson we wish to open up is, that theSaint is a Stranger in the Earth. " I am a stran-ger in the earth." We shall — I. Give a short exposition of this lesson,II. 3Iahe a short application of it.I. THE SHORT EXPOSITION."I am a stranger in the earth," means — 1.That the Saint is not horn of the earth. A man is132 THE SHEPHEKD OF ISRAEL.a stranger when lie lives far from where he wasborn. The saint is born from heaven. Hisname is in the family register of heaven. Thenew birth makes a world-wide difference betweenGod's children and the world, although it maynot be very apparent now. One born on theother side of the globe is a stranger here. Heis not like us in complexion, in feature, in dress,in speech, in manner. The negro's dark skinand woolly head, the turban and loose robe of the Asiatic, the broad fair features and deepguttural speech of the German, the dark eyesand Roman contour of the Italian face, theFrenchman's polite and lively ways, mark themout as strangers in our streets. But if one borna thousand miles away is a stranger here, howmuch more is one born from heaven! Hebears the image of the heavenly — the heavenlyfamily Hkeness. Though in the world, he isnot of the world. He is of another race andanother kingdom. Jesus was a stranger inthe earth. "Ye are from beneath," said heto the Jews ; " I am from above : ye are of 

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