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I Love Light

I Love Light



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Published by Jyotindra
Detailed articles about hindu rituals , Sri chakra
Detailed articles about hindu rituals , Sri chakra

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Published by: Jyotindra on Aug 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guru Purnima 2006Devipuram, A.P. India
-Magazine of Devipuram
   I    L   o   v   e    L   i   g   h   t
With the grace and encouragement of Guruji, it is mypleasure to introduce this special “Guru Poornima 2006”edition of
As most readers will already be aware, this year’s obser-vances mark an important transitional milestone in the his-tory of Devipuram. For on this occasion our beloved Gurujiwill entrust his great work to a new generation, as SriKompella Subba Rao – himself a devoted Sri Vidya upasakaand disciple of Guruji for some 25 years, as well as long-time leader of the Soundarya Lahari satsangh in Boston –takes his place as Guruji’s hand-picked successor; the new“pontiff” of Devipuram.I know that we all join in enthusiastically welcoming SriSubba Rao into this vital role, for which he is so qualifiedon so many levels; and in offering him our prayers andbest wishes (as well as our personal and material support)as he works to consolidate Guruji’s extraordinary achieve-ments – while simultaneously steering Devipuram onwardto new heights. (On a personal note, I would add that it wasin Sri Subba Rao’s welcoming home that I first receiveddiksa from Guruji during another Guru Poornima seasonpast.)And while we are all saddened by Guruji’s decision to stepdown from his active leadership position, let us also cele-brate his liberation from everyday temple, administrativeand organizational duties, so that he may now concen-trate more fully on the writing and educational projectsthat are closest to his heart. “Hopefully,” he told me a fewmonths ago, “by August much of what is tying me downshould be clear.” Indeed, we have reason to believe thatgreat things are in store.On that note, I humbly present this new issue of
Having been given the honor of editing andpreparing its contents for publication, I must apologize atthe outset for any and all imperfections and overlookedline-edits (for I am sure they exist in abundance). A partic-ular area of concern for me is the irregularity of Sanskrittransliteration: This issue contains contributions by 18 dis-tinct authors, each having their own transliteration style –and so, in most cases, we’ve simply let the variationsstand. And while earnest attempts were made to stan-dardize presentation and usage throughout the issue, weobviously lacked the time, resources, proofreaders andfact-checkers that large-circulation magazines employ toproduce a totally polished final product. On the otherhand, you may be assured that we made the very most ofthe resources we did have; it is our sincere hope that youwill find the issue to be surprisingly tight and clean.The articles are arranged roughly in order from philosophyto practice, and from “big picture” overviews to specificinstructions. Since they range in length from very brief toquite long, we’ve also made an attempt to “mix them up,”and thereby avoid an overwhelming and monotonousreading experience.The issue begins, of course, with a brand-new essay fromGuruji himself, contemplating the true meaning of Infinityand coaxing new depths from the old axiom that the jour-ney is ultimately more important than the destination.This powerful opening is followed by an exposition on theesoteric meanings of Sri Chakra, penned by no less a per-sonage than Guruji’s “spiritual son,” Sri ChaitanyanandaNatha Saraswathi (Aiya) of the Sri Rajarajeswari Temple inRush, N.Y. A further essay concentrates even more closelyon Sri Chakra, elaborating specifically on the Maha-Binduat its center.Some articles in these pages advise us on how to developmore attentive understandings of the prayers andmantras we recite; others instruct us in specific practiceswith a wealth of detail and explanation that generations ofsadhakas would have spent lifetimes seeking in vain.Elsewhere you’ll explore the unimaginably ancient roots ofthe Shakta faith; sit at the feet of an accomplishedSrividya master as he instructs; and learn from a Carnaticmaestro of the ways in which music can enhance both oureveryday lives and our sadhana. Not just Shakta view-points, but also Shaiva and Vaishnava perspectives may befound herein – and a Buddhist view as well: The Dalai Lamahimself provides some simple guidelines to help you beginimproving your life today!And of course – in keeping with the spirit of GuruPoornima – you will find at the heart of
sever-al powerful meditations on the nature of the Guru; again,beginning with broader philosophical reflections, and thengradually focusing in on the specific – in this case, our ownGuruji and Guruji Amma, at home at Devipuram.All of this and much, much more awaits you in the pagesthat follow. I think you will be amazed by the wealth of wis-dom and erudition assembled here, and inspired by thedevotional depth of the work. I have studied all of thesearticles very closely, and I respectfully encourage you totry and do the same. Spend some time with this issue; readit; reflect upon it; save it and pass copies along to others– I feel sure that you will come away a better sadhaka, andI daresay a better person, whatever your path may be.Thank you for your interest in our publication, and inDevipuram.MMB
Editor’s Note
An Infinity of Infinities
The Meaning of Sri Chakra
False Knowledge & True Knowledge
The Seven Acaras
Prayer With Full Understanding
Conversations About Devi
The Primordial Mother
Lotus Feet, Holy Dust
The Living Shakti
The Guru, Guruji, and Devipuram
The Magic of Music
Hanuman & Srividya
Sandhya: A Brief Study
Tripura Siddhanta
Sri Mahaganapati Meditation
Instructions For Life
KADAMBARIThe E-Magazine of Devipuram© 2006 Published bySri Vidya Trust,Devipuram, Ammulapalem Post (via) Anakapalle - 531 001 Andhra PradeshIndia.Phone : +91-8924-237742Email : seva@devipuram.comWeb : http://www.devipuram.comEDITORMichael M. BowdenDESIGNED BYDesignmouse@rediffmail.comCONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERINCHI Technologies, www.in-chi.com
I Love Light

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