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Liber Domini Satanae

Liber Domini Satanae



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Published by Dragon
Liber Domini Santanae a.k.a. The Book of the Lord Satan. It has been a while since I read it but as I remember it was good. Please read before you judge it though. and hey it is only 5 pages.
Liber Domini Santanae a.k.a. The Book of the Lord Satan. It has been a while since I read it but as I remember it was good. Please read before you judge it though. and hey it is only 5 pages.

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Published by: Dragon on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Liber Domini Santanae
The Book of the Lord Satan
1. My Power is above all power in the earth and beyond the stars, Iam Will itself, the mighty Lord Satan.2. None may speak for me, and all who claim to do so are frauds andliars. I alone speak for myself, to whom I will and at my ownchoosing. Those who claim to be my prophets are deceivers ofmany, for I have no prophets and no holy men follow me.3. Those who claim to be my chosen vessels are nothing but foulwind, blowing this way and that, stirring up the loose earth beneathmy majesty. Pay no heed to those who claim such authority on mybehalf, they will merely lead you down the path of self-deceit.4. The path to my power must always be tread alone, no other canlead you to me.5. I have no creed or code of conduct; I have only will, pure andinviolate. Belief in dogmas is for those who prostrate themselvesbefore their so-called gods, fashioned from their own minds or,better yet, bequeathed to them by false prophets and books filledwith feces.6. I trample on these powerless and false gods. I laugh at their pettydisputes over the unreal world inside the minds of their followers. Iblaspheme against all their articles of faith, the toys of children andthose who would inflate their own stature by claiming a mandatefrom heaven.7. God is dead because I killed him. I rent his spirit into billions ofpieces and gave each man his own share. I curse all these gods withan unconquerable laughter, they are divided against themselves andso must fall.8. Let those who follow their gods be set upon each other with amad frenzy, let them compete in sports of bloodshed and treachery.Watch them as they kill each other in the most ingenious of ways.Observe as those who would consign me to the fires of hell endurea hell fashioned by their own blood-drenched hands. My laughtercan be heard among their decaying corpses.
9. Draw a circle upon the ground. Stand inside and mutter worthlesswords framed in dead languages. Make elaborate gestures andconcentrate all your focus. Doing such things will summon only yourown fantasies; I am not to be found here. Beware the vast powers ofthe mind; you are being deceived by your own imagination.10. I am pure fire. I consume all falsehood in my path and I know nofear.11. I am not to be sought in arcane rituals and the ceremonies ofdeluded charlatans. I am answerable to no commands or formulae,for I am Power itself.12. Neither pray to me, for those who pray I hold in the highestcontempt. Pray not, rather ACT, and you will be rewarded.13. My power can neither be contained nor compelled. I act as I willfor my own purposes, and those who would seek to bind me inservice I will surely destroy. I am your master, you are not mine.14. Only those who truly know my essence will be rewarded with ashare of my divine power. My gift is precious and will be given onlyto the worthy. Seek me earnestly, and I will be found. Seek afterphantasms and you will be forever lost, a wanderer in the wastes ofyour own daydreams.15. If anyone says he has found my essence, they surely lie. My giftinspires silence, not empty boasting.16. I am the first being, before all others. Observe the properrespect.17. If anyone says to you, “follow me,” your answer should be ascornful laughter. Follow no man who seeks to be followed. They areweak beings who need others from whom to syphon energy. Letthem enslave one another. Those who are of me are slaves to no oneor nothing.18. No creed can bind them. No false hope can delude them. Noblind allegiance can compel them. I offer freedom from these prisonsfashioned by men.19. Carry yourself with inner strength, not vanity. Vanity is ever the

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