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Children & Parenting

Children & Parenting



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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Aug 06, 2009
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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……Children & Parenting
As a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear Him
Out of the mouths of babes & sucklings have I ordained strength, that I might still the enemy & theavenger. I will use the voices of children to shut up the Enemy. And ‘unless you become like a little child,you shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of God, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.’If you could see as I see, you would know that those apparent & seeming burdens are one of the greatestblessings, treasures & privileges ever bestowed upon you.Children are a vessel of whatever you have the faith to fill them with. They are the incarnation of theverse, ‘According to your faith be it unto you.’ Have faith that they will become a blessing, that ‘Blessed isthe man who has his quiver full of them’... Start appreciating those arrows for what they are. Not mereuseless, ugly & dirty sticks that are causing you nothing but trouble, but arrows, which, when combinedwith the bow of My weaponry & the skill of the Archer’s hand, namely Mine, can go further than you ever have or will...It’s another trick of the Enemy, to have deluded folks into thinking that kids are a burden. Open your eyes& look beyond what you see in the flesh! Look at My unlimited potential of opportunities! Despise themnot, but seek Me for all I can do in their lives! ‘Suffer little children to come unto Me!’ Let them come untoMe & don’t be of a cold, harsh, cruel, unbelieving heart, just because you have been disappointed!Pick them up & take them back into your arms, & try again. Fight for them!Have a little more faith in Me, that I can do a miracle in their life, that they are My children, and I will liftthem up.Pray for them, and I’ll show you what to do. Ask Me what you can do to bring each one back to Me!“Children are an heritage of the Lord,” and by rejecting this heritage, selfish people are forfeiting their heritage & their part in Me. Only the selfish dislike children.Children are a more important factor than many realize. They’re the fruit of man, although some havecome to accept the concept that the fruit more worthy of bearing is their little colored papers... The loveof money is the root of all evil, and if you consider money a greater & better fruit to bear than children,then you’re on the Devil’s track, not Mine! Your children will still be your heritage from Me, even long after the last bill of paper money will havegone down the drain. Welcome them with arms wide open, love them as I have loved you, and that lovewill never return unto you void. Even IF the Enemy gets a hold of them temporarily & twists & warps their minds & turns them against you! Let it be a test of unconditional love, like I have loved youunconditionally, even when you turned from Me. Forgive them as I have forgiven you and continue toforgive! Your children
important to Me, and they should definitely be to you! You should do the best you canfor them, and you MUST be faithful in that which is not really the least: your little ones. Your little ones are of great concern to Me, and you can’t really be a good missionary or disciple if you’rea lousy father or mother. So go & learn what this meaneth: ‘I will have mercy, not sacrifice!’ Whatever sacrifices you may be able to make for Me as a missionary on some far flung field can't amount to much if you have failed those very ones I have entrusted you with... It’s all a test, My love, all a test, andtransporting you across some ocean won’t make a great missionary out of you if you can’t even lovethose in your own back yard. I want you to show My love for them.They are your mission field... have you watered your little plants? Have you cared for your garden? Haveyou been faithfully sowing My seeds into their hearts? Is your sample such that your children would wantto assume your life-style?Who would have thought that that child or that youngster could have turned into a brilliant mind, ashining light & beacon to many under your influence & tutorship? Who could have suspected that theywere wide-open treasure chests, waiting to be filled with what you had to give them?I’m handing out a crown of great glory to those special few who had the vision, who were faithful, wholed My little ones & guided them by the hand, who had an unselfish love to pour their own lives into thoseyoung & brittle vessels, often at the cost of giving up their own dreams & visions & goals they had for themselves.Praying is not only an essential part of love a parent should have for their child, but it’s actually the mostimportant & effective thing you can and must do!A baby brings many new “burdens” in the form of a greater work load. But in My eyes, that babe may bethe purpose you’re here for, for what else is life all about but learning to care for someone else, learning
to help those who are weaker?Soon it will turn out to have been the biggest blessing & richest source of rewards in your life you couldhave ever dreamed of.A baby is able to do nothing but trust that his mother will feed him & take care of him. A baby is a pictureof perfect trust. You gotta be a baby to get a taste of that heavenly peace & trust & faith. Just trust like ababy! You must look into the future. When Abraham was alive on Earth, not many folks knew about him,comparatively speaking. He had his encounter with the king of Egypt & with maybe a few hundred or thousand others, but none of them were aware of who he was going to be. What I made him, I broughtabout through a tiny little baby. Something anyone can do: make love & have a baby. But it wassomething special
did, just like the Father did the most special thing in all history by sending down ababy...Sometimes the whole impact that tiny little baby had, that seemingly insignificant life of faith, is onlyrevealed years, decades, or even centuries later, as is so often the case with people who are consideredsaints in the World: they're hardly ever considered saints during their life-time.I give you everything so that you give it back to Me. If you receive everything from My hand & thank Mefor it & are willing to give it back to Me every time (like the picture of a parent playing ball with a toddler:the toddler has to be willing to throw or roll the ball back to the parent, otherwise it won't work...), thenyou'll eventually find out that this game works, and it's actually fun, and that there's a sense to all thisgive & take, even though you (the toddler) may not see it at first...Children are a factor you can't just ignore. You can't just ignore the little things, the little people and thedetails, in favor of a potentially big thing.I'm asking those who say they wish to follow Me, to keep straight their priorities and determine what'smost important in their lives: their carnal (adult) children, or the many lost spiritual children of Mine, whomight be lost forever in this life, just because you were so encumbered about with much care and worryfor your physical children, who were
responsibility to begin with. You seem to be so afraid that I'm incapable or too heartless to take good care of those I have given you.Can you keep them from death? Can you keep them from prison, and the paths of darkness they havechosen for themselves in their lives? No, not by caring for them every waking hour of your life could youkeep their spirits from wandering into the depths of darkness, if that's what their choice is. But I can. IFyou will commit them into My hands, which will often mean, first letting them go out of your own hand &trusting Me for them.My ways are unlike your ways, and they're mysterious ways, and you don't always comprehend them. Butdoes that mean that they cannot be good? Does that mean you know better than Me? Does that mean Ihave failed, I was absent or asleep when this or that bad thing happened?What do you know that I might have
them to be cast in prison to show you a glimpse of thecountless captives in the prisons of Satan that you will never free? What if I have even allowed someoneyou know to die to show you a glimpse of the pain of the millions that are dying out there without theWords of life in your hands, that you and your children are taking for granted, and some even despise?What if they're out there in poverty, without a job, without money, just for Me to show you a glimpse of allthe countless destitute & poor spiritually, who would long to be blessed with a fraction of the richesyou've got?What if all those supposedly bad things you see Me allowing to happen to them are in reality good thingsthat draw them closer to Me, that would wake them up from the error of their ways, if you would notattempt time and time again to protect them from My chastisements?That baby may only be a small source of noise & trouble in your life today, eating up your resources, andmaking you wonder what else it could possibly be good for, besides giving you trouble, but a look intothe future with the eyes of the vision that I can give you, of what that baby can become one day, if you'llonly rear it with the right kind of attitude, will give you a completely different outlook.My dealings with you aren't all that different from your dealings with your children. That's another reasonwhy having children is such a blessing & one of the major purposes in life: there is hardly a better example of My relationship with you, hardly any better parallel which explains to you better how I like tointeract with you, how much I love you, how I wish for you to learn to obey Me, etc., than having children.How much you get from Me is only limited by your own faith.The rule is simple: ask and it shall be given you. Those are the only conditions. You need to ask. Youdon't run after your child all day long & ask, "What is it you'd like now... Do you want this? Do you wantthat?" The best is not to spoil them too much, but let them ask if they want something. You can lead themin a certain direction, as to what the available options are, but they've got to do the asking themselves...usually.The Devil is always after the young, and their battles are often more intense than yours & it takes My kind
of sensitivity to tune in to them, to be aware of what's going on with them; to communicate with themabout it & to draw them out of themselves, as a doctor would with a patient, so that you know whatspecific Word medicine to give them.Once you hear them out, show genuine interest & an effort to tune in to them, & concern for them, they'llopen up & will be ready for your Word-based solutions, providing you're applying them to your livesyourselves. They'll only accept tried & proven advice.Ask Me to help you tune in to them, help you connect your hearts to theirs, to reveal to you what their particular needs are, to shine a light into the dark area, that question mark in their hearts & minds thatparents & grown-ups seldom have a clue about.Once they'll be able to tell that you are genuinely concerned about them, their hearts & souls, & willing tosacrifice your time for them & to change things for their sake, they will also become more willing to listento you and accept your solutions wholeheartedly.Come to Me regularly regarding the particular needs of your children,
problems occur, & thusprevent them from happening. You can change everything today, the way you look at them, their way of seeing you, your whole lives &interaction together. Being open to change is a key factor; being willing to change your sample.Few people recognize the extent to which the Devil is invading their own homes, lives & families.The younger a person is, the more the flesh "rules" them, and they see things with their carnal minds, notlike I do. They think that physical harm is the worst that can befall them or their child, when in
dangers, which draw them away from Me, are something to be much more concerned andalarmed about than the dangers of 
harm, which I often use to draw a person closer to Me.Abraham was willing to trust Me, that I knew better what was the best concerning his son, that My handswere the place he was going to be best cared for, even if I asked something as absurd of him as tosacrifice him unto Me. Evidently Abraham had enough faith to believe that even if Isaac would die, itwould be better for him than what could have happened if Abraham had disobeyed Me.Now, modern parents are very, very far away from that kind of faith. They think they have to do all that isin their power to protect their children from any physical harm, danger or abuse, and if necessary, even toprotect them from
. They don't believe that the best place in the universe to place their child is in Myhands, they don't have the faith of Job who said, "though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him," and muchless the faith of Abraham, who practically said, "though He ask me to slay my only son, yet will I trust inHim."Today's parents' faith is so weak, they scarcely even know that I exist, much less would they consider that I have anything to do with the rearing of their child. They consider raising their child the duty I gavethem, but in their eyes, that duty does not include Me, or trusting Me for their children. They want to takeit all into their own hands, just like they try to take their own lives and its substance & insurance into their own hands. They place their trust in money, instead of Me. But consequently, they also make gravemistakes, since they don't consult or seek Me about any of these things. They often fail & fall flat on their faces & wind up confused, wondering what on earth they might have done wrong.Some do apply genuine & sincere love, which cannot fail. But often they forget or don't know that to achild, love spells t.i.m.e., & while they're working half their lives away in order to ensure their family'sphysical well-being, they neglect the spiritual. You would like to give your children a treat that they can remember as something not boring, but that'sbecause you want to appeal to their mind gear of "what can I consume today, so that I can register thisday as a success of some kind?" It's that manipulated mind gear of constantly having to receive,unlearning the ability to give or contribute something and registering
as a success instead.So, in order to
do them a favor, you should not adjust to
mind gear and bend to
wishes,but you should instead seek for opportunities for them to learn from
, which will be useful preparationfor the future. If you bend to
scheme, you'll just spoil them & render them unable to cope with lifelater on. Your kids have to learn to appreciate the little things & that they must
in order to receive, otherwisethey're going to be lost later on, unable to contribute anything valuable to others, only selfishly seekingtheir own pleasure & satisfaction.They've got to do
part in order to feel
satisfied in the long run, finding pleasure in
share to the workload, which is much more lasting and important than the fleeting littlepleasures of consumption.If your child is giving you trials because of stubbornness, disobedience or laziness, you should askyourself whether there's a chance that I might want to work on those same areas in
life. If they arecausing you trials because you feel rejected or unwanted by them, you must ask yourself why.Often, children have a completely wrong concept of their father, quite similar to people's false perceptionof 
, their heavenly Father. Ask Me to show you what you can do in such a situation to rectify andperhaps correct their view of things a bit. But the first step is to get them to
.Ask Me what you can do, how to approach them in order to get them to confide to you what's on their hearts about you, why they seem to dislike you.If they give you trials because they prefer to spend their time with their 
to the extent that theyhardly come to see you anymore at all, welcome to the way that I feel in relation to many of My children!

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