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Choice & Decisions

Choice & Decisions



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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Aug 06, 2009
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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……Choice and Decisions
“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set beforeyou life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.” –Deuteronomy 30:19
I never condemn you for taking the easy way out. I love you way too much to condemn you for your weaknesses. However, the consequences of your choices must always be borne by yourselves. You have to continue to make the right choices everyday.In order to make the right choices & make the best out of everyday, you’re going to have to remindyourself each day anew of that you belong to Me.Some promises
conditional, and their fulfillment depends on your individual choices. Praise Mewhenever one of you has made the right choices toward victory and deliverance, for a lot of work in thespirit was necessary in order to bring that victory about. You are choosing between the ways of life and death right now, the way of your own carnal mind, of theflesh, and the way of My Spirit.I put before you the ways of life & of death, to choose this day, & according to your faith be it unto you!If you’re going to make the choice for Me, then it’s going to have to be all-out. You can’t ride 2 horses atthe same time! You cannot serve God and Mammon...Nobody’s forcing you to believe or obey My Words, but your happiness depends on it... Will you chooseto be happy, or miserable?Choose
you’re going to believe: your own “truth,” or Mine... You either sow good seeds or weed seeds. There is no in-between.Either you promote Me & My message, or the Enemy’s.Whatever doesn’t promote Me & My truth, must be promoting something else.Choices & consequences! You chose to say the wrong things & act the wrong way, to let the wrong spirittake over & rule your life & being temporarily, & now you‘re reaping the consequences. If you think that’sdrastic, look at the much more drastic results of Adam & Eve’s choice to listen to the Devil in the Garden& eat of the forbidden fruit: all mankind is still paying the consequences for that after 6000 years!Once you make the decision that you’re going to obey come what may, I do the rest for you & help you toput it into practice & into action.Everyone has the choice whether they're going to let the things I have given them, their boy- or girl-friend,their children, wife or husband, become their new god, the thing they live for, the thing that all their actions revolve around, or whether they're going to give it back to Me every day, lay it on the altar & putMe first.I have set before you the path of life, and the path of your own will, that which seemeth right unto a man,but the end thereof is destruction. Choosing Me & My way & My will means choosing life. Trying to saveyour own life & trying to ensure your own wants will mean the loss of true life.Make sure that you're among My chosen ones by choosing My path above all others everyday.The thing to do is to focus on Me & keep your focus on what's up ahead, not the easier, more comfortableoption,
you want to follow in the footsteps of Abraham, the father of faith, & be part of his heritage, abearer of the crown reserved for those who choose My highest will & option.Let each man & woman choose whom they're going to serve. If it be mammon, then let them serve him,but let them also be fully aware of the consequences, the price they'll have to pay: the price of slavery,the price of absence of true happiness which only comes by seeking spiritual fulfillment, (for man is aspirit & can only be fully satisfied by spirit), the price of the absence of My blessings & protection & of the
peace that obedience to Me brings.The choice is, "Do you feed your body and starve your soul"? Especially young people have to make thatchoice & answer this question.Is their body, their mere physical existence & its pleasures really that important to them that they'rewilling to completely neglect their souls & spirits for it? Are they so duped, so fascinated by all thepleasures the Devil has to offer, just like Pinocchio on "Pleasure Island", that they don't realize that Satanis making a spiritual jack-ass out of them?I want people who choose My way voluntarily, and because they think it's the best. Everybody wants alife-boat when the ship is already sinking. But who wants to come away from the superficial partyingwhile the ship is still cruising? Who wants to believe those who say that the ship is going down whileeverybody's still having so much fun? I want people to serve Me because they love Me & choose to serveMe above the other, more shiny options, not only out of the fear of My impending judgments.It all amounts to a choice between true loyalty and basically pursuing your own way.I don't like to make decisions for you. I can help you make them, but you have to decide yourself.They're like tests & ways for Me to find out where you're at, what you're made of & where you stand... Thechoices you make are what you are. They make up your testimony, your witness, they become your wholelegacy & your life. So, don't dread making them, nor shun them or try to sneak your way out of them,since they're so important. Enjoy making them, or at least learn to enjoy it.It's the Enemy, who's trying to get you to dread those choices. He likes to muddle things up, to keep themnot so clear, so nobody quite knows what's going on exactly, in his misty haze of confusion. But I havealways provoked people to make clear choices and decisions with My radical ways, either for Me or against Me, there was no in-between.It's heartbreaking to see people make the wrong choice, but choice is what it's all about.It's always a matter of whether you believe you are your own, or whether you believe that since I not onlycreated you, but have also bought and redeemed you with My blood, you're rightfully Mine. If you acceptthe fact that your life actually belongs to Me, you won't make such a big fuss about Me wanting to useyou and wanting to employ you for My purposes, you figure it's a whole lot better to serve Me than theDevil.History or destiny is constantly being re-written & re-planned & re-shaped by its participants and their decisions. It all depends on each of you. Each one has to fulfill their part. If any party allows the Enemy tofoil the plan, the final victory is going to have to be brought about by some other means, or even by other players... Your place as one of My winners is not guaranteed. Each one's place among the winners & final victors isonly determined by their own constant determination, conviction and decision to keep on for Me & Mealone, no matter what, and if whatever your brother does causes you to stumble or give up, that brother may be held responsible for his mistakes, but
will be held responsible for your own decision to focuson his faults instead of Me. You are what you are by the choices & decisions you make every day, every second, minute and hour,and what you will be is determined by all that. You're not the same you were yesterday because of thedecisions you made today. You're either one step closer towards the goal or one step further away than you were since the last stepyou took, depending on the direction in which you took it.As children of God to whom the Word of God is being revealed, you
as gods, as the Bible says,and your decisions have
impact on your future, than the decisions of unbelievers have on theirs,unless they choose to receive Me and My Word, too. Your future is still in the making, and determined by your decisions, so, why should I influence them byrevelations of what's going to happen? You might prefer it that way, but that's only because you see as achild sees, not as the Father, Who sees what's truly good for you.When there is a choice, choose the true beauty, that which bears My message in it, not that which youthink will please them most.Will you live as a little "king," reigning for a short time in your own little realm of pride and self-righteousness, judging everyone by your own laws and rules, and forever thinking you know better thaneveryone else, including Me, or will you turn around & walk the humble but truthful and honest & sincereroad of a true prince for Me?Choose which road you're going to follow; the high road or the low road, the path of light or the broadwayof darkness, the way of truth, or the slippery track of lies.It's a myriad of little, seemingly insignificant choices you're having to make each day, as to who you'regoing to listen to, whom are you going to follow,
voice and the whispers of 
, or the Devil'sroaring cheers, laughter and enticing songs?
Keep your focus on the
. Make the right choices! Distinguish between the Devil's lures & Mywhispers, and between the way the
sees things and
way.I have given everyone the freedom of choice to either doubt or believe Me.The temptation is there to think, "What is He doing?
not right..." And the temptation of self-righteousness, of thinking you could or would have done better. That choice is there, for everyone,constantly. That's the plan of free choice.It doesn't primarily depend on the training you receive what kind of man you're going to be, but itdepends on the choices you make.Serving Me is a choice everyday: who are you going to cater to, your own desires or Mine?Lethargy, selfishness & pleasure will always promote your own ends in your mind, & all that's there tocounter them is My Word & the voice of My Spirit, the anti-flesh, the anti-ego "movement" in the world of your mind, and you have to make your choices every time which side you're going to actively support byyour actions. (Phil.2:21).I wish for you to make the decision at the beginning of each day that this is going to be a day you'regoing to choose to invest in My cause, a day that you're going to live for the sake of the promotion of MyCause & My Kingdom.I'm teaching you about the often underestimated impact and effect of your personal choices.My promises are always conditional in some way; you have to keep
part of the deal in order for 
to be able to keep
: if you make the
choices, then all the
things apply that I've told you.But if you make the
choices, I can take your blessings away from you again just as quickly as youdecide to listen to and yield to the voices of the Enemy!There comes a point when consequences can no longer be put off.One needs to make the choice whether what they want is really the truth or merely their own mentalconcept of Me, the way they'd like to see Me.Things change by the decisions people make, that's why it's hard to make accurate predictions & "timetables" regarding the future. The future is as flexible as people's majesty of choice. Certain events are setin stone, but when and exactly how they're to come about depends on many little factors, individualdecisions, & switch points.It's the little things that make this kingdom stand... little prayers, & little decisions... little, seeminglyinsignificant choices.They will determine the rise & fall of kings and what could have been kings & prophets. They make thedifference between everything and nothing. For the want of the nail... the kingdom lost.One proud choice to disobey a seemingly minor instruction of the prophet cost Saul his kingdom...Some people have been sent strong delusion so that they might believe a lie, simply because they did notreceive the love of the truth. They had the chance to receive the truth, but when they rejected it, that wastheir decision to take the down-hill slope.I have equipped all My sons & daughters of all ages with the "majesty of choice," a constant check inyour heart which determines whether you're willing to give up your own thing to Me and allow
to beyour Boss & Master of your fate, or not. It's either "yes" or "no" to Me.There are two paths, two ways for man to choose through life: the carnal way and the path of faith. Theresult only shows at the end of the road.Some matters I leave up to your choices & decisions, and with others, I don't leave you any option(because I know you wouldn't choose them voluntarily); they're inevitable.What would you do, where would you go, if you really believed that ALL things were possible to you?Where do you think you would be the most needed, and what would you do?Anything is possible! You can go and be and do whatever you want!Can you make "Thy will be done" the sole sufficient ground for your life, your destiny, your paths &choices in life? You've got to accept people's choices without self-righteously judging them for them! You've got torespect their majesty of choice, knowing that I haven't ordained you all to take the same path!Everything in life depends on choices. It's part of a parent's love to leave their child a choice.My children choose to let Me have the ultimate choice, it's okay with them if I don't always say "yes" toeverything they want. Whereas those who insist on having
way regardless of Me and what I have tosay about it, reap the consequences.Everybody's got the majesty of choice that qualifies them to make decisions to either make good of thislife or to destroy it.

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