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Eswara Nadi

Eswara Nadi



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Published by Balasubramanian
This is a translation of the Tamil Nadi literature - Eswara Nadi.
This is a translation of the Tamil Nadi literature - Eswara Nadi.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Balasubramanian on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eswara Nadi – Translation
By yenbeeyes Written on 16.06.2009
Eswara Nadi was said to be the work of one of the greatest Tamil Poet Agasthiyar. He wasalso called as ‘Kumbha Muni’ as he was created out of a pitcher. While writing the EswaraNadi he created seven ‘Kandams’ or sections. They are named after the seven planets fromSun to Saturn. There is no mention of any section for the planets Rahu and Ketu. However,in all these seven ‘Kandams’ he takes into account the position of Rahu and Ketu also. Theentire work is written in Tamil language.I have with me only the first ‘Kandam’ or section which deals with the position of Sun invarious houses for all the Lagnas. This is named as ‘Surya Kandam’ or Sun’s Section.The poet has only rarely mentioned the name of the planets in the entire narration. Theyare referred to either as per karakatwa, or ownership of the Bhava with reference to theLagna in question. Sometimes the poet has taken aspect of the planet as reference whichputs us into difficulty as to where it can be placed. For instance in one verse he says if Lagna is aspected by Ayush karaka – Here Ayush karaka is Saturn. Saturn has 3 aspects –the 3
, 7
and the 10
. Now we come into difficulty as to where we should place Saturn.With my limited knowledge of Astrology, I have tried to give a suitable placement for suchsayings of the Rishi. In the translation part, I have omitted such references and insteadgiven the position of the planets only.I am also providing the chart for all the verses in South Indian style as I am more familiarand used to it. Only the planets mentioned in the verse have been given in the chart. Alsoonly the first two letters of the planets are given by me in the chart. I have also given theimage format of all the slokas which are in Tamil so that those who can read Tamil can verifythe translation and mistakes if any may kindly be brought to my knowledge.
Aries Lagna: Sun in Lagna (5 verses are found under this section)
Eswara Nadi – Translation
By yenbeeyes Written on 16.06.2009
Asc.SuJu MaChart 1Sun in the first house(Aries), Jupiterin the 2
house and Mars in the 10
house -The native’s father will have onlyone sister. His father will be withouteducation, without any skill and willalso be unhealthy. He will be acomfortless person.Asc.SuJuMaSaChart 2Sun in Aries Lagna, Jupiterand Mars in the 3
house andSaturn in the 11
house –The native’s father will havefive brothers and four sisters.When the native is of 16 yearsold his father will pass away.
Eswara Nadi – Translation
By yenbeeyes Written on 16.06.2009
Asc.Su MeVeChart 3JuSun, mercury andVenus in Aries Lagnaand Jupiter in 5
house-Native’s father willaccumulate wealththrough the Kings. Hewill be a comfortableand happy person.There will be no othermember except native’sfather in the native’sfather’s lineage.

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