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Kokology Stories

Kokology Stories



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Published by contrarian_is_me

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Published by: contrarian_is_me on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kokology Stories
A Night at the SymphonyThere's something magical about a night at the symphony - a sense of expectation and pure pleasure. Imagine being able to take a place on that stage among the other musicians, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at your very best.If you could join the orchestra, what instrument do you see yourself playing?1. Violin2. String Bass3. Trumpet4. FluteKey to A Night at the SymphonyMusical instruments are symbolic of members of the opposite sex. The pairing of you andyour instrument shows how you perceive yourself in making the music of love. Theinstrument you chose gives insight into what you think of as your strongest lovemakingtechnique.1. ViolinThe violin demands sensitive fingerwork and a delicate touch with the bow to draw forthmusic from the taut strings. You see yourself has having the same awareness and skill inlocating and playing upon your partners' most sensitive points. There's a sense of adventure in the way your hands can create such beautiful music by running over thesame familiar notes.2. String BassThere's a feeling of power gotten from taking position behind an enormous bass andmaking it call out in a tremendous moan. In love, your skill rests in the ability to bendyour partners to your will, taking complete control, and driving them onward to pleasurethey never imagined the could experience. You never ask permission, but that dominatingcharacter is what makes you so irresistible.3. TrumpetThere's no getting around it - your mouth is the strongest weapon in your arsenal.Whether it's whispering love talk in your partner's ear or exploring them with your lips,you have all the characteristics of the oral personality.
4. FluteThe flute demand incredible patience from those who want to master it. You show thatsame patience in the way you wear down your partners with persistence, determination,and stamina. Your lovers are often taken off guard when what they thought would be a brief recital quickly develops into a full concerto in six movements.A Desert JourneyAnd now… let’s imagine ourselves in a desert…1. You are riding a camel in a desert. You really feel tired and exhausted. What will yousay to the camel who has been with you all throughout your journey in the desert?2. You are really thirsty. Luckily, you saw an oasis. But you are surprised to see thatsomeone has arrived before you. WHo is he/she? (A person you know).3. Finally, your destination is already in sight. How do you feel now?4. You have to leave the camel now since you already reached your destination. Another  person will now ride to the camel. Who is he/she?Key to A Desert Journey:The desert and camel theme symbolizes the journey toward personal independence.Specifically, this scenario reveals your feelings about parting with a lover. Your answersshow how you might react when the time comes to go your separate ways.Meaning of your anwer to item #1: The words you spoke to the camel reveal what youmight say to yourself when you realize love has been lost.Meaning of your anwer to item #2: The person you encountered here could be someonewho has helped or comforted you in the past or one you might turn to in times of need.Meaning of your anwer to item #3: Your feelings upon reaching the town are your truefeelings about finally getting over a lost love.Meaning of your anwer to item #4: The new rider is a person toward whom you feel asecret rivalry, jealousy, or resentment.The Blue BirdOne day, a blue bird suddenly flew to the window of your room and was trapped. You gotattracted to this bird that’s why you kept it. The next day, you were surprised to see that
th ebird turned into color yellow. On the third day, it became red, and on the fourth day, it became black. What color is the bird when you wake up on the fifth day?1. It stays black.2. It turns back to it’s original blue.3. It turns white.4. I turns golden colored.Key to The Blue Bird:The bird that flew into your room seemed like a symbol of good fortune, but suddenly itchanged color, making you worry that happiness would not last. Your reaction to thissituation shows how you respond to difficulties and uncertainties in real life.1. Those who said the bird stays black have a pessimistic outlook.2. Those who said the bird turns blue again are practical optimists.3. Those who said the bird turns white are cool and decisive under pressure.4. Those who said the bird turns golden can be described as fearless.Where the Sky meets the SeaThere are breathtaking mountain vistas, sweeping metropolitan skylines, rugged tracts of forest that scretch as far as the eye can see, and gentle country landscapes dotted withfields and farms, but of all the scenic views in the world, none can stir the imaginationand calm the soul like the unbroken line where the sky meets the sea. That blue horizon isa vast space inviting the mind to relax and unwind, to soar above and dive within, todream...You are staying at a resort hotel with ocean view. Lying on your bed, you gaze out a huge bay window across the cool blue waters, and lulled by the scene, you drift off to sleep.Which of the following view greets you when you awake?1. A bright midday sun burning over the sea.2. The dark ocean sleeping beneath a starry night sky.3. A cool mist rolling in over the waters.4. The sun just beginning to sink beneath the horizon at dusk.RESULT:In myths and ancient religions from around the world, the sea and the sky are pictured asan eternal couple, forever holding each other in a loving enbrace. The way you envisaged

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