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Published by hong1988

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Published by: hong1988 on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corruption is a disease, a cancer that eats into the cultural, political andeconomic fabric of society, and destroys the functioning of vital organs. In thewords of Transparency International, “Corruption is one of the greatest challengesof the contemporary world. It undermines good government, fundamentally distortspublic policy, leads to the misallocation of resources, harms the private sectorand private sector development and particularly hurts the poor. Corruption alsodefined as 'the abuse of public power for personal ends' - has always existed.During recent decades, however, it has grown both in terms of geographic extentand intensity. Since the mid 1970s, it has infiltrated virtually every country inthe world. Corruption is found almost everywhere, it is deep rooted in many of thenewly industrialised countries, and it is reaching alarming proportions in severalof the post-communist countries. Corruption has been the subject of a substantialamount of the o rising and empirical research over the last 30 years, and this hasproduced a bewildering array of alternative explanations, typologies and remedies.However, as an extensively applied notion in both politics and social sciences,corruption is being used rather haphazardly. Corruption is understood aseverything from the paying of bribes to civil servants in return for some favourand the theft of public purses, to a wide range of dubious economic and politicalpractices in which politicians and bureaucrats enrich themselves and any abusiveuse of public power to a personal end. Besides, corruption is in itself a many-faceted phenomenon and the concept of corruption contains too many connotations tobe analytically functional without a closer definition.The main cause of occur corruption in Malaysia is government tend to earn moremoney. Since the ultimate source of rent-seeking behavior is the availability ofrents, corruption is likely to occur where restrictions and governmentintervention lead to the presence of such excessive profits. Examples includetrade restrictions (such as tariffs and import quotas), favoritist industrialpolicies (such as subsidies and tax deductions), price controls, multiple exchangerate practices and foreign exchange allocation schemes, and government-controlledprovision of credit. Some rents may arise in the absence of governmentintervention, as in the case of natural resources, such as oil, whose supply islimited by nature and whose extraction cost is far lower than its market price.Since abnormal profits are available to those who extract oil, officials whoallocate extraction rights are likely to be offered bribes. Finally, one wouldexpect that corruption is more likely to take place when civil servants are paidvery low wages and often must resort to collecting bribes in order to feed theirfamilies.Nowadays we see corruption in every field of life. In our society there is no anydepartment which is totally free from corruption. Every affected person commentsthat he does not like corruption and wants to remove the corruption from thesociety. In order to remove the corruption from the society we should know thecauses of corruption. Whenever we don’t know the causes of corruption, we will notfinish this lame duck from our society. There are many causes of corruption, oneof the causes of corruption is poverty. Poverty is very common factor ofcorruption. Poverty insists a poor man towards corruption. We all know that a poorman lives from hand to mouth. In this modern age dearness is increasing day byday. In order to fulfill his family demands, he does corruption. Mostly it hasbeen seen that rich people get benefited through poor. They pay a handsome amountof money to the needy people for doing wrong deed.Corruption produces a very bad effect on the society. It destroys the ethics andthe values of the society. Corruption makes the people to do every type of badthing. Due to corruption people do not perform their duty well. There are manyexamples of corruptions lying in our society. We often see, when a common citizenviolate a law, police arrest him. But as he offers bribe to the officer, heimmediately release him after taking the bribe from him. This shows that thepolice officer is corrupt and he not performing his duty well. Like wise ourcourts are not fulfilling their duty in a well manner. If you have money, you canmake the judge take decision in your favor. In this way the innocent is punished

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