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Metis of Lake Qu'Appelle Petition of 1875

Metis of Lake Qu'Appelle Petition of 1875

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The Metis, Cree and Saulteaux petition the North West Council regarding hunting regulations and assistance for farming.
The Metis, Cree and Saulteaux petition the North West Council regarding hunting regulations and assistance for farming.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metis of Lake Qu’Appelle Petition of 1875
PAM B1, Lieutenant Governor’s Collection, File 920, Petition to the North West Council fro the Metis of La!e "u’A##elle, Fe$ruar% 2, 1&'()*o the e$ers of the North West Council Fe$ruar% 2, 1&'()GentleenWe the Metis of Lac "u’A##elle asse$le+, as ell as an% Cree an+ -aulteau. /n+ian chiefs, e su$it an+ as! that %ou ta!e into consi+eration the folloin +ean+s !ee#in in in+ the las that ill #lease our ise en’ an+ that this ill $e reviee+ ith our interests an+ that of the /n+ians in in+)naniousl% e as! that it $e #rohi$ite+ to live inters on the #rairies) B%  #rairies e ean the #laces here the anials live an+ there are no +efinite esta$lishents) *here are hoever settleents u# to the sall for! 
 an+ the anials never o $e%on+ that liit, an+ u# to the liits here the issions an+ forts are esta$lishe+) *he oal of this +ean+ is to leave the anials alone to #reserve the an+ to fin+ other eans to su$sist) We nee+ to have the a$ilit% to fulfill our +ut% toar+s Go+ $% sta%in at least for the inter onths close to our issions an+ also to esta$lish ourselves an+ to cultivate the earth hich to us at this ver% oent is necessar% to live) We also nee+ to e+ucate ourselves an+ our chil+ren to for a nation orth% of 3the no$le e.istence4 5Go+6 on hich e +e#en+)7ven thouh it is #eritte+ to o huntin onl% after e have soe+ our lan+ that is, not $efore the tenth of 8une an+ to a!e one or to tri#s +urin that tie of %ear an+ u# to the en+ of Nove$er) We oul+ li!e hoever to $e a$le to a!e a uic! tri# over the inter :ust in case the anials are ettin too close to the settleents that is, in case the% a##ear to $e three +a%s aa% fro the) B% settleent here, the% are referrin to the sall for!)We reuest that all #eo#le livin on these lan+s +urin the inter onths $e o$lie+ to coe $ac! ith the hunters after the first hunt of the s#rin season) We as! that the Aericans $e #rohi$ite+ fro huntin +urin the inter onths on this territor% as the% oul+ hin+er the anials) We as! that there $e a heft% fine or severe #unishent aainst those ho $ein to hunt to set fires fro 8une until the inter onths) *hese fires +estro%) We as! that the overnent furnish /n+ians fro the $einnin of s#rin hat is necessar% for the to cultivate an+ so the lan+) Without this, the% oul+ not $e a$le to esta$lish theselves on their reserve) /t oul+ $e too +ifficult for the to live if e  #revente+ the fro livin on the #rairie +urin the inter onths) ;ur re#resentatives
 *he Little For! is here the outflo fro Last Mountain La!e 5Lon La!e6 est 5u#strea6 of Fort "u’A##elle :oins the "u’A##elle <iver)

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