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Treating Yourself

Treating Yourself



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Published by Billy

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Published by: Billy on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Treating Yourself
Treating Yourself
Mission Statement

TreatingYoursel\ue000.com was created in May 2002 to provide medical marijuana users with in\ue000ormation to assist them in their responsible use o\ue000 medical mari- juana.

The Treating Yoursel\ue000 Journal was launched in August 2005. It is a journal written by patients \ue000or patients, and has grown into a world wide source o\ue000 in\ue000orma- tion.

TY provides patients and care givers the in\ue000ormation on where they can acquire seeds, to di\ue000\ue000erent meth- ods o\ue000 growing medical marijuana \ue000or themselves and introducing healthier methods o\ue000 taking their medicine.

Our website treatingyoursel\ue000.com is the largest and most compassionate medical marijuana website to date. TY is a predominately \u201cmedical marijuana\u201d web- site whose goal it is to provide the education in the responsible use o\ue000 marijuana as it applies to medicine, and to consolidate as many \u201cpro marijuana\u201d websites and interest groups with a goal to co-ordinate all o\ue000 our e\ue000\ue000orts with regards to the issues o\ue000 legalization.

Team TY would like to welcome all respectable, respon- sible marijuana users. We would like to see a con- certed e\ue000\ue000ort on behal\ue000 o\ue000 all respectable, responsible marijuana users World Wide, helping in the e\ue000\ue000ort to abolish prohibition as prohibition must be abolished! As individual \u201cinterest groups\u201d we are at the mercy and whim o\ue000 the governing bodies o\ue000 the world, however i\ue000 we were to unite and begin to demonstrate to the world that we are responsible and respectable mem- bers o\ue000 society the choice will be clear. Marijuana must

be made \ue000ully legal to any and all who have obtained
the age o\ue000 majority!

The time has come \ue000or our governments and lawmak- ers World Wide to abolish the immoral prohibition o\ue000 an innocuous \ue000lower! The time has come to realize that we are not \u201cpotheads\u201d or \u201cstoners\u201d, \ue000ar \ue000rom it! We are tax payers; we go to work every day we are employed in every walk o\ue000 li\ue000e. People who use marijuana range \ue000rom janitors to judges, barbers to doctors\u2026 yes even a good number o\ue000 our police use marijuana!

Yet the \ue000acts remain the same... we still \ue000ace prohibi- tion, we are still unjustly locked up, we can still have our lives ruined! All because the propaganda machine is kept well oiled and \ue000ine tuned. It is our duty to throw sand in those gears! It is our duty to dismantle this ponderous loathsome machine! The only way to achieve this is to \u201cwalk the walk\u201d and \u201ctalk the talk\u201d, we... the marijuana consumers o\ue000 the world must show the lawmakers that we do NOT cause harm, we are responsible, we are respectable and we are valued, productive members o\ue000 society!

It is long past due that we remove the stigma that is attached to marijuana, to date there are hundreds o\ue000 legal marijuana users in Canada who would rather that the \u201cpublic\u201d not know who they are. Not \ue000or \ue000ear o\ue000 being ripped o\ue000\ue000\u2026 no... They would rather remain anonymous because society has allowed the stigma- tism o\ue000 \u201cpothead\u201d and \u201cstoner\u201d to continue. They would rather remain anonymous because they don\u2019t want to be harassed by police \ue000or their legal gardens\u2026 they don\u2019t want their pro\ue000essional careers to be inter\ue000ered with. All they really want is to be allowed to live a more pain \ue000ree productive li\ue000e! There are literally hundreds o\ue000 thousands more that use marijuana as a relaxant to help manage stress, stress kills!

Even \ue000or the social user marijuana is used at parties

and other gatherings, much in the same way that alcohol is used\u2026 with \ue000ar less addicting e\ue000\ue000ects and without the morning a\ue000ter hangover. Marijuana is o\ue000 course among the most benign o\ue000 the so called \u201cparty drugs\u201d, \ue000ar greater threats can be \ue000ound in the \ue000orm o\ue000

Treatingyourself.com was created
in May 2002 to provide medical
marijuana users with information to
assist them in their responsible use of
medical marijuana.

crack cocaine and crystal meth!

To suggest that the ingesting o\ue000 a plant such as mari- juana should also carry with it the \u201cshame\u201d o\ue000 a crimi- nal record and the possible destruction o\ue000 any \ue000uture career opportunity or even the ability to \ue000reely travel about the globe.. Is in \ue000act a \u201cshame\u201d and a \u201ccrime\u201d against the responsible and respectable marijuana consumers o\ue000 the world!

We must legalize marijuana! We must remove the criminal element \ue000rom marijuana, to do this it must be legal \ue000or anyone to grow and use marijuana that is at or above the age o\ue000 consent! By removing the archaic laws that continue to prohibit the \ue000ree use o\ue000 this wondrous herb we would \ue000ree up multiple billions o\ue000 dollars currently being eaten up by police agencies around the globe in an e\ue000\ue000ort to stamp out a relatively harmless plant!

By doing so our \ue000ine police o\ue000\ue000icers would be able to concentrate on ending the threat o\ue000 \ue000ar more dan- gerous and insidious addictive drugs such as crack cocaine and meth amphetamines. There is a better way! The government needs to hear your voices! Send your thoughts to your local MP or Government representative; do not be a\ue000raid, only criminals need to be a\ue000raid!

You are simply pursuing your rights! The \ue000uture is in your hands, shape it wisely ... someday your health may hang in the balance!

Team TY and all o\ue000 the members o\ue000 TreatingYoursel\ue000.
com, wish you good health and good grows.

MARIJUANA! We must remove
the criminal element from
marijuana To do this it must
be legal for anyone to grow
and use marijuana who is at
or above the age of consent!

The Treating Yourself Journal was
launched in August 2005 It is
a journal written by patients for
patients, and has grown into a
world wide source of information.

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