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My Miracle 1

My Miracle 1



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Published by sbowler
When Edward leaves bella isn't the only person he left behind. He also left Bella unknowingly with an unborn child. Take place after six months after Edward has left Bella. What happens when the Cullen's show up? Is Bella to far gone for them to save? Does she want to be saved? This is chapter one please review.
When Edward leaves bella isn't the only person he left behind. He also left Bella unknowingly with an unborn child. Take place after six months after Edward has left Bella. What happens when the Cullen's show up? Is Bella to far gone for them to save? Does she want to be saved? This is chapter one please review.

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Published by: sbowler on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Miracle
It has been Six months since they left. I can’t breathe, can’t speak,can’t feel. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing is worth it. Why me? Whatcould I possibly do to deserve this? I know. I fell in love with a vampire.
Chapter One
Bella’s POV
I stepped into the shower letting the ice cold water run down my back.It was comforting it reminded me of him. I can’t say his name anymore or the rest of them. I reached for my razor bringing it to my arm and cuttinginto my scar from my last birthday. The blood bubbled to the surface and poured out running with the water into the drain. No one knows about thisand no one should it is my own personal pain. You would think because Iused nauseous at the site of blood I would now. It’s just other people’s bloodthat bothers me. Once I was done washing my hair and cleaning up the blood I put on my bathrobe and head down the stairs.Charlie was as usual watching TV. I sat down next to him and withoutlooking away from the TV he started to talk.“When’s the doctors appointment Bells?”“In an hour, they just want to make sure everything is okay with the baby.” There you have it; I’m pregnant isn’t that just great. I thoughtvampires couldn’t get humans pregnant but truthfully what vampire hastried. Yep the baby is Edward’s, on thing lead to another during the end of the summer and so on. I am happy about that though I have a part of him left but sadly it contains a part of me. I love my baby though and I will keep itno matter what.“So how is Jake?Charlie asked.“Oh, he’s fine.” Jacob and I have been on very good terms lately. Hewas there for me when no one else was and I can tell him anything since heis a werewolf of course.“Bella we should get going soon if we want to make it on time.”Charlie said.“You’re coming?” I asked curiously“Of course I am coming this is my grandbaby were talking about.” Hesaid sternly.“Whatever you say.” I was actually kind of happy he was coming. Hehas been really supportive and is trying his best to be there for me.
He never took his eyes of the road and staying five miles under thespeed limit. That was my dad the chief police. He pulled into the hospital parking lot and walked around the car to help me out for I can barely standup with this big weight on my stomach.Charlie sat me down and went to the secretary to fill out the insurance papers and such. Once he was done he came to sit by me. We had been therea half an hour until a nurse called “Isabella Swan.”It took me a second to get out of my seat then I followed the nurseinto a small hospital room. She instructed me to lie down. The bed was hardand uncomfortable like most hospital beds. She then told me to pull up myleft sleeve. It worked out my scar being on my right arm. After taking the blood she lifted up my shirt revealing my Belly. “This will be cold” she toldme.I did jump a little when she spread it across my stomach. “Welleverything looks okay here would you like to know the gender?” She asked.Most people would want to wait until the day of birth but I was dyingto know. “Okay.”“You are having…a boy congratulation” She replied.A boy wow I was having a boy that’s wonderful. I made my way outto the lobby again to find no sign of Charlie. So I went to the secretary to ask what came of him.“Your father just went to get you something to eat he will be back momentarily. So if you would please sign these papers.” Great more papers.I walked to a corner and sat in a chair bringing my knees to my chest.I liked this position and no one can really see I was pregnant like this.Just as I started filling out the papers someone's shadow appeared over me. “Hello, Bella.” I knew that voice all to well. I looked up and who did Isee?Carlisle.
Edward’s POV
I’m miserable there is no doubt about that. Why did I leave her? It’sall my fault.“Edward” Alice yelled from the other side of the door. I didn’t answer I just sat there looking out the window into the darkness.The next thing I knew the door flew of the hinges. To pairs of armsgrabbed my shoulders and dragged me down stairs into the living room andsat me on the couch. I was of course Jasper and Emmett.Alice started to scream at me while the rest of my family just stared.“Is this really what we have to resort you to get you out of your bat cave for 
crying out loud. Edward you’re the one who forced us to leave her. You brought this upon your self so deal. Were all miserable and take all of aremisery including yours and add it up. That’s probably how miserable Bellais.” I knew she was right I just didn’t want to admit it.“I know” I replied quietly, then started to yell back at her. “Alice please, okay I am in enough pain without you so back off and let me pleaselive my life in misery.” I started to walk up the stairs until Carlisle’scomposed self started to yell himself” Edward sit your butt on that chair anddo not leave until we are done talking.As I sat down I was assaulted by my family’s thoughts
“Poor boy.”“Man he got it bad.”“Can’t take much more of these emotions.”“Why can’t he see he belongs with her?”“If someone else doesn’t kill him I will.”“Why am I even here?”
They were giving me a head ache. “So what would you like me to do?I want to go back but she probably won’t forgive me for what I’ve done thisis just great.” If it were possible steam would be coming out of my ears rightnow.“Maybe we should just go back anyway.” Rosalie said. My wholefamily turned to her confusion all over there faces.“Yeah, I know you think I am the last person to say that. But she is mysister too and if you guys tell anyone I think of her as a sister your car will be burned with you.” She said and crossed her arms.“Edward what do you think of Rosalie’s request?” Carlisle asked hisface was very serious but in his eyes you could see hope.“I think she is right…” They all started smiling and Alice started jumping up and down, “But if she does not want us and we have no reasonto stay we come right back here agreed.” They all nodded.“Okay so when are we leaving?’ Emmett asked with a smile etched onhis face.“We will be in enrolled in Forks High, be there, Carlisle with a job, inour home in two days, seven hours, and five minutes.The next few days passed by quickly. We packed, we called, wehoped. All I could think about is that I will see my love in a short time. Iwould wait to see her until Charlie is fast asleep. I could not wait.
Carlisle’s POV

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