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Let's Talk Bitcoin episode 21

Let's Talk Bitcoin episode 21

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Let's Talk Bitcoin episode 21
Let's Talk Bitcoin episode 21

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Published by: Keziah Coyote-Thirteen Wesley on Nov 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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0:14This is Episode 21 of Let's Talk Bitcoin, and like last time, this episode is a little bit different. Most of the time,  speak to !"ests and hosts o#er the internet, e$es fi%ed on screens, talkin! to people from aro"nd the &orld.0:2(ohn Li!ht is a recent transplant to )orthern *alifornia, and after meetin! at Bitcoin 201+,  asked him "p to the LTB homestead, t"cked into a can$on o"tside the )apa #alle$, s"rro"nded b$ steep red&ood forests.0:42Microphone in to&, &e sat on the bank of a creek and talked abo"t the f"t"re of identit$ in a net&orked &orld.0:4Toda$'s sho& is important.0:0-ran"larit$ is a concept &orth "nderstandin!. ma!ine the seaside, &a#es crashin! the shore.  s a &hole, it's a sin!"lar ob/ect, a beach, it has its place, and it doesn't mo#e, it's enormo"s and persistent. t a !ran"lar le#el, it's billions of tin$ pieces of sand tidal impacts can mo#e indi#id"al !rains enormo"s distances, relati#el$ speakin!.1:1e talked abo"t identit$ in this conte%t. t's not abo"t the beach. t's abo"t the indi#id"al pieces of sand. Each one is a detail, attrib"te, e#ent. The$'re $o". 3i!ht no&, $o" pick either the beach, or no beach at all. B"t that's abo"t to chan!e.1:4ri#ac$. 5o" kno&, there &as a time before 6acebook, and a time before social net&orks in !eneral, and a time before frankl$ &ebsites &here e#er$thin! $o" p"t on them &as o&ned b$ the &ebsite.1: think that &e mi!ht be mo#in! back to&ards a time &hen s"ddenl$ this t$pe of !ran"lar control o#er $o"r o&n identit$ is possible, and it's beca"se of concepts like personal clo"ds.2:0'm sittin! here toda$ &ith (ohn Li!ht, one of the !ood !"$s so to speak, &orkin! on this identit$ problem and this personal control problem.
2:1(ohn, ho& did $o" !et into personal clo"ds72:21(ohn: hen  started m$ blo!, p2pconnects."s, &hich is a blo! abo"t peer8to8peer technolo!$ and ho&  think it can help sol#e a lot of problems that are !oin! on in the &orld toda$, the #er$ first blo! that  &rote, it &as called 9"ni#ersal rep"tation ratin! s$stems: the f"t"re of tr"st in a net&orked societ$9.2:42 &rote that based on technolo!$ that  sa& comin! o"t &hich &as essentiall$ brin!in! all of people's social profiles to!ether into one place to create &hat 'm callin! ri!ht no& a "ni#ersal rep"tation ratin!.2:Basicall$ it p"lls $o"r eba$, $o"r air b and b, $o"r 6acebook, $o"r T&itter, it p"ts it all to!ether and it creates a score for ho& likel$ $o" are to be tr"sted based on all the connections that $o" ha#e, all of $o"r past histor$ in the marketplace.+:1 sa& that as a trend the first compan$  came across &as called Tr"st*lo"d that did this, there's more: there a &ebsite called connect.me &hich offers a rep"tation ratin! s$stem.+:2t doesn't necessaril$ p"ll to!ether all of $o" different social profiles like Tr"st*lo"d does, b"t it !i#es people a &a$ to endorse $o" for different acti#ities to sho& that to other people, 9$es, 'm #o"ched for in this &a$9 and no& Linkedn has e#en incorporated somethin! like that, &here people $o" can endorse $o" for different skills, and so that's kind of ho&  !ot interested in rep"tation, and thro"!h researchin! for those blo! posts that  &rote abo"t that, the second one &as called 9"ni#ersal rep"tation ratin! s$stems: problems and sol"tions,9 &here i !o into some of the pitfalls that co"ld be enco"ntered &ith a rep"tation s$stem like this and then ma$be some sol"tions for ho& that can be &orked, and as  be!an researchin! for &ritin! these articles,  came across this concept called personal clo"ds, &here the personal clo"d is like $o"r sin!"lar place on the internet to p"t all of $o"r identit$ information, all of $o"r social information and financial information 88 e#er$thin! that $o" &o"ld possibl$ need on the internet into a one sec"re encr$pted en#ironment, and then that identit$i, that place marker on the &eb has its o&n rep"tation and and &hat the connect.me ser#ice is tr$in! to do is tr$in! to ser#e as one of the primar$ rep"tation pro#iders for the personal clo"d ecos$stem. )o matter &here $o" are on the internet, $o"'re !oin! to be able to carr$ aro"nd this rep"tation that $o"'#e spent a lot of time and a lot of effort b"ildin! "p.:0;
3ather than ha#in! to create a &hole ne& rep"tation e#er$ time $o" /oin a ne& comm"nit$, like a ne& for"m or a ne& marketplace or &hate#er. <o ri!ht no& &e're startin! to see the be!innin! of this, &ith social si!n on &here $o" can act"all$ "se 6acebook and other social net&orks to lo! in to places, b"t that's still not !ood eno"!h. 6acebook itself is a &alled !arden that $o" can't reall$ e%port $o"r data from and take to other pro#iders, &hereas &ith personal clo"ds $o"'re !oin! to be able to do that. f $o" don't like $o"r c"rrent personal clo"d pro#ider $o" can  /"st take all of that data that $o" spent so m"ch time acc"m"latin! and or!ani=in!, and /"st e%port it and drop it ri!ht into another clo"d ser#ice pro#ider, or $o" can post it $o"rself. hen  came across this concept  reali=ed that is !oin! to do for the internet &h$ Bitcoin is doin! for mone$, or &hat torrents are doin! for file sharin!. t is !oin! to create a p"rel$ p2p, peer8to8peer en#ironment &here people are in f"ll control of e#er$thin! that's comin! in and o"t, and that's to me  think reall$ important, especiall$ $o" kno& ri!ht no&, after the ne&s has come o"t abo"t Ed&ard <no&den leaks, &here &e find o"t that these companies &hich people ha#e been entr"stin! &ith their data aren't /"st sharin! it &ith ad#ertisers, it's !oin! to !o#ernments.:+6or people e#er$&here else that's not in the ><, a !o#ernment that's not e#en their o&n !o#ernment. t's reall$ important that people be !i#en the tools to take control of their data, and control of their pri#ac$, and personal clo"ds,  see, are a &a$ to start doin! that.:+ dam: Talkin! abo"t social net&orks, and ser#ices that keep data for $o", $o"'re talkin! abo"t ho& the$ e%pose $o"r data to other people in #ario"s places, &h$ is that7 h$ is that the sit"ation that &e find o"rsel#es in, &hat happened in the de#elopment of infrastr"ct"re "p to this point7:11ersonal clo"ds are somethin! that &ill be o"t in the ne%t months or $ears, b"t this is a problem clearl$ that &e'#e had for a &hile so &h$ did it take "ntil no& to start addressin! it7:22(ohn: The de#elopment of ?iaspora, &hich &as intended to be a decentrali=ed and federated social net&ork tried to start tacklin! this problem $ears a!o. t's an open so"rce pro/ect so there's no real mone$ or monetar$ incenti#e for people to f"ll$ de#elop it, so &hile the de#elopers ha#e done a reall$ !ood /ob of b"ildin! a reall$ !reat prod"ct it's not perfect and it's not an$&here near as ad#anced in terms of sec"rit$ and !ran"larit$ as personal clo"ds as a platform &ill be. ?iaspora co"ld be looked at almost like a proto personalal clo"d.;:02 lon! &ith ser#ices like personal.com &here $o" can "pload a b"nch of $o"r financial and medical and personal data and it's all encr$pted, b"t $o" can't reall$ share it on s"ch a !ran"lar le#el like personal clo"ds are !oin! to be able to, so there's a lot of ser#ices that ha#e tried to

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