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Bin Laden Visited by CIA in July 2001

Bin Laden Visited by CIA in July 2001

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Published by rortegao
News about Bin Laden. He is probably dead
News about Bin Laden. He is probably dead

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Published by: rortegao on Aug 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9/11 Cover-up Document
 London Times
Website Requires Payment to View Article
Free Copy Given Below
This is one of the articles on the 9/11 summary for which the website requires payment. It is also byfar the most expensive as most other media websites charge $3.00 or less, though it allows the purchase of up to 10 articles. You must pay 10 British Pounds (about US $18) by credit card on linein order to be able to view or download this article directly from the
 London Times
website. Go to:http://www.newsint-archive.co.uk/pages/free.aspIn the keywords box, type “bin Laden treated secretly.” Then under date range, click the button for “5 years.” And finally to access the purchase page for the article, click on the “Search” button.
Weprovide the article free of charge below. Pertinent sections have been highlighted in bold facefor your viewing convenience.
London Times
Edition 5L THU 01 NOV 2001, Page 5
Ailing bin Laden ‘treated secretly for kidney disease’ADAM SAGE IN PARIS; OVERSEAS NEWS
KIDNEY stones rather than Stealth bombers could deal a mortal blow to Osama bin Laden itappeared yesterday after reports that the al-Qaeda leader recently smuggled himself into anexpensive Gulf hospital. Needing urgent treatment for his ailing kidneys, bin Laden, 44, is said tohave checked into the American Hospital in Dubai in July. Among those with him, it is thought, wasDr Ayman Zawahiri, who as well as being his personal physician is al-Qaeda's second-in-command.The report in Le Figaro and on Radio France International said that bin Laden had stayed in hospitalfor ten days. There have been persistent rumours about the frailty of bin Laden's health. In recentvideos he is generally not seen moving about. When he does take a few steps it is with the aid of acane. Aides blame a back injury. Intelligence sources believe that bin Laden bought a dialysismachine earlier this year which he had shipped to Kandahar. His problem now will be operating suchequipment and the risk of infection if, as seems likely, he is hiding out in Afghan mountains.Last year the magazine Asiaweek said bin Laden was dying of a kidney disease. In desperation he issaid to have turned to the United Arab Emirates, one of the three governments that recognised theTaleban regime. Bin Laden is known to have influential supporters in the Emirates and to have keptsubstantial funds in bank accounts there. He is believed to have flown out of Dubai on the morning of the September 11 hijackings.According to Western diplomatic sources the UAE was the nearest safe destination for bin Laden toget the high quality, modern and urgent treatment he needed. Quoting an unnamed manager at theAmerican Hospital, Le Figaro said that bin Laden arrived in Dubai on July 4 accompanied by four  bodyguards, an Algerian male nurse and Dr Zawahiri, who stayed at his side at all times. They hadflown to Dubai from Quetta in Pakistan. The newspaper said that
bin Laden was treated in theurology department, run by Terry Callaway, a Canadian-trained doctor
, and left on July 14. Dr Callaway is a specialist in kidney stones and male infertility.
During his stay, Le Figaro said, bin Laden was visited by a CIA agent. One source said that theUS agent was "recognised taking the main lift in the hospital to go to Osama bin Laden'sroom". The agent was recalled to the US on July 15, the day after bin Laden left hospital, thenewspaper said. The CIA last night flatly denied the report. Its spokeswoman, Anya Guelsher,said that it was "complete nonsense".
A diplomatic source said earlier: "There are lots of rumours flying around Dubai. At first sight, itseems highly unlikely that a member of the CIA would go and knock on bin Laden's hospital bedroom door." Bernard Koval, the director of the 100-bed hospital that opened in 1995, also deniedthat bin Laden had been a patient there. Dr Callaway was unavailable for comment.Intelligence sources in France also questioned yesterday what US agents did with information thatParis passed to America about bin Laden's terrorist ambitions just a few days before September 11.One of his lieutenants, Djamel Beghal, a French-Algerian, who had been arrested in Dubai on his way back from Afghanistan to Europe, allegedly told police that he had been told by al-Qaeda to plan aterrorist attack on the US Embassy in Paris. Le Figaro said that on September 7 the Frenchintelligence service met embassy officials in Paris to pass on the information.© 2001 London TimesFAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always beenspecifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our effortsto advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic, democracy,scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrightedmaterial as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C.
Bin Laden Visited by CIA in July 2001 While Under Kidney Treatmenthttp://www.wanttoknow.info/011101londontimes1 de 217/05/2009 17:4

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