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The Abominable snowman and the Iceman cometh

The Abominable snowman and the Iceman cometh

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Discarding the Biblical Babble on 4 thy kingdom come
Discarding the Biblical Babble on 4 thy kingdom come

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Abominable snowman and the Iceman comethWE all pay the PR Ice – Christian Era as the Rule of Law melts before our eyesCrystal meth and Critical thinkin myth
!iscardin the "iblical "abble on # thy kindom come
!ust $ !ust!uff %sury &nuff Transiti'e loic describes a i'en relation between terms such that if it e(ists between )a) and )b) and between )b) and )c*) then it also e(ists between )a) and )c+) Typical transiti'e relationships include )is reater than*) )is e,ual to*) and )is similar to+)http-..en+wikipedia+or.wiki.CR/&TAL0ET1!uffy2s critici3in of teachin Critical thinkin found his way to 1arper2s heartAnti anti4war acti'ist too eh5Clear case of PRIC6 Political Reliious Insidious Charlatan 6leptocracy self e(posurehttp-..en+wikipedia+or.wiki.0ike7!uffy
8n !ecember $$* $99:* !uffy was named a Prince Edward Island representati'e to the &enate of Canada on the ad'ice of Prime 0inister  &tephen 1arper * sittin as a Conser'ati'e+;:< ;=< 1e subse,uently retired as a T> ?ournalist at the end of $99:+In 0arch $9@9* !uffy critici3ed the %ni'ersity of 6ins Collee and other ?ournalism schools in Canada for teachin  Boam Chomsky and critical thinkin+ 1e went on to say that ?ournalism schools in Canada were churnin out leftists who thouht pri'ate enterprise was bad+ The head of 6ins &chool of ournalism reacted with surprise to !uffys criticism* sayin that 0anufacturin Consent was not part of the curriculum+ &he also said she would not apoloi3e for teachin critical thinkin to ?ournalism students+;@9< A number of editorial comments were written in response to !uffys criticism+;@@< ;@$< ;@D< Critical thinkin is a way of decidin whether a claim is true* partially true* or false+ Critical thinkin is a process that leads to skills that can be learned* mastered and used+ Critical thinkin is a tool by which one can come about reasoned conclusions based on a reasoned process+ This process incorporates passion and creati'ity* but uides it with discipline*  practicality and common sense+ It can be traced in the West to ancient reece with its &ocratic method and in the East to ancient India with the "uddhist kalama sutta and abhidharma literature+ Critical thinkin is an important component of many fields such as education* politics* business* and science+
www+8task+com8bstruct ustice truth and source killwww+&olarhost@D+com Constitution de ?ure 's Romans @D de factohttp-..www+scribd+com.doc.@@D::$=FF.&pirit4Intent4Precedence4de4ure4Constitution4or4Romans4@D4amin4the4&ystem4de4Gactohttp-..www+linkedin+com.pub.dir.onathan.&wainer.Gacts must ha'e root $ take root od coherency )Catch $$) must ha'e semblance $ catch do chase tail Bo complaints from within e(cept from them e(communicated from thePs Political science "s bastard science "s "s "ull shitter "ack stabbers Toa Party$
&uspended with 0edical co'erae appro'ed by the 0edical conspiratorswww+IyffyI+com The Attorney eneral is the chief law officer of the E(ecuti'e Council+ The responsibilities stemmin from this
role are unlike those of any other Cabinet member+ The role has been referred to as
and as the
)uardian of the public interest)+
As chief law officer* the Attorney eneral has
a special responsibility
 to be the uardian of
that most elusi'e concept
 4 the rule of law+ 4 The rule of law is a well established leal principle*
but hard to easily define.
 It is the rule of law
that protects
 indi'iduals* and society as a whole* from arbitrary measures and safeuards personal liberties+
1as the Attorney eneral been briefed5or would that be meaninless in a partial 'acuumThe Attorney eneral does not* howe'er* direct or cause chares to be laid+ While the Attorney eneral and the Attorney enerals aents may pro'ide leal ad'ice to the police*
the ultimate decision
 whether or not to lay chares is for the police+ 8nce the chare is laid
the decision
 as to whether the prosecution should proceed* and in what manner* 
 for the Attorney eneral and the Crown Attorney+It is now an accepted and important constitutional principle that the Attorney eneral must carry out the 0inisters criminal prosecution responsibilities
independent of Cabinet and of any partisan political pressures.
 The Attorney enerals responsibility for indi'idual criminal prosecutions must be undertaken 4
and seen to be undertaken 
 on strictly ob?ecti'e and leal criteria* free of any political considerations+ Whether to initiate or stay a criminal proceedin is not an issue of o'ernment policy+ This responsibility has been characteri3ed as
a matter of the Attorney General
 actin as the Hueens Attorney 4 not as a 0inister of the o'ernment of the day+D

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