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Published by E de Campos

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Published by: E de Campos on Nov 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Theism or Non-Theism:
That is the Question
“To Be-lieve or Not to Be-lieve.” That is the question. Also, it is the title of Mario Sikora’s article in the January 2007
 Enneagram Monthly 
. In that article, Mario asked why some people are the-ists and others are not. Is it a choice? Is it the result of evolution? Is it adaptive ormaladaptive? Moreover, does it relate to enneatype? Mario’s handling of these andother questions provides an opportunity to explore a variety of issues pertaining to the enneagram and its place in the larger sweep of things. In reading Mario’s article, I found myself in disagreement at many points. (So what do you expect from a One?) Yet I commend his consistency, his breadth of learning, his overall fairness. So I take aim not at him but at certain of the viewshe expressed, and the non-theistic assumptions on which they are based.  As I see it, the divide between the views I hold and the views of others who like Mario – understand reality as delimited largely by empirical science, is this: Ibelieve in physics and metaphysics;
they believe in physics only. I locate truth inthe horizontal and vertical levels of reality; they confine truth to the horizontallevel only.In harmony with a metaphysical view, my enneagramanthropology employs both the horizontal and vertical – or“higher” and “lower” – dimensions. I do not claim originality for this. Everyone who speaks of “essence” and “personality” makes the same distinction. It is a dis-tinction as old as the Upanishads, as old as Plato, as old as the Old Testament. Itdistinguishes “essence” from “personality,” or “spirit” from “psyche,” or “spirit”from “soul.” The terms are interchangeable. Though abandoned by materialistsand those influenced by them, it is a view yet to be disproved. It is simply ignored.In my books, I use a diagram to illustrate the “triadic anthropology” of theenneagram (see page 17)
 It serves as both a schema and a symbol to represent thebasic constituents of the human person, these being spirit, soul and body. It rep-resents not only these basic constituents but the several faculties operative inthem. For our purposes, we will address spirit and soul while dismissing any dis-cussion of the body. Clearly, the body is important, and I have addressed itsimportance at length elsewhere. Yet it is not rele-
……continued on page 16
Thomas Isham
UsingtheEnneagramSystemtoIdentifyandGrowYouLeadershipStrengthsandAchieveMaximumSucces(McGraw-Hill, April ’07) 
My new book on the Enneagram and leadership grew out of my 30 plus yearsas an organization development consultant observing the critical role leadershipplays in creating productive, humane, and conscious organizations. For the pasttwo years, I have had the good fortune to work both intensively and extensively  with one such organization, and this book evolved from a leadership developmentproject in which my client asked for the creation of contemporary leadershipcompetencies and their integration with the Enneagram.This article, the first of three for the
 Enneagram Monthly 
, contains the book’sentire introductory chapter and excerpts from chapter 2, “Drive for Results,” with examples taken from Enneagram Styles Three, Six, and Nine. Next month,Part II provides excerpts from chapter 3, “Strive for Self-Mastery,” and highlightsEnneagram Styles Two, Five, and Eight. The following month, Part III includesexcerpts from chapter 7, “Make Optimal Decisions” — with a focus onEnneagram Styles Four, Seven, and One — and the last few paragraphs from thebook’s conclusion, “Stretch Your Leadership Paradigms.”
This book is about leadership success — extreme success. It’s about growing by pushing your limits personally, professionally, and orga-nizationally. Along the leadership path, you will encounternumerous successes, but you may also face detours and challenges. Occasionally,you may have to forge your own trail through seemingly impassable places. Ithelps to take a cue from the sport of extreme mountain biking, where riders look on such challenges as invigorating opportunities to discover their true capabilities.I encourage you to keep that approach in mind as you work your way throughthe core leadership competencies in this book, challenging yourself to become thebest leader you are capable of being.Leadership excellence is one of the most critical challenges facing organiza-tions today. Most top leaders leave their positions in three years or less under con-ditions of duress, even when they have had highly successful track records in pre-vious jobs. Companies across the globe are in leadership succession crises, trying to find and/or develop sufficient leadership talent.  Why is it so difficult to find great leaders? One reason is that an individual’sprior leadership skills may not transfer to a new leadership position, company, orindustry. Another factor involves the demands placed on today’s leaders. In a con-stantly changing business environment, a global marketplace, and the need bothto get products to market quickly and to create sustainable organizations for thelong run, contemporary leaders are faced with confounding ambiguities and com-peting priorities. However, perhaps the biggest
……continued on page 19
What Type of Leader are You?
Part 1
Ginger Lapid-Bogda Ph.D.
Susan Rhodes to EM
page 4the instincts
page 5the conversation #20
page 10
M.Goldbergs book review
page 18E & prototype theory
page 10
March 2007
Issue 135
enneagram monthly
march 2007
Until we accept the fact that life itself is  founded in mystery,we shall learn nothing.
 ~ Henry MillerFor many years following his death inBaltimore in 1849, Edgar Allan Poe’s grave was unmarked and overgrown with weeds. When his aunt and former mother-in-law in Richmond, Virginia learned this, she dis-patched a cousin to place a marker there.This first marker was destroyed by a derailed train before it could be placed, andnot until 1875 was there a marker appropri-ate to the writer who would be hailed as thefather of the modern mystery and thenamesake of the Edgar Award for mystery  writing.If Poe did not already have a middlename, it could be
. Today’s TV crimescene investigators are the descendants of Poe’s 19
century sleuth Auguste Dupin who first appeared in
 Murders in the Rue Morgue 
. And after more than a hundred years, peo-ple remain intrigued with the contradictions andinconsistencies surrounding Poe’s life, and evenmore so, his death. The quick and dirty (and mostfrequently told) story is that Poe stumbled intoBaltimore from Richmond either already drunk orsoon to be so, and that he died of the demon rum.Many of his fans call this libel, offering other expla-nations: cholera, an old brain injury, a new braininjury, murder.Here in Baltimore, we claim Edgar Allan Poe asour own, although other cities dispute our claim.The Edgar Allan Poe Society oversees the Poe Houseand Museum, of which film actor Vincent Price,star of many Poe adaptations said, “This place givesme the creeps.” And every year since the 100
anniversary of Poe’s death on January 19, 1949, a mysterious visitor known as “The Poe Toaster”shows up at the author’s grave. Cloaked in black, he(there has never been any thought that the toaster isnot a man), places three red roses and a half-empty bottle of cognac on the grave and vanishes into thedarkness.The identity of The Poe Toaster remains a mys-tery. In 1993, a cryptic note was found after thevisit. It said only, “The torch will be passed,” leaving most of us to conjecture that the original toaster wasaging and less and less able to make his annual visit.The Baltimore
 has reported a later note thatsaid the man, who apparently died in 1998, hadhanded the tradition down to his sons. If you Google the Poe Toaster, you’ll read that hecomes, offers his gifts, and takes his leave unmolest-ed because people respect the mystery. Only thenext day do the local news sources reassureBaltimoreans that the toaster has visited and all isright in Westminster Churchyard for another year.But you would not be getting the up-to-dateaccount. After 57years of undisturbedvisits, an obnoxious,nosy, rude, pushy crowd gathered lastyear in an attempt toidentify the toaster.They were blessedly unsuccessful.Fifty-five peopleshowed up this year,and Jeff Jerome, Poecurator, who hasseen the mysteriousvisitor every January 19 since 1976, saidthat he wouldn’thave shown up if he’d been the toasterand laid eyes on thatcrowd. But the toast-er did show up, lefthis gifts and man-aged to take his leavethrough another gateas spectators rushedthe main gate to geta look at him. Although this year’scrowd was well-behaved, Jerome willnot give details of the visit—time of arrival or clothing—so as not to assist in identifying the toaster.I love this story. It seems to me that I’ve alwaysknown it. Although it didn’t begin till I was inkindergarten, I grew up with it, gradually gaining details into adulthood and through the years I wasteaching 
 Murders in the Rue Morgue 
 and touting theliterary legacy of Poe to adolescents who were fasci-nated by the real-life mystery of the toaster. I like tothink that I conveyed to them the beauty of themystery and that neither they nor their children areamong the irreverent rowdies who would unveil it. Ihave no desire to see the toaster much less identify him. I say let the mystery be.  What will happen if Baltimoreans (and maybeCNN viewers, if it’s a slow news day) learn the iden-tity of the toaster and that mystery is no more? Worlds will not crumble, and no one will die who would not have died anyway. Still, something is lost when mystery goes away. Not everything can beexplained. Yes, it’s true. Not everything can beexplained, and that’s one of the cruel realities of lifethat I’ve struggled with. I want to know what theresult is going to be before I take an action. I wantto know what is going to happen before it happens. Please!Tell me the itinerary before we embark. It’sokay if it changes on the way, but I’ll enjoy the tripmore if I have a sense of it before we start. Sure, I’llbe happy to help you, but could you explain to me just what you want me to do and how it’s going tohelp? Give me parameters. Give me context. Deliverme from the unknown. But not from mystery. Thatthere is such a thing as mystery is reassurance. Thereare some things that no mortal being can know. Whew!Thank goodness! I thought it was me.In one sense, embracing mystery prevents mefrom having to explain. In a deeper sense, perhapsmystery is related to acceptance. Acceptance. Thatelusive state of being which has nothing to do withapproving or disapproving, nothing to do with any  judgment at all. Just what is. I accept that so muchabout Poe is fraught with mystery. That’s easy. I canaccept that the toaster is a mystery. I delight in it. Why anyone would feel compelled to unmask thetoaster takes mystery to another level for me. Noexplanation about that can satisfy. There’s almost a  whole year to wait for those obnoxious, nosy, pushy rowdies to show their smug faces once again. How dare they!?! I’m not making any promises, but I sup-pose it’s remotely possible that by then, some accep-tance of them will arise for me. So much, after all, ismystery.____________________ Ann Kirby is the president of EnnCourage, Inc.in Baltimore, Maryland and is certified to teach theRiso-Hudson Insight Approach
to the Enneagramand is a member of the Enneagram InstituteNetwork. She started this column because so many people asked her questions about Six. She’d love tohear from you: 2043 E. Joppa Road #364,Baltimore, MD 21234, 410.663.2587,EnnCourageU@starpower.net
ix ix ix ix ix ix ix ix ix
by Ann Kirby 
E + GW = C
Enneagram + Gurdjieff’s Work = Consciousness
is a diagnosis of a sickness of the heart. By itself, it is mainly adescriptionofyourproblem,alongwithsomesidebenefitsofyourtype.focuses on the three centers (thinking, feeling and doing).AspresentedbyMauriceNicoll,itisasystemofprinciplesandpracticeswhichisacureforthesicknesstheEnneagramdiagnosesanddescribes.is what happens when you put them together. It bringswholenessofsoul,joy,innerpeace,andtruelove.When you decide to train with Kathy and Theodorre, this iswhat you learn. It is the cornerstone of thewhich we call“Level 1: The Enneagram of Transformation It is also thereason a swan, symbol of spirituality, combines with theEnneagraminourlogo.When you come to ERI training programs, you also experience deeper workwith the three centers and the nine types, video taped panels of all nine types, andexerciseswhichloosenyourcompulsion’sholdonyou.Youractiveinvolvementisanimportant part of the process. You receive complete course materials andcertificationtoteach“TheEnneagramExperience seminar.
The EnneagramGurdjieff’s WorkConsciousnessHurley/DonsonEnneagram Training and Certification Program,
Come and experience a new awaken-ing of soul. Participants report aninner aliveness proceeding from Kathy and Theodorre’s grounded spirituality.They model as well as teach principlesof transformation.
 April 10 – 15, 2007July 7 – 12, 2007October 6 – 11, 2007The Hurley/Donson home inLakewood, Colorado An Extended Stay America hotel
F M I Contact:
 Enneagram Resources, Inc.
12262 W. New Mexico AvenueLakewood, Colorado 80228U. S. A.303.985.1889 877.591.9903www.hurleydonson.com eri@hurleydonson.com
Phone: Toll Free:Website: E-mail:
enneagram monthly
march 2007
Susan Rhodes comes to the
Enneagram Monthly 
 gets a “head, heart and gut lift.” Susan Rhodes brings talent, experience, intellectual rigor, an open mind and good cheer—a rare combination of gifts indeed
The Instincts:
Taking a BroaderView 
The biology of human nature. Often ignored, but at the root of who we are there is always a biological explanation that supports and fleshes out the understanding of instincts.
The Enneagram and PrototypeTheory 
 What is typical, what is atypical. A brief exploration of natural categories, standardexemplars and marginal others that seemingly do not fit in.
The Conversation #20
LizWagele MarioSikora
 Woes of institutes of higher education when they turn to lower indoctrination, from archetypes toenneatypes, from conceptual to personal and from the secular to the metaphysical…
enneagram monthly
March 2007
Enneagram Monthly
748 Wayside Rd.Portola Valley, CA 94028Phone:650-851-4806Fax:650-851-3113e-mail:editor@ennea.org
Editor and Publisher
Jack Labanauskas
Staff Writer
Susan Rhodes
Consulting Editor
Andrea Isaacs
Assistant Editors
Judy WindtKandy Arnold
Nick Turner (English site; ennea.org)Fabien Chabreuil (French site; enneagram-monthly.com-fr)
The Enneagram Monthly, Inc. was founded byJack Labanauskas and Andrea Isaacs as a not-for-profit corporation. Its purpose is to gatherand disseminate information in the field ofthe Enneagram, that is most commonlyknown as a personality typing system.
Submission deadline
The 10th of each month, for publication inthe following month’s issue.
Subscription rates
In the US: 1 year $40 for bulk delivery;1 year $50 for First Class delivery.Outside US, rates vary.See back cover for subscription form and subscription options.
See back cover for rates & sizeCall for deadlines.
Teaching Schedules 23Subscription Forms and  Advertising Rates 24
Volume 12, Number 10Issue 135
 Ann Kirby 
Book Review 
Travels of Odysseus
by Michael Goldberg 
Lynette Sheppard17
Theism or Non-Theism:
That is the Question 
 A case for Intelligent Design. Reaching beyond the material world for answers to the question that
 beyond the material world—where else?
 WhatType of Leader areYou?
Identify and
GrowYour Leadership Strengths to Achieve Success 
How do we define.Leadership? Why do individuals’ prior leadership skills often have a hard time transferring to a new leadership position, company, or industry?
Visitourwebsite www.ennea.org
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