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State GOP Ed Cox IOGA keynote speech, Buffalo, Nov. 6, 2013

State GOP Ed Cox IOGA keynote speech, Buffalo, Nov. 6, 2013

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Published by liz_benjamin6490
State GOP Chairman Ed Cox sets the 2014 stage with a speech delivered to gas and oil industry executives slamming Gov. Andrew Cuomo for, among other things, failing to greenlight fracking in the Marcellus Shale.
State GOP Chairman Ed Cox sets the 2014 stage with a speech delivered to gas and oil industry executives slamming Gov. Andrew Cuomo for, among other things, failing to greenlight fracking in the Marcellus Shale.

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Published by: liz_benjamin6490 on Nov 06, 2013
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New York Needs Good Jobs, Not Campaign PoetryGood evening, and thank you for the invitation and opportunity to have this talk with you. Last night,  ended the !"#$ politi%al %ampaign here in &uffalo. 'or the first time sin%e #()), in two to one *emo%rati% +rie County, my Party, the epubli%an Party, won a ma-ority of the %ounty legislature. nd this was not an isolated vi%tory. Putting aside /ayors0 ra%es where we are grossly outnumbered, we swept every ma-or ra%e in the state. 1e won County +2e%utive seats in 1est%hester and o%kland 3! to # in both4 as well as Nassau, 5range, Chautau6ua, /ontgomery and ensselaer %ounties where registration is generally tilted to the *emo%rats but %loser to one to one. 1e won a spe%ial ele%tion for an ssembly seat in 7uffolk County and the /ayor8s ra%e in &inghamton where the *emo%rats outnumber us ! to #.nd if epubli%ans are winning in ! to # &inghamton, and ! to # 1est%hester, and ! to # o%kland, and 9:++ to # +rie; 1e %an win in ! to # New York 7tate in !"#<.7o why are epubli%ans winning in true blue New York=&e%ause after seven years of government under three *emo%rati% governors, New York %ontinues to be the highest ta2ed and most heavily regulated state in the nation with the highest publi% debt per %apita, the highest energy %osts, a deteriorating infrastru%ture, the least e%onomi% and personal freedoms, the most egregious tort laws, and not surprising given that litany of negatives, the least desirable state in whi%h to start or grow a business. nd to add insult to in-ury, New York was -ust named by 'orbes /aga>ine as one of the worst states in whi%h... to die.New York needs to %ut government spending, ta2es and regulations so the private se%tor %an %reate -obs and reestablish New York as the state of opportunity in the land of opportunity where all %an reali>e their full potential and have good -obs to support themselves and their loved ones.
 9hose epubli%an governors ele%ted in !"#" in blue states, in%luding 7%ott 1alker, i%k 7nyder, John ?asi%h and 9om Corbett, supported by their epubli%an legislatures, have established pro@growth ta2 regimes in their states .... following the lead of epubli%an governments in red states su%h as 9e2as and 'lorida.1hy %an8t we do the same here in New York= 9o %ompete, we must. s Governor Cuomo himself has saidA BNew York has no future as the ta2 %apital of the nation.nd there are other smart things that New York %an, indeed must, do, if only politi%s would get out of the way. s we en-oy our meals tonight, there are well over fifteen thousand unemployed New Yorkers in 7teuben, Chemung, 9ioga and &roome Counties D otherwise known as New York8s /ar%ellus 7hale Esweet spot.  You, the ndependent 5il and Gas sso%iation of New York, with your tradition of effi%ient, safe and %lean e2ploration and development of hydro%arbons would like to bring e%onomi% prosperity to the 7outhern  9ier of New York...... but Governor Cuomo will not permit it.Pennsylvania and 1est Firginia every day are produ%ing " million dollars worth of /ar%ellus 7hale gas. 9hat rapidly growing # billion dollar a year industry has %reated !$!,""" -obs in Pennsylvania alone, in%luding very good blue@%ollar -obs. &ut in New York...... Governor Cuomo will not permit it.'or perspe%tive, if the /ar%ellus 7hale region were a %ountry, its natural gas produ%tion would rank third in the world, after ussia and the rest of the H.7. &ut in New York..... Governor Cuomo will not permit it.nd be%ause of shale hydrofra%king, the H.7. is on the verge of surpassing ussia as the world0s biggest produ%er of oil and gas with all the benefits of Benergy independen%eB from /id@+ast suppliers. &ut in New York..... Governor Cuomo will not permit it. 9he Hnited 7tates is fast be%oming a ma-or e2porter, to the benefit of our balan%e of payments, of petroleum produ%ts and in due %ourse will be e2porting gas produ%ts in%luding LNG, but New York0s /ar%ellus 7hale hydro%arbons are not developed be%ause....... Governor Cuomo will not permit it.
/ore than I" of all new oil and gas wells worldwide are hydrauli%ally fra%tured, and as of !"#!, !. million hydrauli% fra%turing -obs have been performed on oil and gas wells worldwide, more than one million of them in the Hnited 7tates. &ut in New York....... Governor Cuomo will not permit it.nd %heap gas is helping to revive manufa%turing industries in Pennsylvania where there are now more than <,""" produ%ing wells..... &ut not in New York be%ause...... Governor Cuomo will not permit it. Hpstate New York %ontinues to bleed -obs, and the 7outhern 9ier is merely getting a frustrating taste of Ewhat might have been from the spillover from Pennsylvania0s booming e%onomy Pittsburgh prospers while &uffalo bleeds. 9o use the famous line from the movie E9here 1ill be &lood, Pennsylvania is drinking our milkshake. nd that0s be%ause Governor Cuomo doesn0t have the politi%al guts to permit the development of New York0s ri%h hydro%arbons. would love to talk more about the natural gas industry0s immense potential e%onomi% benefit to New York and indeed to our %ountryK about its benefits to meri%a0s international standing and interests around the worldK and about the environmental benefits of natural gas as not only the %leanest, but also the %heapest, bridge to alternative fuels in the future.&ut  resist the temptation.fter all, 8m standing before a roomful of frustrated e2perts on the topi% @@ frustrations that  share as an environmentalist and as Chairman of the *ire%tor0s +nvironment, :ealth and 7afety Committee of a ! billion dollar market %ap e2ploration and development %ompany whi%h is doing %utting edge work in meri%a0s shale hydro%arbons. nstead,  will put on my politi%al hat tonight and try to answer the 6uestionA given New York0s sad %ompetitive e%onomi% status whi%h has %aused it to bleed %ompanies, -obs and produ%tive %iti>ens 3from a high of < %ongressional seats we8re down to -ust !)4 why hasn0t Governor Cuomo ended his moratorium on the development of hydro%arbons, and looking beyond his rhetori%, what does the hard fa%t of his moratorium say about where he is leading New York=

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