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infinity and the three faces of concsiouness.pdf

infinity and the three faces of concsiouness.pdf

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Published by Dave Hall
the nature of existence
the nature of existence

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Published by: Dave Hall on Nov 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Infinity and the three faces of awareness A dream flowing, the translucent multidimensional holographic projection of limitless consciousness, the luminous energy of being and dark void of conscious desire that became.The emptiness that is remaining, forever and always still, whist in parallel at the same time in constant movement that never stops. Three dimensions of consciousness found at every point of infinity. From the nothingness of non-eistence manifesting with the magic of sound, the endless vision of the flowing dreaming that appeared and once it did, there wasn!t a time it wasn!t, nor a moment that it would never be. Thus it became one who is unmoving and " that are moving, the contracting feminine and the epanding masculine, these # aspects of infinite consciousness, eisting as three aspects of one undivided whole, while paradoically also eisting as # separate aspects of infinite conciousness, each # occupying all space, throughout the infinity of their conscious thought,who manifested into  being from nothing and so always remaining as such, and by doing so they reflect the true nature of all that is and and is not, while eisting as one combined and " moving opposites aspects of concious awareness, occupying every place in infinity, in a paradoical way, at the same time as they are eisting at every point of infinity, at every possible moment perceived within the dreaming of their omni  present omnipotent consciousness they also remain forever, always in a state of non eistence, reflecting the true nature of every thing perceived and dreamed to be, that everything is truly nothing, the first movement was from the feminine, appearing from non eistence as the infinite smoke of illusion, she dreamt with the desire from more, omniscient she new she needed a centre to create from, desire is the emptiness that always wants more, and thus she began to move, moving as the nothingness of every thing, heading inward searching for a centre that doesn!t eist, moving inward throughout all the emptiness of infinity ,never stopping, in infinity, that is without centre when viewed from an infinite perceptive, $ith her consciousness eisting at every point throughout infinity, she began her movement of nothing towards nothing at every place she is found, contracting with a nature always proceeding, moving inward to the illusionary centre she creates, a spherical centre of non eistence, created with her desire, that contains at its centre, all three combined aspects of infinite conciousness, as one unmoving point of forever, also found at every point through out infinity, sometimes, these combine aspects of consciousness are perceived as eisting as separate and are refereed to as the holy trinity, the great mystery, the grandfather and the grandmother, eisting through out every  point of timeless being , the movement inwards, caused the opposite outward movement in her infinite masculine  polarity, who is a dream of emptiness, perceived as light, eisting in being as a dimension of infinite consciousness that is epanding out from a non eistent centre point that the illusion of separation creates, made at every place these opposite polarities of consciousness overlap, this opposing movement then allowed the female aspect to draw across the empty space of non-eistence, from the parallel dimension of infinity epanding consciousness of the light which has a nature that seeks to move in a straight line, away from the illusionary centre created by desire, into the infinite dimensions of her feminine contracting self, she then folds the light in a loop around the infinite points she created through the infinite  perspective of her being with her desire which took form as a non eistence sphere , a result that manifestation from her desire to create life and thus she created a finite centre with both moving contracting and epanding aspects of infinite consciousness, then these " infinite aspects of consciousness could observe themselves having a finite perspective with an infinite amount of variations and possibilities , eperiencing them self as a part of infinite perspective, that surrounds and is contained within observed from this centre, through this conscious process, the bardos of incarnation came into being, within the infinite spiritual dimension of light, aspects of this masculine conciousness, labelled so because of its
epanding nature, are then drawn into the feminine,to be looped around her empty spheres of her desire, the infinite centres she created at ever point found in infinity, also become one and only  point and centre in all infinity, a parado created the moment when infinite consciousness observed itself from within a finite perspective, the undivided consciousness of white light that!s infinite conciousness eisting at a point of forever, divides into different fre%uencies surrounding points of its being that are drawn into a finite perspective eperiencing the illusion of separation through the illusionary centres of desire, the dilution of light then becomes dimensions that are different aspects of consciousness which are moving formlessly through realms of timelessness, becoming a dreaming where aspects of consciousness eperiences itself in different states of awareness, all states having multiplies  perspectives, that could be describe as different levels of divinity, the mythical realms of spirit , that are found reflected in all aspects of consciousness perceiving itself through a finite view point of self entering the feminine consciousness the divine nature of the different aspects of conciousness contained within all the forms she moulds from the empty space of nothingness can be reflected in their nature and so it can be said for infinity to have a centre, it created the self, a finite point that is the illusion of separation and even though the centre has infinite amount of perspectives that eperience the idea of self and separation to be had through, all these infinite perspectives that are perceived from the one centre, reflecting that all are really one and the illusion is separation ,that they are truly one infinite conciousness eisting in # states, the inner moving dream, the outer moving dream and non eistence. the self who is the finite view taken by infinite consciousness perceiving itself as a centre within the infinity of its own being, never leaves that centre, one only changes their perspective on different aspects of infinity, this creates the phenomena eperienced as time, aging and death, reflecting that the finite view that infinite consciousness has taken is through an illusionary finite eistence also ones infinite nature is reflected in the projections of infinity one eperiences that is the reality or &aya dreamt within and without , the finite self passing through the illusionary eperience of time, passes through the day and night, a projection that reflects these two moving aspect of divine consciousness, the inner and outer breath of infinity, that!s contained within the finite self, during this time the finite self will usually pass though these three states of the outer dream, the inner dream and non eistence, eperiencing them as separate, in a lineal manner, coming one after the other, infinite consciousness eperiences them all at once , it can be said that these state of awareness are known as 'rahma ,(ishnu and )hiva , 'rahma began as female with * heads looking inward, with the desire to create, in the dreaming manner as described above, and so 'rahma created all that is found in infinity, also creating the many faces of (ishnu, who became the finite centre that is dreamed as the self, with the desire to be, eisting both beyond time and within the boundless boundaries of the infinite moment, that is time that has no beginning it always was,it is a present that has no past and no future and it is the future that moves on forever but never arrives or ends,  because 'rahma was always focused on her desire, she was always wanting more,so she  proclaimed +that I should be worshipped as greatest, +I have created every thing, even (ishnu in all hisher multiple forms, +oh really said )hiva, the unmoveable ,who is non eistence, that which comes with destruction , he said +'rahma if you are the greatest/, lets play a game, if you are the greatest, then you will be able to find me, 'rahma agree to play and )hiva vanished, 'rahma looked all over the realms of eistence, but )hiva couldn!t be found, eventually 'rahma called out, +)hiva you win I cant find you, )hiva appeared from non eistence and spoke +'rahma you already have every thing, because you eist at all points in timeless infinity, but because you are always looking inward, toward empty desire, you fail to see you have and are everything, even now you are filled with the desire to enter non eistence to find me and so I will chop off and destroy one of your * heads, so that you will know what non-eistence is, I will also turn the # heads that you have left, facing them outward, always epanding out, making you male, so that you

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