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Outer Bun: (Make 2)

Outer Bun: (Make 2)



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Published by Tiffany
crochet pattern
crochet pattern

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Published by: Tiffany on Aug 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Outer Bun
: (Make 2)With your cream colored yarn, ch19. Sc into second ch from hook, and sc into the following 16sts. Sc 3 times into the final ch, continuing around, and sc into the backs of those same 16 sts. Inthe last one, sc 2 times. (38 sts)2 sc into first st, sc 16, 2sc into next st, sc 1, 2sc into the next st, sc 16, 2sc into the next st, sc 2.(42 sts)Sc 1, 2sc into next st, sc 16, 2sc into next st, sc 3, 2sc into next st, sc 16, 2sc into the next st, sc 2.(46 sts)Sc 2, 2sc into next st, sc 16, 2sc into next st, sc 5, 2 sc into next st, 16 sc, 2 sc into next st, sc 3.(50)Sc into each st for 3 rounds.Break yarn.
Inner Bun
(Make 2):Repeat the first 4 rounds of the outer bun in white and break yarn.
:Sc 5 sts into a ring, and sc twice into each sts. (10 sts)Sc 1, 2sc into the next st* around. (15 sts)Sc even for 13 rounds. Now is the time that you would want to surface crochet the mustardsquiggle on in order to embellish your pup, using your mustard-colored yarn. Once you haveyour wavy line, stuff firmly.Sc1, sc2tog* around. (10 sts)Sc2tog around. (5 sts)Break yarn and gather remaining stitches together. Tie tight and weave in ends.
To assemble
, sew each outer bun to the inner bun, stuffing once you’ve closed closed up theseam about 5/6 of the way. Finish sewing the two pieces together and tie tight. Once you have both halves together, sew
pieces together across one long side to make a full bun. Nestleyour tofu pup into the bun, and you’re all set to get your grill on!

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