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Assignment One: Final Draft.pdf

Assignment One: Final Draft.pdf

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Published by Emily Hergenreter
Assignment One: Final Draft
Assignment One: Final Draft

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Published by: Emily Hergenreter on Nov 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Observation Assignment Site Location: The Chi Omega House
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Assignment One Description of the Location:
The Chi Omega House at UNC Charlotte is located off of McCall Circle, in Greek Village. It is house number 6 in Greek Village and is one of 13 houses in the Greek Village circle. It has 28 bedrooms and 11 shared bathrooms, and 6  private bathrooms. There are three floors, numbered one, two, and three. A common area is located on the first floor, which is comprised of a kitchen, dining room/table, and a study room or office. The walls of the Chi Omega house are filled with pictures of current and past members pictures, either composites (a frame with every sister’s picture in it) or pictures from events we have had, either “bid days” (when a individual first  becomes a new member of ours and receives a “bid” to join Chi Omega), formals, or  philanthropy events. There is also a trophy case with memorabilia of contests, or awards we have won for our “Airband” (a talent show that is held on campus for every Greek organization to participate in) performances, or our philanthropy (Make-A-Wish Foundation) due to the amount we have given to our philanthropy. There are also two  bathrooms downstairs for the common area to use in order to make it easier for members and non-members in the common area.
Figured World: A figured world is either a community or location that is applicable to its inhabitants (literates and illiterates). It is comprised of actors and artifacts that hold significance to only the artifacts and actors within it. There are literates who are in the figured world, as well as literates who exist outside of the figured world. Both are significant in order to form the boundaries and understanding of the figured world. My Figured World:
The figured world I will be describing will be the Chi Omega house on campus of UNC Charlotte. The purpose of the figured world is a place for women who are in the Fraternity (Chi O is technically a fraternity because of our founders, 4
Observation Assignment Site Location: The Chi Omega House
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female, and one male) to convene and be able to share in community. There are 18  bedrooms, and three floors for living in space. There is a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room on the first floor. The rules and conventions that are expected are no male guests in the upstairs living quarters, only sisters are allowed to stay over night, you are responsible for your own dishes and food stored in the refrigerator and kitchen downstairs. In the study room there is no talking allowed, and it has certain hours it is open, the other hours it is closed are for personnel meetings that are held with the  personnel officer. All top five-officer positions are required to live in the house for the year they hold their position. Each bedroom is only allowed to have one girl living in, and they are required to share a bathroom with one more girl, unless they have an "end of hall" room. You are expected to be adults who take care of their stuff, as well as respectful of others things within the house that they may have access to. There are literates who are in the figured world who know about the figured world, however, there are also literates who are involved in other organizations but have figured worlds that helps to see the difference between my figured world, and theirs.
 Actors are the individuals relevant to the Figured World they exist in. They are involved within the figured world for a purpose.
Actors within my Figured World:
(Note: The names of the actors have been changed for privacy reasons, in order to properly be able to identify who the main actors are I’ve given them fake names.)
 Britt has been a member for 3
 years. She is the president of the Delta Kappa chapter of Chi Omega at UNC Charlotte. Her position requires for her to be present at all chapter meetings, as well as hold every member accountable to the rules and guidelines of Chi omega. She has a witty sense of humor, and spends most of her time doing missions work with a local church, and attending a campus Bible study. She sets a good example for everyone else in the chapter to follow.
 Abby has been a member of Chi Omega for also 3
 years. She is the Secretary of Chi Omega, her position entails her to be present at every
 Chi Omega function in order to take attendance, and the minutes for each meeting that we have. She’s a fitness fanatic, and is always planning sisterhood events for us to go and work out together.
 Sarah is the vice president for Chi Omega’s Charlotte chapter (Delta Kappa), she enforces the rules of conduct for each sister ie., behavior at school events, dress code for our meetings, and all of our individual social media sites.
 I am an active member in the “figured world” Chi Omega. I am a sister of the Sorority, and I have been a member since the Fall semester of 2011. I attend all the mandatory events, and as many extracurricular events that I can when I have free time, or they hold specific interest to me.
Artifacts within the figured world/or community that hold relevance or serve a  purpose with in the group either as a physical element, or emotional thought.
Artifacts within my Figured World:
Our ritual is what Chi Omega is founded upon, we have a rich history that dates  back to 1895 when we were first founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our ritual includes
Observation Assignment Site Location: The Chi Omega House
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symbols, sayings, and traditions that is only known by official members of our Fraternity. It is considered a privilege to know, and what unites each chapter nationally.
The Chi Omega letters:
These letters to the figured world, represent Chi Omega ritual, and they also come with expectations of being held to a higher standard and privileged to  be a sister of the Chi Omega Fraternity.
Roll Book:
The roll book is what Abby always has by her side in order to perform the tasks she has to accomplish as far as keeping track of who is at each event. In order to have your name in the roll book you have to be an initiated member of Chi Omega.
Chi Omega Badge:
 The Chi Omega badge is a metal badge (typically made out of silver) and is encrusted with pearls (in some cases diamonds) and has the Greek letters Chi and Omega on it, there are also some Greek letters engraved in the badge, but to know their meeting, you have to be an initiated member.
Make a wish is a global organization, but it is also significant to this figured world because it is the Philanthropy of Chi Omega. This means that Chi Omega raises money for Make-A-Wish in order to send either one or multiple kids to whatever their desired “wish” is. Usually this is a trip to Disney, or even meeting a certain celebrity. and send kids on their wishes as their philanthropic purpose.
Discourse Communities:
Discourse communities can be defined as groups or “clicks” that form within the applicable figured world. The factors that contribute specifically in calling them a community can be people with titles, or even certain shared interests that would bring them together. Discourse Communities Within My Figured World: Executive Board:
 This discourse community is formed of Britt, Abby, and Sarah. All of these women are on Executive board and hold a position that they have been voted by the chapter to be in.
Pledge Classes:
 Pledge Classes are groups of our members divided up depending on the year or semester that they joined Chi Omega. Typically the older the pledge class, the older the women and they have seniority over the chapter when voting, or even things as simple as who gets to get in the free pizza line first!
Observation One Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Time: 7:30-9:30 PM
The Chi O house is filled with sisters, all 90 of our members. They are gathered around chatting and catching up when the room is called to order and the roll begins to be taken by Sister Abby. She reads through the list of members and marks present or absent. The reason she does this is because it is a recruitment workshop that is preparing the Chapter for recruitment that is occurring approximately two weeks from the workshop they are gathered for.
Stacey, a representative from Make-A-Wish Charlotte has come to the first  part of our workshop in order to help offer knowledge and facts about Make-A-Wish so that during recruitment when we are asked about our philanthropy, we’re very well aware

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