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Catia User Guide for Biginners

Catia User Guide for Biginners



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Published by Anandkumar

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Published by: Anandkumar on Aug 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.1 SolidModeling1.2 Importance Of SolidModeling1.3Applications1.4 Layout, Design AndDrafting1.5 Industrialdesign1.6Analysis1.7 ManufacturingEngineering
2 Sketcher workbench
2.1 Entering SketcheWorkbench2.2 Creating a PositionedSketch2.3 Using Tools FoSketching2.4 UsingColors2.5 Using SmartPick 2.6 CreatingConstraints2.7 Sketching SimpleProfiles2.8 Performing Operations onProfile2.9 Cutting the Part by the SketchPlane2.10 Customizing foSketcher.
3. Part Design
3.1 Opening a New CATPartDocument.3.2 ReferenceElements3.3 Sketch-BasedFeatures.3.4 Dressing Up Of Solids3.5 TransformationFeatures3.6Measuring1
3.7 Surface-BasedFeatures3.8 AdvancedTasks
Customizing a Part Design WorBench
4. Wireframe and Surface workbench
4.1 Creating MultiplePoints4.2 Creating Planes Between Other Planes4.3 CreatingPolylines4.4 CreatingCircles4.5 CreatingSplines4.6 Creating aHelix4.7 CreatingCorners4.8 Creating ConnectCurves4.9 CreatingSpirals4.10 CreatingProjections4.11 Creating ConicCurves4.12 CreatingIntersections4.13 CreatingSurfaces4.14 Performing Operations on ShapeGeometry4.15 Updating YouDesign4.16 Defining an AxisSystem4.17 Managing Open Bodies in the SpecificationTree4.18 Hiding/Showing Open Bodies and Their Contents
5. Generative Shape Design
5.1 Creating ExtremumElements5.2 Creating Polar ExtremumElements5.3 Creating aSpine5.4 Creating CombinedCurves5.5 Creating ParallelCurves5.6 Creating ReflectLines2
5.7 Creating Adaptive SweptSurfaces5.8 Customizing For Generative ShapeDesign
6. Assembly Design
6.1 Creating an AssemblyDocument6.2 Inserting aComponents6.3 Defining a Multi-Instantiation6.4 Fast Multi-Instantiation6.5 Using AssemblyConstraints6.6 Updating anAssembly6.7 Using a Part DesignPattern6.8 MovingComponents6.9Sectioning6.10 AssemblyFeatures6.11 CreatingScenes6.12 Exploding a ConstrainedAssembly6.13 DetectingInterferences6.14 Customizing AssemblyDesign
7. Generative Drafting workbench
7.1 Creating a NewDrawing7.2 Managing ASheet7.3 Adding a newsheet7.4 Front ViewCreation7.5 2D/3DAssociativity7.6 Creating a ProjectionView7.7 Creating an AuxiliaryView7.8 Creating an Offset Section View /Cut7.9 Creating an Aligned Section View /Cut7.10 Creating a Detail View / Detail ViewProfile7.11 Creating a Clipping View and/or a Clipping ViewProfile3

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