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Donald Langford

Donald Langford

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A profile of Donald Langford, Executive Director of Metis Child and Family Services.
A profile of Donald Langford, Executive Director of Metis Child and Family Services.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Donald Langford: 37 years of service
By Doug JohnsonThe Edmonton Examine: rWednesday, ovem!er ", #$%3 %%:3#:#3 &'T (&
Donald Langford enlisted in the )anadian military in %*+* and served for 37 years, rising to the ran of ca-tain and garnering several medals. o/ the executive director of the &etis )hild and 0amily 'ervices 'ociety, he recalls his time serving his country. The &etis %"1year1old /ent through a course called the 'oldier (--rentice 2rogram. n the first years of this -rogram, the /ould1!e soldiers /ent to school for half their time 4 focusing on some military trade and getting three core courses from math, science and English 4 and trained for the other half. (fter years of other training, Langford /as a -art of (T5 forces charged /ith -erforming tactical manoeuvres and other sho/s of force along the !orders of Eastern Bloc countries, either satellites or allies of the 'oviet 6nion. The 'oviets and the East erman forces did the same on their side of the !orders and the t/o never engaged. Lie everything in the )old War, it /as 8ust to sho/ a constant state of readiness in case an armed conflict ever arose.n his time, Langford has travelled the /orld, !ranching out from his childhood s-ent in Edmonton and his adolescence s-ent across the -rairies. Though his father had enough money to !uy a house in )edric, (lta. 4 a formative -lace for the youth, in /hich he enrolled in cadets and decided that /oring on a farm /asn9t to his taste 4 Langford dou!ts his family could have -rovided him the chance for further education and seeing the distant locales his service too him to. 8ust found it /as a good fit for a /ay/ard id /ho /anted to do things.;Langford9s family has a long history of military service. <is great1grandfather /as an assistant to a!riel Dumont, &etis commander in the orth West =esistance in %>>+. <is grandfather /as later illed in the 0irst World War, and some of his aunts and uncles served in the 'econd World War.t /as -retty /ell more or less ex-ected that someone in my family /ould go to the military,; he says.<is son served in the avy, and is no/ a school teacher. <e has three grandsons he /ould lie to see consider some of the a!original -rograms offered !y )anada9s armed forces.The image of )anada9s military as -eaceee-ers /as one that Langford en8oyed, though he thought that it suffered from the country9s involvement in (fghanistan and is glad to see it -hasing troo-s out.<o/ever, all soldiers from all /als of life leave !ehind friends and family, and change through their service.( lot of the time, /hen they come !ac, it taes a lot of /or to reintegrate and may!e leave some of the !aggage !ehind.;While Langford served, enlisting in the military meant 0irst ations -eo-le lost their treaty and !and status. ?eterans /ent to veteran affairs to as for su--ort after their service, and /ere told they /ere 0irst ations so they had to go to /hat /as then called ndian (ffairs, /ho told them they /ere veterans, and sent them !ac the /ay they came.That /as the thing that made it so hard for many a!original or 0irst ations veterans /ho /ere coming !ac from the 'econd World War.;

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