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Redirection and Consequences

Redirection and Consequences



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Published by CSchools

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Published by: CSchools on Aug 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Redirection and Consequences
Coming prepared and setting up your lesson well prevents most behavior issues. Whenstudents fail to meet expectations, you and your Team Leader will need to reinforceclassroom procedures and behavior expectations through redirection and/or consequence.Here are a few best practices:
Every time
you give a warning or a “strike,” you should address the child by name andinclude:
What you saw or heard the child do
“Daniel, you are yelling out, which is disruptive to the rest of the class.” 
Why this is against our community expectations
“As you can see on our community contract, we’ve agreed that we will raise a strong,silent hand if we have something to say.” 
What the current consequence and next step will be
“Because you yelled out, you have earned a warning. If you disrupt your teammembers again you will receive your first strike.” 
All warnings and strikes should be given as privately as possible. It’s more effective to crossthe classroom and whisper to a child than to call across the classroom. Other students willbe curious or scared about what you’re saying to that child if you whisper, and the child willbe more likely to take you seriously if you’re close, perhaps with a hand on the child’sshoulder.It’s also a good idea to do some bigger-picture thinking with the child:
How receiving a strike affects the team/student/program
“As you know, every time you get a strike it subtracts a point from our team. We’reso close to being Team-of-the-Week but everyone’s got to pitch in so everyone canbenefit.
Depending on the child, the offense, and how many previous offenses you may alsowant to get to the root of the issue
“I hear that you were yelling out to get my attention because you needed help on your homework. How else can we work together so that you can get the support youneed without disrupting other students?” 

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